List of Top Ten Deepest Oceans and Seas That Go Down to Unbelievable Depths

In the world there so many waterbodies, ranging from rivers, lakes, seas and oceans as well. Oceans and seas in this context are some of the natural wonders on the planet and they are always mesmerizing and beautiful to see. There massive sizes is a clear indicator of the strength of nature. They play a very important role in shaping our climate and weather patterns and don’t forget they are natural habitat of marine life.

But among all of these ocean and seas which among them holds the award of being the deepest? Well here is a list of the top 10 deepest oceans and seas in the world.

10. Gulf of Mexico (12,425 ft) (3,787 meters)

Gulf of Mexico Top Most Famous Deepest Oceans in The World 2017

The ninth largest water body in the whole planet, measuring around 600,000 square miles is one of the deepest waterbodies on the planet. It’s usually bordered by five Mexican states, five northern American states, and Cuba as well. About 33 rivers and 2017 estuaries feed the ocean. The Gulf of Mexico is the origin of the Gulf Stream which is one of the powerful ocean currents in the world today. The Gulf coastline which is around 3,540 miles has a wide range of habitats. Other facts about the Gulf of Mexico is that there are about 29 marine mammal species found in there, it’s a home to 5 endangered sea turtles, you will find 49 shark species , it’s a home to sperm whales, and finally there are four major industries in the Gulf of Mexico namely oil, shipping, tourism and fishing.

9. Mediterranean Sea (15,197 ft) (4,632 meters)

The Mediterranean Sea also called the European Mediterranean, incubator of Western civilization, or Eurafrican Mediterranean is an intercontinental sea surrounded by Asia, Europe and Africa. It’s almost completely enclosed by land to the south of Africa and east of Asia. It’s the world’s largest inland sea since it covers an approximate area of 2.5 million sq km. The sea is of higher salinity than Atlantic Ocean and some of the major rivers that feed the sea are Nile, Po, Ebro and Rhone. Many years ago merchants and travellers used the Mediterranean Sea as a route for trade, war and colonization especially the Greek, romans, Egyptians, Persians among other groups. The sea is an important fishing ground, has natural oil and gas and still used as a means of transport across several nations.

8. Bering Sea (15,659 ft) (4,773 meters)

Considered as a northern extension of the Pacific Ocean and covering 2,000,000 square kilometres it’s one of the deepest seas in the boarded in the west by Russia, east by Alaska and Kamchatka Peninsula on the south and Aleutian Islands on the north. Apart from being on the list of top 10 deepest oceans the sea is the world’s most productive fishing ground and here you will find numerous varieties of fish about 419 species. It’s also the habitat of numerous wildlife’s such as walrus, whales and seabirds.

7. South China Sea (16,456 ft) (5,016 meters)

One of the most disputed waters on earth and among the most deepest is South China Sea. Its usually part of the pacific ocean. Some of the states that boarder south China Sea are Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, People’s Republic of China, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei. Some of the rivers that feed this sea are Pasig, Mekong, pearl, red, Pampanga Pahang among others. The reason why south china sea is a disputed water it’s because nearly a one third of all worlds shipping sails through these waters, and trillions of global trade passes through here so nearly all countries that boarder the sea want it to be declared an international water.

6. Arctic Ocean (18,050 ft) (5,625 meters)

Of all the world’s major oceans we have on the world Arctic ocean is the most shallowest and smallest .Located in the northern hemisphere the ocean has distinguished features such as it is surrounded by landmasses on North America Greenland and Eurasia countries. During winter the ocean cannot be recognised since it is completely covered by ice and during all year round some parts of the ocean are still partially covered with ice. Though the ocean is shallowest with an average depth of 3,240 feet there is a deep point measuring 18,050 feet.

5. Caribbean Sea (25,220 ft) (7,686 meters)

Caribbean Sea Top Famous Deepest Oceans in The World 2018

Covering an area of about 2,754,000 km2 (1,063,000 square miles) the Caribbean Sea is just adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean in western hemisphere. Some of the countries the boarder the sea are panama, Venezuela and Columbia to its south , central American countries on the west together with Mexico, in the north by Greater Antilles countries, and the Lesser Antilles to the east. This sea deepest point is the Cayman trench which can be found between Jamaica and Cuba and is about 7686m ( 25220 ft) below sea is in Caribbean you will find the islands of West Indies , second biggest barrier reef the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and many Gulfs and Bays.

4. Southern Ocean (23,737 ft) (7,236 meters)

Also called the Austral Ocean, or Antarctic Ocean it’s the fourth largest ocean among the world’s five oceans namely the pacific, Indian Ocean, and is the southernmost world’s oceans. Some of the animals you can find in this ocean in large numbers are blue whales, penguins, seals squids and very few fish species. The average depth of Southern Ocean is about 13000-16000 ft but its deepest greatest depth is around 7,236m which is at south Sandwich Trench.

3. Indian Ocean (24,460 ft) (7,455 meters)

Indian ocean covers an area of approximately 70,560,000 km2 ( 27,240,000 sq mi). It’s a body of salty water and takes about one fifth of all worlds’ ocean area. Geographically it’s the youngest of them all, it’s the most complex in relation to its physical structure and the youngest compared to the top three world major oceans. Indian ocean has an average depth of around 3960 metres (12991 feet) and the deepest point can be found in Indonesia in southern coast of Java and has 24, 460 ft. some of the countries that boarder Indian ocean Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran to the north, Australia to the east, Africa and Arabian peninsula to its western part.

2. Atlantic Ocean (30,246 ft) (9,219 meters)

Its name is derived from Greek mythology “Sea of Atlas” and is the second largest of all worlds’ oceans, covering one fifth of earth’s surface which is 20% and also 29% of world’s water surface area, has a total of 41 million square miles (106.4 million square kilometres and its salty. The ocean separates Africa and Europe to the east, north and South American to the west. The ocean is interconnected global ocean as it is connected in the north by Artic Ocean, Indian Ocean to the south east, and Pacific Ocean to south west, and southern Ocean in the south. The ocean has an average depth of around 10,924 feet and the deepest part of the ocean is in Puerto Rico Trench which is around 9,219 meters (30,246 feet).

1. Pacific Ocean (35,837 ft) (10,924 meters)

Pacific Ocean Top Most Popular Deepest Oceans in The World 2018

The name pacific came from a Latin word Mare Pacificum meaning “peaceful sea”. The ocean is the largest of all oceans in the planet and is approximated to be between 165-182 million sq km and its total area is greater of that of the earth’s has around 47% of the earth’s water surface and occupies 32% of land surface. Pacific Ocean average depth is around 14000 ft but has a deep area measuring 35,837 feet. Some of the countries bouldering the ocean are Asia, America and Australia. The ocean closes our list of top 10 deepest oceans and seas in the world.

The above oceans and seas are the deepest among world’s seas and oceans. Apart from being deep these waterbodies play a very vital role in the ecosystem and hence they should not be polluted. Lets all be united in preserving the natural resources we have today so that the future generations can enjoy them as well.


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