Water constitutes about 50 to 75% of our body. Water and food are the two essentials that sustain life. On an average, a person drinks about two to four litres of water everyday. Since such a large amount of water is needed and consumed everyday so our health is interconnected with the water we drink.

Drinking pure water is very vital as it is good for health. On the other hand if we drink contaminated water then it could result in a lot of water-borne diseases. Nowadays, tap water that we drink is very much grimy and impure. Therefore, water purifiers are very indispensable part of our lives as it fetches us with water that is bereft any impurities. Purifiers are instilled with various features like TDS, RO, UV and many more. These features treat the polluted water to provide superior quality water that is rich in minerals.

There are copious of brands all across the globe that claims of delivering supreme quality water. When it comes to buying a water purifier, we are left befuddled due to so many brands offering so many features and types of purifiers. The best possible solution is to go for the brands that are acclaimed worldwide by host of consumers. Therefore we bring you a list of top 10 water purifier brands in 2021 that are ideal for your home, offices, restaurants and almost everywhere.

10. Watts Premier

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World 2019

Watts Premier as its name suggest is a premier brand of water purifiers in India. The brand was founded in 1989 and in all these years its products have made their place in people’s households due to their quality and affordability. It uses patent technology and abundance of features including UV filtration, TDS and reverse osmosis. It uses carbon filters and advanced composite membrane to mechanically purify water bereft exploiting any chemicals. It offers a wide assortment of products including whole-house systems, under counter filters and water softeners. The company’s blockbuster product is its five-stage reverse osmosis filtration system.

09. SteriPEN

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

SeriPEN is a famous brand of water purifiers that is known for its top-notch products and services. It was founded in 1999 and since then it has catered a lot of fame and acceptance globally. The UV rays present in its products effectively removes bacteria, protozoa and other organisms that cause water-borne diseases. Its purifiers sanitize the water in fraction of seconds. The brand was bestowed with the title of best inventions of 2001 by Time magazine.

08. PUR

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

PUR a subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble is one of the pioneer manufacturers of water purifiers in the world. It proffers a wide range of products including faucet-mount filters, water dispensers, flavoring devices, in-line filtration and purifying pitchers. It uses two and three-stage activated carbon filters that to reduce heavy metals, pathogens and pharmaceutical contagion. The brand has garnered a lot of consumers due to its exceptional products.

07. Katadyn

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

Katadyn is a brand that bought outdoor product division from PUR in the year 2004. It specializes in manufacturing desalination systems and water purifiers for the outdoor market. Its renewable ceramic filters can purify upto 10,000 litres of water. Its system effectively removes bacteria, protozoa and other water-borne pathogens. It uses a combination of carbon and ceramic filters for water purification in all its products.

06. General Ecology

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

General Ecology is an illustrious brand of water purifiers that began its operation from 1970. It manufactures various filter system out of which its two most famed products are: Seagull IV and Aquapolish. It specializes in manufacturing point-of-use water purifier that is found in several houses. It products are packed with many features and advanced technologies. The brand is known for fetching water that is not just pure but is also pleasant in taste.

05. Everpure

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

Everpure is one of the most popular brand manufacturing water purifiers that was founded in 1933. Over the years it has manufactured water purifies for military, households, offices and many other places. Its unique Micro-pure coating captures six times more chlorine and other matters. Its 7NE filter increases the pH of water to prevent corrosion thereby protecting equipment. Everpure products are packed with UV and TDS protection to deliver you with pristine water.

04. Culligan

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

Culligan is a veteran brand in the market of water purifiers. The brand was established in 1936 and has garnered a lot of fame since its launch. Its products are sold in 90 countries with more than 800 franchises. It offers wide range of products including drinking water filters, water softeners and whole house filtration systems. It has been among the leading manufactures of water purifier for over 7 years.

03. Crystal Clear

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

Crystal Clear is one of the leading brands of water purifiers in the world. It is based in Virginia and has been serving the people with its amazing products for past 40 years. Its Rainsoft system is a whole-house purifier that removes minerals, softens water and removes chlorine. Crystal Clear offers reverse osmosis filters that provide pristine water. Its unique targeted systems treats the required problem associated with each home’s source of water.

02. Brita

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World

Brita is a famous and privately owned company that has its headquarters in Germany. The company was established in 1966 when they used their filtration technology to desalinate water of car batteries. Its filters combine activated charcoal and DE-ionised beads to remove hard water minerals, metals and solids. It products are widely used by host of people.

01. Aquasana

Best Water Purifier Brands in the World 2019

Aquasana is a prominent and esteemed brand of water purifier in the world. Its was established in 1999 and is now a pioneer brand. It manufactures products that are ideal to be used in households. Its products use a combination of ion-exchange resins, carbon and sub-micron to remove lead, chlorine, water-borne pathogens and other industrial chemicals. The company has won several awards for its whole-house filters, shower filters and counter and under-counter filters. Its products are sold online on all leading platforms and can also be bought from other retailers.

Water purifier is very essential as it safeguards us from water-borne diseases and makes our drinking water consumable. There are lots of brands in the market but if we’ll chose the best brand then we’ll never regret. You can try any of these top brands. Browse through the products offered by these brands and buy the product that meets all your requirements. However, before making your choice always consider factors like its efficiency, service cost, warranty and whether it fits within your means. When a product contents you in every term then you can make your order.


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