With the soaring temperatures using an air conditioner has become an absolute necessity in present times. Earlier using air conditioner was not much required as the weather was sober, but you can’t do without it now. Air conditioners help not only in making the room temperature pleasant but also control excessive humidity, thereby making life easy and comfortable. Air conditioners are being everywhere, whether it is office, home, or even public transport vehicles like buses and trains.

Considered as a luxury item, the air conditioner is becoming more and more common as it is becoming a necessity for people all around the world. So considering its growing importance worldwide, here is the list of top 10 air conditioner brands based on the demand and popularity by the consumers using it as of 2022.

1. Daikin

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World 2019

The Japanese brand acquires the top most position amongst the other air conditioner brands on the basis of its demand, efficiency and effective technology. Across the global market, Daikin air conditioners hold the top most places. The most recent model inculcates the inverter AC technology that provides optimum cooling with lesser power consumption. The motto of the company is to provide the best technology at an affordable price, has won many consumers trusts worldwide, which is the actual cause of the success of this brand.

2. Hitachi

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

A multinational company based out of Tokyo, Japan. The company, Hitachi has won millions of consumers trust with its state of the art technology like the self-cleaning system and effective cooling. The company is known for making products which focus on sustainability by a reduction in greenhouse gasses and lower power consumption technology.

3. Blue Star

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

Founded in the year 1943, is one of the oldest brand making air conditioners. Recently the company collaborated with the brand, Hitachi for air conditioner production using unique technology. The air conditioners of Blue Star brand are affordable, provide good cooling, and use some of the innovative technology.

4. Carrier

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

Founded by Bills Carrier in the year 1920, it is one of the most reliable and known brand worlds over in the air conditioners. One of the subsidiary brands of the Carrier is Weathermaker which specializes in the production of air conditioners using the ACE system. The company, carrier is a well-known brand for providing home appliances with reduced gas emissions, and lesser energy and water consumption.

5. Whirlpool

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World 2019

With its headquarters in Michigan, Whirlpool is one of the world leading brands when it comes to air conditioners. Whirlpool has been voted as one of the best brands based on consumer reports and surveys worldwide. With the groundbreaking technology used in their air conditioners like turbo cool and MPFI, at an affordable price makes the brand all the more popular. The MPFI technology makes the provision of a proper circuit design which helps in rapid heat exchange, the compressor used here is Japanese with a copper internal wiring.

6. Voltas

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

It is an Indian multinational company started in the year 1954, with its headquarters located in Mumbai, India. The company has focused on the production of air conditioners and refrigerators since its inception. As the company focused exclusively on the production of cooling systems they have gained popularity and trust of the many consumers over the world, this trust with the company can be judged from the fact, world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is provided with air conditioners completely with Voltas.

7. Panasonic

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

The company was founded in Japan in the year 1918 with the name being Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd. The company known for its reliable and latest technology in air conditioners is popular amongst consumers world over. Some of the features used in the brand are Econavi and nanoe-g, which in normal terms means that the air conditioner when switched on performs all the functions automatically by sensing the amount of cooling required based on the presence of heat. So the manual selection of cooling mode is not required.

8. LG

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

The company based out in South Korea is a much loved and popular brand within a short span of time of its inception. The company producing almost all the essential home appliances required in a household is now specializing in the air conditioners. The air conditioners from LG have some unique and efficient features like, jet cooling system, plasma filtration, and inverter technology, which make the company mark its presence in the global market, thereby generating good revenues for the company. The company also focuses on the lesser use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for their air conditioner ducts which makes it better than the other brands and a bit environment-friendly.

9. Samsung

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World

Another South Korean company with its first manufacturing unit in Noida, India, the company besides making air conditioners focuses on producing other household goods and even mobile phones. The air conditioners by Samsung have some of the unique features like humidity control, good star ratings (more energy efficient), and turbo cleaning.

10. Electrolux

Best Air Conditioner Brand in the World 2019

The company, which started with manufacturing small kitchen appliances is now a global name for making a multitude of household products including air conditioners. The features offered in the air conditioner which makes them stand apart are ox guard, a three stage filter which assists in providing enhanced cooling, air cleaning technology. It is these features offered by the brand which make it one of the most desirable and efficient brands amongst the other air conditioner manufacturing companies.

So, this is the list of the world’s top selling air conditioner brands with a brief discussion of their features and technology used. The various brands come up with new development and improvement on their older versions every year, based on the consumer requirement and feedback. So hope the list gives you a fair idea about the different air conditioner brands available in the market and the features each had to offer. As the summer season has started, take a look at the discussion above and choose air conditioners suited best to your requirement and stay cool and comfortable.


  1. Daikin aircondition is such an enviable brand. I would like to represent in South Africa and Ghana.
    It will be appreciated if your outfit could indicate the modalities needed to ensure the realization of this vision.
    Dr. Francis Owusu Twumasi


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