Ten Best & Famous Restaurants in Zurich: Serving The Best Of Everything

It is the largest city in Switzerland. The railway station and Airport are the busiest in the country. The city was established by the Romans in 15 BC. It is a global city and is considered among the world’s largest financial centres despite having very low population rate. It was once declared the wealthiest city in Europe and also the city with the best quality of living standard. As a financial city, it’s cultural, art and culinary life is often neglected. Zurich is worth a visit for its culinary expertise and many Michelin starred restaurants. Here, we will discuss 10 of the best restaurants of Zurich serving the best of everything from fondue to the city’s special Thai cuisine. Let’s have a look:

10. Sonnenberg Restaurant:

Sonnenberg Restaurant Top Famous Restaurants in Zurich 2018

The restaurant offers some of the best views of the city. The restaurant is popularly known FIFA restaurant signifying its integral role in the Football Federation. This restaurant is located above the city thereby offering the best view of Zurich Lake, Alps Mountain and the entire city. The menu of this place is inspired from Mediterranean and Swiss culture. The restaurant has won 15 Gault et Millau points (an important and influential French restaurant guide) which also makes it even more popular among the foodies.

9. Restaurant Parkhuus:

People who enjoy open kitchen experience who surely love this place as the restaurant as an open kitchen where diners can get a close-up view of chefs preparing the meals. The restaurant has floor-to-ceiling glass which makes it even more attractive. This restaurant is famous for providing the best gourmet cuisine experience to its diners. The place is also great for wine lovers as it has two-storey wine library which has a collection of more than 3,000 bottles of wine. The restaurant has been awarded 14 points by the most prestigious Gault et Millau.

8. Kronenhalle:

The restaurant has established itself as one of the best European cuisine provider. This place is listed among the most visited restaurant by its diners. The place is famous for its international menu. It provides the most authentic Swiss and French cuisine. Each wall of the restaurant is adorned by the contemporary art providing the resplendent interior. Their bartenders have mastered the art of bartending, before staring the dinner – enjoy the drink and the skill of the bartender.

7. White Elephant:

The restaurant has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. The restaurant provides the authentic Thai cuisine in Zurich. It has been successful in maintaining its reputation as one of the best restaurants of the city. Along with Thai cuisine, the restaurant also offers varied variety of food including noodle, meat delicacies and many more. The restaurant deserves all the great rating, reviews and starts for its delicious food, cautious staff and elegant decor making it the perfect place for meeting, party or date.

6. Restaurant Sein:

This place is ideal for all the occasion whether business meetings, lunch with friend or romantic evening. The restaurant is popular for its humble and cautious staff, beautiful decor and ambiance and delectable Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant offers personalised menu, unique fusion of different cuisines and classic collection of wine. It offers one of its kind small appetites at tapas bar for the people who only want to have small bites. The restaurant has been bestowed with the high Gault et Millaun points and Michelin star.

5. Pavilion:

Pavilion Top Popular Restaurants in Zurich 2018

This restaurant offers exceptional cuisine in a luxurious setting. The restaurant has earned the reputation of being the classical and legendary venue within Zurich. The Head Chef Laurent Eperon never fails to impress the diners with his fusion of classical dishes into modern cuisine. The restaurant was designed by the popular architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, which makes it even more famous among the elite diners of the city. It welcomes the diners all around the year for lunch and dinner. It offers classy and elegant setting with 1920’s roaring Chandeliers making it even more attracting and appealing among the visitors.

4. Maison Manesse:

A little heaven for food lovers whether- businessmen, locals, tourist, hipsters etc. is loved by all equally. The restaurant provides an ideal place to enjoy and relax the high quality food. The space has been carefully designed with monochrome theme to give classic yet modern feel. It gave special attention on the food creation techniques and presentation. It offers variety of options to ensure a fulfilling dining experience for its diners. One can chose from the seven course meal to personalized mix from the 12 menus. The restaurant also has a large collection of wine which is loved by the wine lovers.

3. Spice:

The restaurant offers light, authentic and innovative Pan-Asian dishes to its diners. Head Chef Christian Nickel fuses local and international ingredients and techniques to each dish. The menu of this restaurant keeps on changing as the head chef wants to challenge his expertise and always wants to provide unique experience to its diners every time they visit the restaurant. The Spice has got One Michelin star and 16 Gault et Millau points. Elite travellers can also get the head chef’s table, obviously on a request. The place is perfect for romantic evening.

2. Rico’s:

This restaurant has gained the reputation as one of the best restaurants in Europe. The Chef offers delectable French cuisine, cooked to perfection and served with lip smacking spiced foams and sauces. The restaurant has won two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points. It has red and gold colour theme which makes it perfectly apt for the people who wants to enjoy quite and pleasant romantic evening with their loved ones.

1. The Restaurant at Dolder Grand:

The Restaurant at Dolder Grand Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017

Is the most exclusive restaurant of Zurich. It provides a fine dining experience for up to 47 diners. The head chef Heiko Nieder provides exclusive, unique and most innovative gourmet dishes. The view from the terrace of the restaurant is incomparable and beyond the imagination. It provides special menus for the business lunch or formal parties. The restaurant has been bestowed with 17 Gault et Millau points and 2 Michelin stars.

In the above article, we have discussed about the 10 best restaurants you will find in Zurich. The city is world famous for its financial institutions, centers and other sectors but this article has shed the light on the mesmerizing culinary culture of the city which has the magic and power to draw visitors and food lovers from all over the world.


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