In the present world controlled by perfumes of myriad tones, male usually stands confused at the abyss of selecting the perfect one that suits his choice. Perfumes for men can bloom their daily life and even attract female partners as well. For efficient working at office or corporate, a suitable perfume from prestigious brands is recommended for men.

Also, these perfume brands should be able to deliver long-lasing fragrances all the day. This list can be a go-to for male who desire to seek the most classic smelling fragrance profiles with high quality components. As a perfume for male is considered something personal that reflects his character, Below presented are top 10 best perfume brands for men in India in 2022.

10. Denver:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India 2019

Denver perfume brand is renowned for the feature that sets men apart from the crowd with a bold and appealing fragrance. Its scents drive away the foul body odour, refreshing you the entire day. It also protects you from odour causing germs and found suitable for all time wear for all men. Its aromatic flavour refreshes your senses making you sense vibrant. All of its products are designed to offer a captivating freshness offering a remarkable confidence to male.

9. Burberry:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India

Burberry was founded in year 1856, and it is a reliable luxury design house, with the world famous for its wide range of perfumes. Its fragrances are long-lasting, classic, and elegant. Among many fragrances, beat, red and rhythm are some of the very celebrated fragrances of Burberry globally. For men, the Burberry scents have turned out just as iconic as a leather jacket. Being cool, classy, and nonchalant, Burberry perfumes is often enthused by the electric feel of live music. The hot, exhilarating, provoking scents can improvement the confidence of most of the men.

8. Armani:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India

Stimulated by the elements of nature, the Giorgio Armani fragrances of the brand are an instance of imperceptible sophistication for men. This perfume bran is also considered as a symbol of perfection and accord. Manufactured from an adroit blend of the most beautiful raw materials, this perfume brand is timeless and vibrant, but fluid and simple as well, like the fashion design for men.

This perfume brand prolonged throughout era of 1970s and early 1980s, providing a variety of collections in diverse price points through a settlement with L’Oreal, fragrances and beauty products. The perfume brand by Armani Beauty was started for men in year 1984.

7. Davidoff:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India 2019

Davidoff perfume brand is prepared for those men who sweat a lot over the entire day but still wish to smell fresh at the completion of day. The bergamot and lemon top notes confined within this fragrance are invigorating and refreshing, while the oak moss and cedar wood base fragrances conveys the manly essence.

The first Davidoff fragrance named Davidoff, was started in year 1984 and exemplifies the brand’s values of “the good life”. Cool Water cologne, which is a sub brand started in year 1988, stays amongst the best-selling and maximum rated men’s fragrances.

6. Playboy:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India

Playboy perfume brand comes with 27 perfumes in its fragrance base for men. Though, Playboy is a latest fragrance brand with the earliest edition launched in year 2008, the newest is from year 2016. The objective of the brand was to attain original differentiated packaging that would create a bold statement directly. Overall, the Playboy Fragrance highlights a range of eau de toilette and after-shaves in form of 50 and 100ml bottle package.

5. Ferrari:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India

Though the first striking thought when you listens this word is iconic racing cars, it is also a legendary perfumes that offers different fragrances like citrus, aquatic, fresh, oriental, leather, and woody etc.

This perfume brand-Ferrari conveys some unique and lavish scent for men. A cutting edge fragrance that originates the essence of masculinity is what Ferrari brand reclines as a wonderful choice amongst sporty perfume lovers. Certain popular Ferrari perfumes are Ferrari Essence Oud Eau de Parfum, Ferrari Red Eau de Toilette, Ferrari Red and Ferrari Scuderia Black Ferrari Black, are in great demand in the market.

4. Hugo Boss:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India

Hugo Boss perfume brand delivers truly a personification of men power wherever the wearer goes on. It is perfect selection suitable for almost all occasions; emit the sensation of stylish masculinity with sufficient sensitivity. This perfume brand delivers extensive collection in perfumes like Hugo Boss Energise Eau de Toilette, Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette, Boss Black, Hugo, and Boss Orange.

3. Calvin Klein:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India 2019

Calvin Klein is recognized as a physical cult fragrance in simple bottle flaunting its trademark fragrance that has stood the test of time even among the forever blazing fashion trend.

The feel on application of perfumes continues all day long keeping men happy at work or home. Calvin Klein perfume brand has secured the third position in the list of top 10 best Perfume Brands in India as of 2018. Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette, Ck One, Calvin Klein Encounter Eau de Toilette, sheer beauty, one summer and Eternity are some of its popular perfume products.

2. Bvlgari:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India

This Men’s perfume brand comes with a enigmatic clemency from fragrances like musky, woody boarding an intimidating experience totally with this elite perfume brand. Bvlgari perfumes are an extensive combination of superior fragrances from range of classics to contemporary erudition.

This brand is perfect for both casual and formal occasions for men and it offers exclusive perfumes like Aqua, Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme, Man Extreme which are highly preferred product of this brand. First-time purchasers may be astonished that this perfume line is just a few decades old, with several classy Bulgari fragrances boasting very delicate scent profiles. Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert features exotic notes of bergamot, coriander and jasmine, while Omnia Crystalline has upper notes of Italian mandarin along with bottom notes of musk and white sandalwood. Other well-known Bulgari perfumes include the Aqua Bulgari cologne series designed for men.

1. Ralph Lauren:

Best Men’s perfume brands in India 2019

Ralph Lauren perfume brand is a portfolio of high-end fragrances for men, comprising World of Polo (Polo, Polo Blue, Polo Black, Polo Red), Ralph, Romance, Big Pony perfumes for men. Its Polo perfume is a tribute to the opulent sporting heritage while Polo Blue arouses fresh air, liberty and a relaxed elegance of fragrances. The Big Pony collection of perfume for men makes men for all the “playing fields” of life with four characters: sporty, seductive, adventurous and stylish delivering long-lasting fragrances.

An ideal perfume brand for men is the one that delivers classy and long-lasting fragrance with sense of masculinity. Selection is to be made based on years of expertise in field of perfume with consistent performance. It is guaranteed that your entire day at office will be filled with full of fragrances with these listed perfume brands.


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