We are living in the age of development. Which doesn’t mean that we have to face the conditions which are not healthy or unsuitable for us. To earn maximum profits and speedy development we are degrading our environment very badly. Whether it is India or any developing nation, Pollution is the reason for deadly diseases among people of all ages. Either it is air born or water born; we are consuming toxic gases and toxic elements which will affect us and our upcoming generations too.

We are mentioning here Top 10 most polluted Cities in India in 2022 according to their Pollution Indexes. These indices are collected on an hourly basis and regularly updated on the internet according to their values. We are ranking them according to the present data available to us.

1. Delhi

Most Polluted Cities in India 2019

The national capital, Delhi is always in the news for its pollution and still, it has performed on National and International Air Quality indices. During winter season which is also the season of Diwali festival the condition of the city turns worst. It also ranks sometimes as the most polluted city in the world. Its huge population density and poor traffic management and construction management are some biggest factors contributing to its poor air quality. It’s not always the air as Sound, Water, and Light pollution is also high here. Being the capital city of India, A lot of money has been spent to control the various factors. The latest efforts were the Ban on plastics and Odd-Even Rule. But it all depends on us how to mitigate this problem as the solution begins from home.

2. Patna

Most Polluted Cities in India

The capital of Bihar, Patna was not new in the list. The city is also a victim of heavy population and developmental activities. The toxic gasses from chimneys and industries are polluting the whole city and nearby areas. The construction activities are responsible for the high value of Particulate matter i.e. both P.M 10 and P.M 2.5.

The nearby industries and their direct effluents in the rivers are responsible for water pollution and badly affecting the agriculture too. It is necessary to go with some serious steps otherwise, the situation is going to be worst.

3. Agra – Uttar Pradesh

Most Polluted Cities in India

The historical city of Agra was known for its heritage but the present pollution and Ecological issues will change the History. The city is now in the listed among the most polluted cities in India. The levels of pollution in the river Yamuna is known to all. The natural cleaning capacity of the river is affected badly as the nearby states and its own Industries are not applying right measures to control it. The effect of air pollution can be seen from a green layer on the white marble of 7th wonder of the world, Taj Mahal. These signs are enough to let us know that if the situation is not controlled then the result will be irreversible. The increasing pollution could also affect tourism in this area.

4. Mumbai

Most Polluted Cities in India

Known as the land of dreams, Mumbai is also in the list of most polluted cities in India. The Levels of harmful particles in air and water are affecting its population and the older people, as well as for newborns, are highly affected by it. The poor population control and lack of proper residential facilities are contributing to the pollution. There is urgent need to bring the right changes; otherwise, it soon will be on the rank 1.

5. Gurugram – (Gurgaon, Haryana)

Most Polluted Cities in India

The city was once part of greenery and pollution free environment of Haryana state. But since it was under NCR the situation has degraded badly. The city is now facing the huge crisis due to a no. of Industrial areas and new constructional activities which are going on a rapid rate. Both center and state authorities are required to put right checks to control this situation. If you are living in this city then you must contribute your time in activities which can help your generations to enjoy a pollution-free future.

6. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Most Polluted Cities in India

Varanasi is a city in Uttar Pradesh which is famous for its temples. The city has a large number of cremation centers which may be the reason for increasing pollution in this region. It is not only the religious practices but also the industries which are operating on the banks of the river Ganga, the lifeline of this city. These fertilizers and plastic manufacturing industries are creating huge trouble for both the farmers and the residents of this city. The Ganga Action plan, conducted by the central government for the rejuvenation of the river is not giving any change.

7. Bangalore

Most Polluted Cities in India

The metropolitan city of Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley but there are many Industries, factories and other activities like Constructions, Poor Traffic etc are happening. These activities are adding a lot of toxicity in the air and water and thus the city is in the list as the most polluted city in the country. Increasing Vehicular traffic and High population density are probably the prime reason for pollution in this town. The residents of the city are in big trouble and they need urgent attention of both public and private authorities to bring the desired changes.

8. Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

Most Polluted Cities in India

One of the biggest city of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is not the city you expected to be here on the list But the reality is different. As the human interference has caused a blunder in the city, nearby industries, rapid constructions and the traffic is turning the city into a bad position. One of the main reasons of growing pollution in the city is the lack of awareness and irresponsible behavior of both the authorities and the residents of the city. A mutual understanding and a right action plan must be applied to bring the right change.

9. Faridabad- Haryana

Most Polluted Cities in India

One more city which is now a victim of Pollution due to its location is Faridabad. This city is also located in the NCR and equally affected like Delhi and Gurugram. The manufacturing plants, thermals, and daily vehicular movement are some of the main reason of its deterioration. The lifestyle of people living in this city is equally affected by it. If you are someone who is planning to shift here then think twice. The city needs the strong action plan to meet the pollution free environment. But as of now, the situation is very bad and now because of it, the city of Faridabad is on our list of most pollutes cities of India.

10. Ludhiana- Punjab

Most Polluted Cities in India 2019

Ludhiana is one of the most known cities of Punjab. You can be confusing why it is famous then let me tell you the city has a number of Manufacturing industries, chemical plants and other household industries too. But it is on the list due to the effluents released by these plants. The local authorities should make strong rules and regulations to control it otherwise, the future generations will have to pay for our actions.

If you are not known to the reality of the situation of pollution in your city then you must know it. Plan for suitable remedies or contribute your time and efforts to make your city clean and pollution free. These ten places are on our list after proper research. The data is not static in nature as various factors govern this phenomenon.

Our Advice:
• Go green
• Use your resources in a wise manner
• Be Eco-Friendly
• Ban the Usage of Plastics
• & most importantly plant a tree for every individual who matters in your life 🙂


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