Countries That Rank Among The Top Ten Cheerful Ones Globally and Most Likely You Will Find Bright Smiling Faces.

March 20th is the World’s happiness Day. What makes a country happy? Good economy in relation to gross domestic product per capita, politics, weather, income, good governance, culture, generosity, health or location are some of the considerations when determining how happy a country might be. It is true that happiness is an individual choice though influenced by externalities. This makes it difficult when dealing with a community bearing in mind that not everyone is content with the object used in selection.

The below list of top 10 most happy countries in the world takes into consideration the above listed factors and the prevalence of contentment among the citizens. However, these factors change by each day and this constantly affects the rankings. It is for this reason that the list of happy countries is bound to change between different times of the year as it accounts for the prevailing situation at the time of survey. The list takes into account the most recent data from different opinion polls.

10. Sweden

Sweden Top Most Happy Countries in The World 2017

Taking the tenth position among the happiest countries is Sweden. With good governance, heath and a stable economy, citizens from this country express a feeling of satisfaction with the kind of lives they lead. Owing to these factors among others the residents from this country have ability to cater for their personal lives and extend the caring to their neighbors. They are able to offer assistance to the needy generously and this makes the less privileged happier and hence a bigger percentage of the population manages to lead a happy life through the day today.

9. Australia

An island nation, Australia takes the ninth position among the leading happy nations. The driving force for the nation’s happiness is attributed to the ever-growing economy driven by tourism. Home to some of the leading World Heritage Sites, the number of tourists in the region increases by day and this brings in more income to the country and the population at large. Good governance ensures equitable and adequate distribution of resources that give the population a better and satisfactory life. Government records indicate that Australia currently enjoys an undisputed flow of local and international tourists through the year.

8. New Zealand

Holding the eighth position for a second year consecutively, New Zealand is also a nation of happy people. The island nation is also rife with tourism in the same manner as Australia. Alongside its long list of tourist attractions, the country also boasts of numerous sporting activities that relate to tourism. This increases the revenue levels for that nation as well as ensuring a more healthier population. Medical research indicates that with improved sporting activities health is equally improved and hence more happiness for the population. The tradition that is taking shape in the country is deemed to continue for years to come hence projecting the country higher in the ladder of the world’s happiest nations.

7. Canada

One of the happiest states in the north of America, Canada has actually dropped in the list of happy countries when compared to previous research reports. This however does not indicate that there is failure in the governing agencies or provision of services that may have causes discontent among the countries population. The country goes into history as one with a framework that encourages happiness among its citizens. This is in regard to the accord created by elected officials in 1864 when a resolution was made to merge a number of independent provinces to create the nation.

6. Netherlands

Netherlands is one country that has made tremendous efforts to rise up the ladder in the list of the world’s happiest nations in 2017. Taking the sixth position, the country boasts of tremendous tourist attractions that are a major contributor to the nation’s economy. With the revenues collected, the country’s government has in place modalities that encourage more of local and international tourists among other revenue generating sources. This has led to the local community gaining from the efforts and leading better lives and in such way increasing the happiness among its population.

5. Finland

Finland Top Most Popular Happy Countries in The World 2018

For a second year consecutively, Finland has maintained its fifth position among the world’s happiest nations. The Lakeland nation is also among the most sought after tourist destinations that is the basic avenue for the government’s revenues. God governance ensures there is better provision of basic services for the population and in such way they are able to lead decent lives. Boasting of both local and international tourists, Finland has a wealth of winter sports that attract participants and tourists from across the globe. This is not only a good preserve for better health but also an assured source of revenue to cater for a continuous provision of basic services to the citizens. In summer the country enjoys a good exhibition of nature’s beauty hence adding to its basket of attractions and more so the climate plays a major role in making the population happier.

4. Switzerland

Earning a position among the top five happy countries is not a walk in the park. In the previous polls, Switzerland was in the second position and has therefore dropped by two places to take the fourth position. The drop is majorly a result of higher competition among the leading countries rather that decreased satisfaction among the citizens. The residents of this peaceful nation are happy as ever and most likely will remain in the list of top tens for longer.

3. Iceland

One of the coldest countries on the globe, Iceland is also home to some of the world’s happiest people. Taking the third position, the country’s administration has put in place adequate facilities and measures to ensure the residents and visitors enjoy more to put away the effects of the cold weather. These include among others steaming and hot pools and tubs established in most of the major towns where local and international visitors get the opportunity to enjoy great sights such as the falling snow. This is further enhanced with a reliable and efficient transport system that is made possible by investments by government to ensure accessibility to all locations of choice. This not only ensures constant flow of tourists but ever flowing pipe of revenues for the government to maintain its position and happiness of its people.

2. Denmark

Denmark is an ever-happy nation. It has managed to clinch the number one position of the world’s happiest nations at least three times. This is not only a great achievement but as well one that calls for adequate resources to maintain. The countries ability to maintain its heritage sites and other tourist attractions has ensured there is constant flow of revenues that are much required to make its citizens happy. Among them is the 17th century water front canal where tourists get an opportunity to enjoy numerous water sports and an entertainment district in Copenhagen that attracts and keeps numerous visitors happy.

1. Norway

Norway Top Most Famous Happy Countries in The World 2018

Taking the lading position in the list of happiest nations in 2017 is Norway. The country took the number one spot when factors such as caring, generosity, health, honesty, income, security, democracy, cost of living and good governance was evaluated. The Scandinavian country is always a preferred spot for tourists seeking the perfect spot for a range of tourist sporting activities. This is alongside its rich taste of coffee that reins the world over. All these are available alongside numerous tourist attraction sites where both locals and foreigners converge all year round. The countries government has invested heavily to ensure all are content with the prevailing situations and more is being done to encourage more happiness.

A happy nation means there is a wave of content among the people. Offered opportunities, resources and services are adequate to cater for the needs of the population. This is what the happiest nations offer their residents. The list of top 10 most happy countries in the world in 2017 is a great guide for holidaymakers and potential investors to choose the perfect locations for consideration this year. Such countries offer a guaranteed contentment for those who seek the ideal and relaxing atmosphere this season.


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