10 Most Famous Churches in The World: Greatest & most stunning renowned houses of worship with huge global following

In every community, there is a god whom they adore. This has been prevalent since the ancient times. With the esteem and honor given to the gods, wonderful and magnificent places of worship are created.

This entails selection of the best locations where the community can easily access, use of special and unique materials and designs among other features. These are things done to impress the gods and as well give ease to the community as they adore their gods. Among the leading communities that have taken such steps for centuries are Christians. They have erected churches throughout the world most of which carry rich historic memories and are still outstanding to this day.

Here are the top 10 Most Famous Churches in The World

10. Borgund Stave Church – Norway

Borgund Stave Church – Norway Top Famous Churches in The World 2018

Built between 1180 and 1250 AD, Borgund Stave Church is a great creation of its own kind. It is a medieval wooden church that has withstood the test of time to life beyond any known wooden constructions. This has been made possible through refurbishing efforts that has been undertaken over the years to ensure it remains standing and in good shape. In a country with a total of 28 stave churches, Borgund has taken the prize as the best preserved hence earning a position among the top 10 famous churches on the globe.

9. Cathedral of Brasilia – Brazil

Brazil is a country with a rich history of the Catholic Church. Monuments and other forms of memorable designs are to be found all across the country. Among them is the cathedral of Brasilia one of the biggest and most visited churches in south of America. The design of the cathedral was done by a leading world designer Oscar Niemeyer who was keen to overcome the success of his younger brother. In its own unique design, the cathedral has withstood the test of time and remains one among the biggest cathedrals around the globe.

8. Church of Nativity – Bethlehem

The journey of Christianity started in Bethlehem with the birth of Jesus. This was at Manger square to be precise. An important spot in the history of the church stands the famous and one of the famous churches the church of nativity. Though the event of Birth of Jesus took place over 2,000 years ago, is of major importance to Christians and hence the construction of the church at this location. So important was the day that it is celebrated every year across the globe to this day.

7. Las Lajas Sanctuary – Colombia

In 1754, one of the greatest occurrences in history of Christianity occurred. This was the act of the Holy Mother showing herself on a cliff in Las Lajas. The vision occurred to a deaf and mute girl and her mother who were constantly seeking the intersession of Virgin Mary. With this, the Catholic Church initiated construction of a church at the cliff that lasted approximately 200 years. With the high regard in which the Virgin Mary is held among Catholics, Las Lajas Sanctuary continually receives pilgrims seeking for prayers and intercession of the Holy mother as well as numerous tourists.

6. Cologne Cathedral – Cologne, Germany

Cologne Cathedral – Cologne, Germany Top Popular Churches in The World 2018

A historic and ancient construction, the cathedral of Cologne is one of the greatest churches in the world today. Having been constructed between 1248 and 1880 AD, it is one among the oldest monuments of Christianity. This not only earns it a place among the most visited Christian historic centers in the world but also as well makes it an important and leading tourist attraction in Germany. One of its leading and historic experiences is its ability to escape unscathed during World War II. This is despite the numerous bombings that took place within the region at the time of war. This was translated to mean that the place was secured by God who offered protection for his Holy place.

5. Church of the Holy Sepulchre – Jerusalem

Located in Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, this is a Historical place where early Christians are deemed to have gained roots. Common belief indicates that the church was constructed at the site of Calvary an important point in history of Christianity. Calvary is the point where the cross on which Jesus was crucified stood hence its great significance to the Christian community. While conflicting reports on the exact location of the exact location continues to emerge in modern times, the church still maintains its significance and its held in allegiance to the purported heinous act that the administration of Pontius Pilate took on Jesus.

4. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, Cundinamarca

A unique and ancient design is witnessed in this church. Unlike most of the known churches around the globe, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is built 600 feet down. This is inside the tunnels of a salt mine created centuries ago. It is perceived that the salt pretzels from these tunnels are distributed to churches across the globe and used in different rituals undertaken at times of prayer. Others also purport that the widespread tradition by Christians to kneel in prayer also owe its origin to this church among other theories.

3. West minster Abbey – London

Constructed in 1066, Westminster Abbey is one of the greatest churches in the world. It has its place among the World’s Heritage Sites and continues to be a leading tourist destination. Unlike most of the other churches, the Abbey is home to some of the world’s greatest tombs. Poets, Philosophers and other who featured in the category of the ‘wise men have their tombs within the church or some form of memories to their names. Among them include Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Hardy among others. While the list of such people in ancient times mostly featured men, women among them Jane Austen also get a mention in the poets corner of the premise.

2. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris – Paris

Also referred to as Sacre-Coeur, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris is a monumental church in France. It is the second tallest building in the city and its surrounding following after the Eifel towers. The construction of the basilica was inspired by Bishop Fournier who purported that this was to remain a reflection to the loss of Franco – Prussian war that he claimed was a punishment from God following the moral decline by the community of France. The basilica is not only an important historical monument in Paris city but also carries with it the great history of the Catholic Church factors that make it one of the leading tourist attractions in the city.

1. St Peter’s Basilica – Rome

St Peter’s Basilica - Rome Top 10 Most Famous Churches in The World 2017

Considered to be the home of modern Catholic Church, St. Peters Basilica leads in the list of the famous churches across the globe. It carries the highest seat among the ranks of the church and is the capital of the church to this day. It is the home of the reigning pope who leads the congregation. To mark the importance of this church, St. Peters acts as the place where important decisions of the church are made by the ruling office holders and the key decisions and doctrines are issued from this location. The basilica was built on top of the Tomb of the biblical St. Peter and hence the name of the church.

Churches are held in high regard all across the globe. With Christianity being among the biggest and oldest religions on the globe, it is important to provide with the list of top 10 most famous churches in the world. It is not only a big recap for the religions history but as well as insight for tourists who are keen on visiting the historic and famous places in the church history.


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