Can we starve without bees? Let me take you to science 101 class. Did you know that the food you eat nearly all of it is provided by the bees either directly or indirectly? What normally happens is that bees pollinate the fruits the vegetables and nearly every type of food that is on your table and only 1/3 of the food is pollinated independently.

With all that information bees also produce honey that is the sweetest food in the planet. Honey can be used as a natural healing agent, it’s good for the heart, skin, destroys bacteria, helps in the digestion, safe than sugar, lowers cholesterol, antioxidant support, restores sleep, and dozens of other uses. Here is the top 10 highest honey producing countries in the world 2022.

10. New Zealand

Largest Honey Producing Countries 2022

One of the largest producing honey countries in the world is New Zealand. Exports from honey in year 2015/2016 have earned the country more $315 million and the number is continuing to rise. As of 2016 the country produced more than 20,000 tonnes of honey from 684,046 registered hives. The number of registered bee keeper’s enterprises is 6735. Just like any other sector of the economy New Zealand agriculture industry faces challenges such as bee health, competition from apiary sites, pests and diseases, and maintaining the integrity of consumers especially on the international market.

9. Ukraine

Largest Honey Producing Countries

One of the major honey exporters and producer’s among the European nations and in the world is Ukraine. The country is Europe number one producer of honey and usually they produce between 65,000 tonnes to 75, 000 tonnes and half of this honey is normally exported. Bee keeping in Ukraine has become a major economic activity since about 2% of the total population hare engaging in the activities of bee keeping. They have a history of bee keeping that dates a couple of centuries ago no wonder they have world’s best largest bee keeping museums in the world. Some of the countries that normally import Ukraine honey are Germany and United States.

8. Brazil

Largest Honey Producing Countries

One of the world’s major producer of honey is Brazil. Brazil is blessed with biodiversity and the geographic location of the country suits the right kind of environment that bees want. Brazil honey is one of the premium honey you will find in the market since most of the bee keepers use the African bees which are resistant to diseases and pest hence they don’t need a lot of pesticides to keep the bees healthy.

7. Mexico

Largest Honey Producing Countries

Mexico is one of the largest exporters of honey in the world and has a long history of honey production. They usually export around 40,000 tonnes of honey worth more than $150 million. The country on annual basis produces around 57, 000- 62,000 tons of honey and over the last decade the production of honey is on the rise. In the country there are around 43,000 beekeepers operating more than 1.9 million hives. Their major export countries of honey is Germany, China, UK, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and United States of America. Some of the main areas that honey is produced are states such as Campeche, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Puebla among others.

6. India

Largest Honey Producing Countries 2022

Honey and bee keeping have a long history that dates way back and this can be attributed by the rock paintings of Mesolithic era that you can find in Madhya Pradesh illustrate honey collection activities. The country has a huge potential of honey production since it has more than 500 species both wild and cultivated plant species that are good source of nectar and pollen, they do also have five species of true honey bees (Apis dorsata, Apis mellifera, Apis dorsata laboriosav, Apis cerana indica, Apis florea ) and other three stingless 2016 the country exported 38177.08 MT of honey to countries such as Bangladesh, United states of America, Morocco, Saudi Arabia among other places.

5. Russian federation

Largest Honey Producing Countries

One of the largest producers of honey in the entire world is the Russian federation. Apiculture practice has been part of Russian culture no wonder they produce one of the premium honey in the Russia honey is not just made for importation but the domestic use of honey on items such as tea, medicine, therapies, coffee, bread and other products is so high. On annual basis Russia is said to produce more than 95,000 tonnes of honey worth more than $65 million .Russia exports honey to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, Belgium, and Spain among other countries.

4. Iran

Largest Honey Producing Countries

One of the highest producer of quality honey in the world and today among the top 10 honey producing countries is Iran. There are about 75,000 documented people who are actively in the industry of beekeeping and there are about 6.7 million colonies in the whole country. On annual basis Iran is said to produce around 79,000 tons of honey and exports around 5,000 tons in the world market. The country honey production is recorded to be growing with between 5%-10%.some of the countries where Iran exports its honey are Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Malaysia, among others.

3. United States of America

Largest Honey Producing Countries

In United States of America bees are very important part of the start with 80% of all worlds almonds are produced in California and this is about 800,000 acres of almonds that require pollination hence there must be over a million colonies of bees. Other crops such as apples, blueberries, sunflower, avocado, cranberries, cherries among others all depend on these bees for pollination. In the U.S there about 115,000-130,000 beekeepers and though they don’t have many hives they do have an average of 30 hives per person for those who take it as a hobby but for those who are in commercial business they have around 400 hives.

There are about 2.8 million colonies producing about 165 million pounds of honey annually .Some of the highest producing states of honey are California, Florida, Arizona, south Dakota, Montana, and north Dakota. Americans domestically consume around 500 million pound of honey annually and this demand of honey can only be filled with the importation of it. Most of the honey is sold in retail market channels while others sold in food industries. Honey production in the U.S is increasing as compared to 2012,2013, 2014 and 2015 and soon it might be the world highest producer of honey. Honey is normally imported from Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Vietnam, India, Canada and other countries to fill in the demand.

2. Turkey

Largest Honey Producing Countries

Turkey the land of fine honey is the second largest producer of honey in the world. Did you know that honey from turkey is considered as the most sweetest and pure lest than any other from any country? Honey from turkey is meant for export but the country also is a major consumer of honey as well. O annual basis the country produces around 115,000 metric tons of honey. The major reason why honey from turkey is so pure and of the best quality is because the bees are pure Caucasian.

1. China

Largest Honey Producing Countries 2022

This is the world’s largest producer of honey, largest bee keeping country, largest exporter and also the highest in domestic consumption of honey. It is universally known that there is no country which produces quality pure and the most sweetest honey in the world than China. The country produces more than 650,000 tons of honey annually and nearly ¾ of this is locally consumed.

Clearly we need bees to survive and this survival is dependent on how best we can restore and preserve our environment since there is an alarming level of decrease of bees in the world. Honey is natural and has many benefits that are medicinal in nature. Let’s try our best to exploit the benefits of honey for a better health other than just relaying with modern medicine.


  1. We want to produce purest Himalayan Honey at Kangra Valley of Himachal and subsequently enter into export.
    We have started Beekeeping and planning to install state-of-the-art Honey processing plant of 5 Ton capacity alongwith latest modern Lab.
    Please guide us and also help us in achieving our ultimate goal.

  2. We want to produce purest Himalayan Honey at Kangra Valley and subsequently enter into export.
    Presently we have started Beekeeping and planning to install state-of-the-art Honey processing plant of 5Ton capacity alongwith latest & modern Lab.
    Please guide and help us in achieving our goal.

  3. The details of Beekeeping/Honey Production of India presented in this site are incomplete & different from the actual Beekeeping of the Country. In India, there are more than 2,00,000 beekeepers practicing Scientific Beekeeping & producing about 1,15,000 Metric Tonnes of Honey out of which about 50 % is being exported to various Countries. This may please be updated.

  4. we are looking to start honey production under the technical guidance or collaboration from turkey.kindly help us how this can be arranged.thanks and regards.

  5. Is there any help from those countries that produce honey to small scale beekeepers in Kenya ? I have 20 colonised hives but lack support to take my project to the next level

    • I m from pakistan. I have export honey from pakistan to kuwait so i want to increase our export level in croatia and some others european how can i connect to european countries?


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