11 Best Wicket Keepers of All The Times

A team is defined by the collaborative effort of the team members. This holds true in every situation, including sports. A cricket team consists of batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and a wicket-keeper. A wicket-keeper holds a strategic position in a team. His capabilities, up to an extent, determine the success of the team.

Cricket was invented in the 18th century and since the time it gained media attention, we have witnessed great wicket-keepers who carved a distinguishable identity for themselves. This has been possible due to their agility, presence of mind, and dedication in the game.

Let us have a look at the greatest wicket-keepers of all times. Their position has been established by analyzing their achievements and the duration of their career.

Here are the top 11 Best Wicket Keepers of All The Times

11. Andrew Flower, Zimbabwe

Andrew Flower Top Most Popular Wicket Keepers of All The Times 2017

Total Dismissals – 333
Test Dismissals – 160
ODI Dismissals – 173

Andrew Flower, who is also known as Andy Flower, is one of the greatest batsmen of Zimbabwe and one of the best wicket-keepers in the cricket world. He made his debut in 1992 Cricket World Cup against Sri Lanka. Andy Flower holds the distinction of scoring a maiden hundred in his debut match in the World Cup. His career as a player spans over 10 years. He was the coach of England cricket team for almost 7 years.

10. Moin Khan, Pakistan

Total Dismissals – 435
Test Dismissals – 148
ODI Dismissals – 287

Muhammad Moin Khan is one of the most well-known wicket-keepers of Pakistan. Moin Khan made his debut in 1990 against West Indies. He played both the ODI series and Test series with the Caribbean players. Khan was the wicket-keeper during the 1992 World Cup that Pakistan won, and in 1999 World Cup where Pakistan finished as a runner cup. Not only an excellent wicket-keeper, he was a commendable batsman as well. He retired in 2004 after his last test against Sri Lanka.

9. Alec James Stewart, England

Total Dismissals – 451
Test Dismissals – 277
ODI Dismissals – 174

Alec James Stewart, also known as The Gaffer, is a retired English cricketer. He is one of the best wicket-keeper batsmen in the cricket fraternity. He was a right-handed batsman who made his debut in 1989 against Sri Lanka. He was the captain of the England cricket team for a period of 12 months. He played his last match when he was almost 40 years of age. His outstanding fitness levels always motivated the team players.

8. Jeffrey Dujon, West Indies

Total Dismissals – 476
Test Dismissals – 272
ODI Dismissals – 204

In an international career spanning for almost a decade, Peter Jeffrey Leroy Dujon displays impressive statistics. Jeff played first-class cricket for the Jamaican team before making his ODI debut against Pakistan in 1981. He was an agile wicket-keeper and a right-handed batsman. Currently, he is a well-known commentator who entertains the audience with his impeccable communication skills.

7. Rodney Marsh, Australia

Total Dismissals – 479
Test Dismissals – 355
ODI Dismissals – 124

Rodney William Marsh was an Australian wicket-keeper and a left-handed batsman. Besides being an exceptional player, he was an entertainer as well. His colorful personality kept everyone happy and motivated. He made his international debut against England in 1970 and he played his last ODI in 1984 against West Indies. He is known by the nicknames such as “Iron Gloves” and “Bacchus”.

6. Brendon McCullum, New Zealand

Total Dismissals – 486
Test Dismissals – 209
ODI Dismissals – 277

Brendon Barrie McCullum is one of the most successful New Zealand players, record-smashing batsman, and an expert of T-20 format. He is also known by the nicknames such as “Baz”, “B-Mac”, “Brendie”, and “Mr. Fantastic”. Interestingly, Baz made his international debut in 2002 against Australia and he played his last match in 2016 against Australia. He was the first New Zealand player to score a triple century in Test Cricket. He is a former captain and extremely talented former wicket-keeper of New Zealand.

5. Ian Healy, Australia

Ian Healy Top Popular Wicket Keepers of All The Times 2018

Total Dismissals – 628
Test Dismissals – 395
ODI Dismissals – 233

Ian Andrew Healy is an Australian cricket player who made his international debut in 1988 against Pakistan. His last international match was a test match in 1999 against Zimbabwe. He is also known as the “Heals”. Besides being a talented wicket-keeper, Healy was an outstanding right-handed middle-order batsman. He was the captain of Australian cricket team for 8 ODI’s when skipper Mark Taylor was injured. Mitchell Starc, an Australian cricket player, is the nephew-in-law of Ian Healy.

4. M S Dhoni, India

Total Dismissals – 657
Test Dismissals – 294
ODI Dismissals – 363

M S Dhoni is the most successful captain in the Indian history. Moreover, his agility, fitness, and daring are responsible for his immense success as a wicket-keeper and as a batsman. Designated as “Maahi”, “MSD”, and “Captain Cool”; he had led the Indian cricket team in all type of international formats. During his captaincy, India won the World Cup, T-20 World Cup, and ICC Champion’s Trophy. He made his international debut in 2004 against Bangladesh. He is a perfect finisher who is responsible for various enthralling wins for India.

3. Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka

Total Dismissals – 703
Test Dismissals – 202
ODI Dismissals – 501

Kumar “Sanga” Chokshanada Sangakkara is undoubtedly one of the finest cricketers in the cricket history. With several records to his name, he has topped the ICC rankings for Top Test Cricket batsman from 2005 to 2015. Sanga made his international debut in 2000 against South Africa and played his last international match in 2015 against India. He was a record-breaking wicket-keeper and a marvelous left-handed top-order batsman. He has won many awards like Wisden Leading Cricketer of the World, ICC Cricketer of the Year, and so on.

2. Adam Gilchrist, Australia

Total Dismissals – 888
Test Dismissals – 416
ODI Dismissals – 472

Adam Craig Gilchrist is an Australian cricket player who started his international innings in 1999 against Pakistan. He is known by the nicknames such as “Gilly” and “Churchy”. He is undoubtedly the best wicket-keeper-batsman till now. He is an aggressive left-handed batsman who has an impressive strike rate. He played his last international match in 2008 against India. He captained Australian cricket team in the absence of Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting. Now, he plays in Caribbean Premier League.

1. Mark Boucher, South Africa

Mark Boucher Top Most Famous Wicket Keepers of All The Times 2018

Total Dismissals – 980
Test Dismissals – 555
ODI Dismissals – 425

Mark Boucher is regarded as one of the best wicket-keepers in the history of Cricket. He holds the record of maximum test cricket dismissals. This is the reason that he has been nicknamed as Mr 555. This is the tally of test dismissals. He is also known as Bouch by his teammates. He made his international debut in 1997 against Pakistan and he played his last international match in 2012 against Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire due to an eye injury. He is undoubtedly the best wicket-keeper ever in the Cricket history.

The situation of a match is considerably dependent on the wicket-keeper. These great wicket-keepers and classy batsmen proved their mettle by delivering extraordinary performances in all formats of the game. There will be other wicket-keepers who will try to break the records established by these exceptional players. But, we will not witness the same charisma ever again.


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