Gone are the days when people use pigeons to transfer the news or messages from one place to another. The time has taken a leap and courier services have taken a grand place in the market by providing quick and efficient service by supplying and trading the materials, goods and all other related things along with mails and messages.

There are numerous companies running across the world that claim to provide the best service. Here we have tried to fetch out the names of excellently working courier services that have proved their worth in the recent past by providing a wonderful service to its customers. Let’s take a look at these 10 best courier services providers in the world in 2022.

10. YRC Worldwide:

Best Courier Services In The World 2019

YRC worldwide was founded in the year 1942 by A.J Harrell who opened the then small company with its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. Since then it has made so much progress in the service it provides that it has become one of the top notch courier services all around the world. It has specialisation in shipping all kinds of goods including industrial, commercial and retail as well. Initiated with the small consignments only, in today’s date it supplies heavyweight consignments and cargoes also. Ups and downs are the part of any business and YRC Worldwide also faced the same in the initial few days but later emerge out as one prominent and significant courier service.

9. DTDC:

Best Courier Services In The World

Founded in the year 1990, DTDC has not left any stone unturned to prove its worth in the fast, quick and reliable service. It is an Indian company that has branched out itself all around the world. The global services offered by DTDC as amazing. It covers 10,000 pin codes across the nation with its headquarters at Bangalore. It has an estimate of covering about 11 million consignments every month which is largest among all other courier services functioning in India and thus proves to be India’s Largest Domestic Delivery Networks. It is one of the most popular and trustworthy courier company in India and is constantly trying to improve its service with every single passing day.

8. Japan Post Group:

Best Courier Services In The World

Founded in the year 2007 after the Japan Post got privatised after its immense success. The company in today’s date it has become one of the most promising courier services shipping and trading all around the world. It has expanded its service to different parts of the world and thus has become one of the most trustable courier service companies in the recent past. The postal and packaging delivery service through Japan Post Group is fast, quick and up to the mark. With the coming years, it is dedicated to achieving greater heights by providing top notch services to the customers.

7. Schenker AG:

Best Courier Services In The World

The courier service company Schenker AG has made a remarkable position in the past few years by providing efficient service of delivery of consignments to different parts of the world. With its headquarters in Berlin, Germany it has around 2400 offices all around the world which is an achievement by itself. With around 91000 total employees, Schenker AG has taken over all other small courier service companies operating in the country. It is considered as the most preferred courier company when it comes to land transport for delivery of logistics around the Europe. High-quality service with fast and quick operating functionalities makes it one of the most recommendable companies.

6. Post NL:

Best Courier Services In The World

Post NL is one of those courier service companies that have working headquarters or operating areas in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Earlier it was called as TNT N.V. Later when the TNT N.V got demerged, the Post NL emerged out as a solo company which is now a mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation. The reliability of the company is very high and thus it is becoming a major competitor of other prominent courier services like Fedex, DHL, and many others. It offers services in around 200 different countries with efficient delivery of the consignment. With a large number of employees and numerous offices all around the world, Post NL has become one preferable choice of the people nowadays.

5. Blue Dart:

Best Courier Services In The World

The most popular courier service operating in India and the number one Domestic Courier goes to none other than Blue Dart. In the haphazard life where every single minute counts people prefer the courier services that can do their work without wasting any time. And this is the reason why Blue dart has become everyone’s favorite. With its timely and excellent services, Blue dart is constantly trying to take number one position in the country and the world. DHL is the major stakeholder of the Blue dart and therefore its operating system has taken a leap in the recent past. It is very popular in South Asia and has become a leading courier and integrated express package distribution company with a long list of happy and satisfied customers. With its services in more than 220 countries and locating in around 33,739 areas, Blue dart is doing an awesome job.

4. Royal Mail:

Best Courier Services In The World

The courier service Royal Mail operates in the United Kingdom and is owned by the government of the country. Although the plans to privatize it are also going on and are estimated that total privatization will occur soon. With around 176,000 employees so far Royal Mail is one of the oldest and reliable courier service companies so far. As per the reports the company used to deliver approximately 84 million items including letters, parcels, mails, good and other logistic consignments every day. With this one can estimate as for how big its operating system is. Timely delivery of the consignments with super fast services is what offered by the Royal Mail and therefore is one of the most preferred courier services around the world.

3. United Parcel Service, Inc.:

Best Courier Services In The World

Working globally United Parcel Service, commonly called as UPS is an American package delivery company with its headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States. However, it was founded in Seattle, the United States of America in the year 1907. With a huge number of working employees, United Parcel Service is estimated to deliver around 15 million packages in just one day making around 6.1 million customers happy and satisfied by its services. It operates in more than 250 countries and thus become one of the most trustable and reliable courier service company all around the world.

2. DHL Express:

Best Courier Services In The World

If you are looking for a courier service that can deliver the consignment through air or sea and on which you can rely fully for the timely delivery, DHL Express could be your ultimate choice. It is a part of logistic company Deutsche Post DHL which is a German company. Founded in the year 1969, DHL express has worked really hard and had not left any stone unturned to prove its worth to get enlisted as one of the top notch courier services all around the world. It has managed to become an undisputed market leader in the sector of courier services. Branching out its services at countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Burma, DHL Express secures number two position in the list.

1. FedEx:

Best Courier Services In The World 2019

When it comes to courier any consignment either big or small, the most reliable and trustworthy courier service that comes to mind is FedEx, an abbreviation for Federal Express. With its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, FedEx is one global courier delivery company that has expanded its work all around the world with efficient workers and quality service. In the year 1971 it was founded and in today’s date it is has become the top notch company with its excellent services.

These are some of those courier companies whose fast and quick service has won the trust of millions of people worldwide. These authentic and reliable companies can be trusted over totally to send even your most precious items at any part of the world without any worn and torn.


  1. in Africa, DHL dominates. in South Africa they are the only trust worth courier company. i think they deserve No1 sport.


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