‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ the old saying goes. Naturally, every girl comes with her own beauty. This is best described biblically where the bible describes girls as the beauty of the world. There are many factors that enhance this natural beauty and this gives the platform for determination of beauty from different perspectives.

Country of origin, race, physical structure and mode of dressing are among the factors considered in this regard. In this perspective, there are countries that are home to world’s most beautiful women. The list of top 10 countries with most beautiful girls in 2022 takes into account this consideration. It provides men with a list of places to start the search for real beauties. This is also true for modelling agencies that are in constant need of beauties in their trade. The list includes:

10. Philippines

Countries with most beautiful girls 2019

Since the ancient times, Philippines have been credited as being the home of beauty. The country has produced numerous beauties who reign in the modeling world and a number who have at certain times taken the overall world beauty titles. Among the famous beauties from this country includes Kathyrn Bernardo who is the current reigning beauty in the country. She is better known as the beauty queen of her generation. The other beauty from the region is Julia Barretto who is a leading model appearing for different commercials in the country and across the globe.

9. Britain

Countries with most beautiful girls

Britain is a mix of different cultures and traditions. It also takes a leading position among the most civilized societies. With this mix, Britain also manages to produce some of the most beautiful girls on the globe. Kelly Brook is one of the biggest beauties from Britain. A leading model, she has won numerous coveted beauty positions across the globe among them being on the list of 100 sexiest women across the globe. Keeley Hazel is also a leading beauty from Britain who also calls the shots globally. The former model turned actress carries the flag of her country high by being among the leading and beautiful actresses recognized on the planet today.

8. United States

Countries with most beautiful girls

The world’s leading populous country is a mix of different cultures, religions and races. With its United States leading in various areas among other countries, it takes the eighth position in having the most beautiful girls on the globe. These are models that are featured in Hollywood, models and music stars who are continually on the leading papers exposing their beauty. It is home to some of the sexiest women among them a leading WWE superstar Stacy Keibler. The tallest WWE diva in history also possesses a curvy body to supplement her beautiful looks making her one of the biggest models across the globe. She is better known by her fans as t” the weapon of Mass Seduction” owing to her marvellous beauty.

7. Netherlands

Countries with most beautiful girls

Otherwise referred to as Dutch Women, they are a clear description of beauty. Women from Netherlands possess a natural beauty. Dotting blonde hair as their trademark, super height averaging at 5’7” the women from Netherlands takes the seventh position among the beauties of the world. They are better known as the hot Victoria secret models. Among the beautiful women who grace the global platforms from Netherlands include Adriana Lima who is a leading model since hitting the industry in the year 2000.

6. Italy

Countries with most beautiful girls

Italy brings to the worlds beauty defined as classy. Home to women who are keen on keeping their counterparts on their toes when it comes to fashion, style and make-up, the beauties from this country are unmatched. They are better defined by their brown eyes alongside other natural features that mark their beauty. Alongside elegance girls from Italy are known for their confidence and ability to always stand up high from the crowds. Italy is home to one of the hottest models among the Monica Bellucci. This great model has for years been the brand ambassador for leading cosmetic products hence placing her among the world’s prettiest girls today.

5. Venezuela

Countries with most beautiful girls

When looking for international beauties. Venezuela is a country worth landing. Accredited as having some of the world’s most beauties, the country ranks among the countries that has taken home the most beauty titles across the globe. Among the top beauties from this country to take home the coveted beauty Prize is Alicia Machado who managed to beat other contestants in the 35th edition of miss universe title in 1996. This has been the trend for years owing to the fact that another great model from the country managed to take home the same title in 1986. This was Barbara Palacios who is among the beauty who set the precedence and brought to the limelight the beautiful girls from Venezuela.

4. Russia

Countries with most beautiful girls

With a natural beauty best described by biological lineage, Russian girls are extremely beautiful. They possess outstanding natural features that include the perfect modeling height, high cheekbones and blonde hair among other features. Despite not being a model, Russian prime minister gives the clear beauty of girls from this region. Beautiful models from the region that feature on the international scene and carry the beauty flag of Russia high includes Alina Kabaeva who is a world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Lisa Boryaskaya, Lera Kudryavtseva and Zoya Berber also join in the list among others.

3. Ukraine

Countries with most beautiful girls

Ukraine has a long history of being home to most sexy women on the globe. Just like Russia, the women posse’s outstanding natural features that depict their beauty. They are actually in the league of women who are sought after by male counterparts seeking international partners. This comes alongside being home to some of the worlds leading models among them Anna Bessonovana a world champion in athletic activities including gymnastics. Ani Lorak is also an international idol from Ukraine. She is a popular pop star who is among the leading beauties from the country for years.

2. Brazil

Countries with most beautiful girls

Brazil is credited with having the most social girls who have held their tradition for years. These women have been reigning in the beauty industry for years making the country one of the best with beautiful and most admirable girls. They have carried the rich history since the times of Maria Vargas who won the miss universe title in 1963. Having brought the country’s beauty to the limelight, others have followed suit and have been appearing on different platforms to showcase the beauty from the region.

1. Turkey

Countries with most beautiful girls 2019

Believe it or not, Turkey leads with the most beautiful girls. Modelling agents are flooding the country seeking for prospective and existing beauties to feature in their works. They are real queens of beauty. To prove this position, the country has produced beautiful actors who are featured on global productions, models that are featured on international products along side others. Among the greatest models from turkey who are featured on international; platform includes Berguzar Korel who features in numerous international short films. A renown Hollywood star Turkan Sorav is also among the beauties who are born and blend in turkey.

In every village there is a beautiful girl. Everyone can attest to this. However, in the larger perspective there are beauties that make an impact to the world. They inspire young girls, are good ambassadors for their countries and are internationally recognized. These are from very specific countries who have managed to produce a good number of such characters. They are the ones featured in the top 10 countries with the most beautiful girls in the world.



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