10 Most Famous Man Made Lakes in The World

Water is an important resource for humankind and other living creatures. However, it is not always available in certain areas and measure to seek for this highly regarded commodity must be put in place. It is this need that led man to develop man-made lakes. Dug deep into the ground and covering extensive parcels of land, such lakes come in hardy for farmers in different areas of the globe and help increase production on farms alongside quenching the ever-living thirst for water. In modern times, man-made lakes are being created to control floods and as well produce electricity among other purposes. Such lakes normally collect water from rivers, rain and in some instances water seeps from the ground. The construction of the lakes normally starts as a reservoir and as time proceeds, it grows to a full-size lake holding large amounts of water. This maybe occasioned by the growing need of the communities alongside other factors. Here is a list of the top 10 man-made lakes created on the basis of their sizes.

10. Superior Lake – United States

Superior Lake – United States Top Famous Man-Made Lakes in The World 2017

One of the greatest tourist attraction sites in the US, Superior Lake take the tenth position among the largest manmade lakes in the world. Located on the US – Canada border, the lake was created with a scenic view and surrounded by pleasant surroundings. It is these features that make the lake a popular attraction for holidaymakers who take time to enjoy the views and the cool atmosphere that is experienced in the region.

9. Lake Oahe

Situated behind Oahe Dam, Lake Oahe take the eighth position among the largest manmade lakes on the globe. It is located in United States along the Missouri river. The lake covers an extensive portion of land running between central South Dakota to North Dakota. An area estimated to be 370,000 acres, it is also 205 feet in depth. It is a major tourist destination attracting overseas visitors as well as locals who enjoy from its 51 recreational spots. Despite being a manmade feature, it is home to a variety of sea life that includes catfish, northern pike and salmon fish among others.

8. Zeya Reservoir

With its home in Russia, Zeya reservoir takes the seventh position among the largest manmade lakes. It is created behind the Zeya Dam covering a wide area of approximately 2,420 square kilometers. The dam has a capacity to hold 68 cubic kilometers of water when filled to capacity. Created in 1975, the reservoir is currently a big contributor to the electric grid having been selected to produce hydroelectric power that is around 225 megawatts.

7. Krasnoyarsk Reservoir

Built along river Yenisey, this is also among the bigges manmade lakes on the globe. Located in Russia. Krasnoyarsk Reservoir is older than Zeya by three years. It is built on approximately 2,000 square kilometers and holds a capacity of 73 cubic kilometers of water. Though manmade, the reservoir has attributes that give it a natural appearance. It offers a cool and relaxing atmosphere for visitors and one of the most sought after destinations. This is better described by the natural beauty that surround its location alongside impressive and creative creations around the lake.

6. Williston Lake

One of the largest manmade dams in Columbia, Canada, Winston Lake takes the fifth position globally. It covers an area of 1,761 square kilometers measuring in dimensions of 251 kilometers long and 155 kilometers wide. Williston Lake when completely full takes in a massive amount of water totaling to approximately 74 cubic kilometers. Its outstanding feature is being located in a calm and quiet environment that makes it an ideal location for those seeking a perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

5. Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser Top Most Famous Man-Made Lakes in The World 2018

It is one of the biggest manmade lakes in Africa. Lake Nassir also takes it unique feature of being divided into two dams. The two sections of the dam include both Lake Nassir and Lake Nubia and is located along of the world’s greatest rivers and among the biggest in Africa and the entire world, river Nile. Created behind the famous Aswan High Dam, Lake Nassir covers approximately 5,250 square kilometers with dimensions of 550 kilometers long and 35 kilometers wide. Located in the south of Egypt, Africa, the lake when filled to capacity carries approximately 132 cubic kilometers of water. The lake was created in 1971 also making it one among the oldest around the globe.

4. Lake Guri

Located in Bolivar State Venezuela, this is the world’s fourth largest manmade lake. The lake is created behind Guri Dam whose construction was completed in 1978. It is considered to be the biggest reservoir on the globe with a capacity to hold approximately 138 cubic kilometers of water. The lake covers an extensive area approximated to be 4,250 square kilometers.

3. Volta Reservoir

Considered as the largest manmade lake in terms of coverage, Volta reservoir is also among the biggest in Africa. The lake is located in the west east of Ghana and created behind Akosombo Dam. The dam was first initiated by a renown geologist Albert Ernest Kitson and opened its operations in 1965. The dam takes the third position among the biggest manmade lakes in the world with a capacity to hold 148 cubic kilometers of water when filled to capacity. Over the years, the dam has provided an important resource for communities living around and also its used to generate hydro electric power to the national grid.

2. Bratsk Reservoir

This is the largest manmade lake in the whole of Russia. It takes the second position among the largest manmade lakes in the world. The lake is created on an extensive surface that measure in an area of approximately 5,470 square kilometers. The lake sits along Angara River and derives its name from a Russian city known as Bratsk. The major usage for the lake in production of hydroelectric power where it forms part of the national grid providing the much-required source of energy.

1. Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba Top Most Popular Man-Made Lakes in The World 2018

Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe this is one of the beautiful lakes in African continent. The lake sits on an area of approximately 5,500 square kilometers and carries around 180 cubic kilometers of water when filled to capacity. The main purpose of the lakes creation is to aid in production of hydroelectric power. Alongside its main purpose, it is a major attraction for visitors who include holidaymakers and student engineers with interest in learning more on creation and use of manmade lakes. The lake also offers solitude for local communities by offering a source for water required for domestic purposes. The lake takes the first position and is on record as the biggest manmade lake on the planet.

Since time immemorial humans have been known to construct reservoirs and other means to conserve water. With the ever-growing need for water and the developing technology, this has resulted in creation of more permanent sources for this important and scarce commodity. Manmade dams have taken the center stage in providing the much required assistance. In their creation the dams are done in regard to the existing need and availability of resources that include a source to feed the lake and adequate space to dig and construct the dam. While varying criteria may be used to determine the biggest lakes, the list of top 10 man-made lakes in the world takes into consideration the amount of water the dam can handle.


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