Fertilizers are an important part of all the agricultural practices. Whether you want to increase the yield or to elevate the productivity, fertilisers play an important role that is impossible to deny at any cost. Proper application of fertilizers in just the right proportion has the power to increase the production manifolds giving an amazing final result.

Although there are numerous fertilizers companies running across the world that guarantee to cater the needs of farmers but only a few can be relied upon. Let’s take a sneak-peak over the top-notch fertilizer companies worldwide in 2022.


Best Fertilizer Companies in The World 2019

Established in the year 1965 at Saudi Arabia SAFCO, the Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company holds the privilege of being the first petrochemical company in the country. It was opened as a joint venture between the citizens of the country and the government of the country to increase the food productivity with shared finance. It has taken a leap at the time and proved to be one of the best fertilizer companies in the whole world in the recent past. They ensure quality products along with customer satisfaction and stakeholder interest.

9. K+S

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

Formerly called as Kali and Salz GmbH, K+S AG is a chemical company of Germany with its headquarters at Kassel. Apart from chemical fertilizer and largest supplier of potash, it is also one of the world’s largest producers of salt. Being more active in the countries of Europe, North and South America, K+S AG produces and supplies a number of other important minerals like magnesium and sulfur worldwide. Founded in the year 1889, the company have taken over and merged with many small fertilizer companies and thus came out as one big unit and one largest company trading important fertilizers and chemicals.

8. CF Industries

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

About 70 years old, CF industries have not left any stone turned to prove their worth by supplying some of the best chemicals and fertilizers to improve the production and productivity of the produce. The high quality of the products whether it is of nitrogenous, potash or phosphorus the company trades all of them with a commendable service. People have gained trust and reliability of their fertilizers and chemicals due to its superior quality and high end results. They have a long list of products for agricultural and industrial use that are well tested and have a high-performance rate.


Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

With the tagline as ‘We Create Chemistry’, BASF has emerged out as one promising fertilizer and chemicals company that have maintained its quality and excellence in all its products. They provide a wide range of primary, secondary and tertiary nutrients along with important chemicals that are required to increase the yield of the crop. They also ensure the products to be environmentally safe and secure. Apart from chemicals they also provide their services in other related agricultural fields as well. The crop production products from BASF are also reliable and ensure good quality and great output. Along with crop nutrition, they also work for animal nutrition.

6. Uralkali PJSC

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

The fertilizer company Uralkali PJSC hails from Russia and has taken a leap over all the other fertilizer companies operating in the country. It is one biggest trader and supplier of fertilizers and chemicals in significant parts of the world. The main markets where the fertilizers from this company are supplied include Brazil, India, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, USA and Europe. In the recent past, it has become one most significant industry that has given a high-quality product and thus managed to attain quite a noticeable image in the market. The potash ores and its reserve make it world’s second largest in the related field.

5. Israel Chemicals

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

A multi-national chemical manufacturing company that develops the superb quality of products including fertilizers and other related chemicals that have reported to elevate the production manifolds is Israel Chemicals Ltd. Also commonly known as ICL, the company serves a wide range of industries among which the primary ones include agriculture, food and engineered products. Apart from the excellent quality of fertilizers, chemicals like bromine are also largely produced by the company and thus it holds the place as a producer of about a third of world’s bromine. It is also the world’s sixth-largest producer of potash. Israel Corporation which is one of the largest Israeli conglomerates controls the working and functioning of the ICL.

4. Yara International

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World 2019

Yara International was founded in the year 1905 with the main aim to resolve the issues of famine in the Europe that was very severe at that time. With its journey since 1905, Yara International has taken a wide leap and today has become one of the most popular fertilizer companies all around the world.

Apart from fertilizers they also provide crop nutrition programs and technological methods to elevate the yield of the crop. They also work on improving the quality of the product in a manner that won’t impart negative impact on the environment with the agricultural practices. So we can summarize the Yara’s functionalities as providing crop nutrition solutions, nitrogen application solutions along with environmental solutions.

3. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

The three main and the primary crop nutrients are NPK that is Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous. Potash Corporation is one doting fertilizer company that ensures to supply the best quality fertilizers along with important secondary nutrients and other chemicals that have the ability to enhance the yield of the crop manifolds. The Canadian operations of the company hold the privilege of being one-fifth of global capacity which is an achievement by itself. They also provide their services to countries in the South America, the Middle East and the Asia. Potash Corp has played a big role in the recent past to increase the productivity and thus meet the needs of food in the world.

2. The Mosaic Company

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World

When it comes to the production of integrated potash and phosphate along with its marketing, the Mosaic Company holds the place as the leading company in the world. The company has branched out itself in six countries and has around 9000 employees working for them to ensure quality products that can give high-quality results. They have the Mosaic-owned land in Central Florida from where they mine the phosphate rock. Apart from that they also own lands in North America from where they used to mine out potash. The mined products are then processed to develop crop nutrients and traded to different parts of the world where the agricultural centers prevail.

1. Agrium

Best Fertilizer Companies in The World 2019

Being one of the largest global distributors of fertilizers, Agrium has taken the place as one of the top-notch fertilizer companies all around the world. Since fertilizers play an utmost important role in increasing the crop production the dependency on them have taken a toll. To make things easy,

Agrium is dedicated to producing and providing a large capacity of important and primary fertilizers including nitrogen, phosphate and potash. The company has branched out itself in North America, South America and Australia by supplying high-quality fertilizers and chemicals. Apart from that, they also trade seeds, crop protection products like insecticides, herbicides and pesticides and imparts agronomic advice and application methodologies to the crop growers.

Just an exact amount of fertilizer in the field can help to meet the rising demand of food in the world. No wonder when several companies claim to be the best, the above fertilizer companies have proved their worth and therefore have got the place in the top 10 list.


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