Your Road Map To Top Ten Most Exotic, Breath-Taking And Gorgeous Wedding Locales Trending This Year.

Now that you have already identified your better half and you have taken the first step of proposing and the proposal was a “yes” its high time for many couples to start of planning their wedding. Planning a wedding it’s not an easy task at all and in most cases where the couples might be planning to have a destination wedding. If you’re a couple who is looking to throw a destination wedding somewhere exciting in the world and you really don’t have an idea where that destinations should be, here are a list of top 10 best destination wedding spots you could try for that special day your yearning for.

10. France

France Top Popular Destination Wedding Spots 2017

France has so much to offer and no wonder many couples choose France to be their wedding destination. It’s a country known to be romantic and on top of it the wedding venues are a bit cheap than may venues in Europe. Here their amazing chateaux and castles, picturesque views, very vibrant cities, has incredible food, brilliant entertainment, exclusive beach resorts in the coast, tranquil, calm and peaceful, among many other desirable characteristics of France. Here are some of the best wedding locations in France which are in line with your wedding theme. Brittany, Normandy, Loire valley, Aquitaine, Limousin, Midi Pyrenees, Rhone Alps, Provence, French Riviera, Dordogne, Paris among others.

9. Puerto Rico

Evaluating Puerto Rico’s charm is a no brainer since it has all the assets of other Caribbean islands. Who wouldn’t wish to get married in a region that offers gorgeous beaches, lovely sceneries, very hospitable locals, sizzling Latin culture, plush resorts and you can have the best nightlife of your dreams in the capital city of San Juan. To add some icing on reasons why Puerto Rico this island is a U.S territory. Here you will find very affordable flights, locals speak English and on top of it you require no passport at all .it has been voted position 2 in best affordable Caribbean destinations, position 3 in best family vacations in the Caribbean and position 3 in best affordable destination wedding spots. While you’re here some of the guest activities you can decide to take can be blended on both traditional beachy relaxation and unique cultural and historic sites. You should head over Luquillo beach, stroll on the Old San juan streets, and enjoy the Criolla cuisine offered in many restaurants.

8. Bahamas

In the whole world this is one of the places where you can take a pick from the collection of 700 islands that have something for you. It’s one of the best places for saying “I do” and one that has a lot to offer. This Caribbean wedding destination has some of the best flashy megaresorts to host your guests, you can even rent your own island here. The best islands to hold that perfect wedding in Bahamas are Nassau, Harbor Island, Grand Bahama Island and One&Only Ocean Club paradise islands since they are the most popular, most visited, have the perfect groomed beaches, beautiful gardens such as Versailles Gardens and their activity packed destinations.

7. Costa Rica

Among the perfect wedding destinations on earth Costa Rica is one of the destinations that should not miss in your checklist. It’s considered one this destination is one of the safest, politically stable and very hospitable among the Latin American countries. Since there is a lot of factors you do consider when choosing a wedding destination we can assure you that Costa Rica is an ultimate location since it has infinite amount of stunning and unique backdrops and a wide range of activities to engage in. considered among the best to the country incredibly natural beauty, you will find more than 300 exotic beaches, rich ecosystems comprising of volcanoes and rainforests, endless diverse beaches and affordable accommodations. Couples who are getting married in Costa Rica need an original birth certificate, valid passports, single status affidavits, you might also be required to provide divorce and death decrees. Costa Rica provides several wedding venues among them San José Central Valley Wedding Venues, Beach Wedding Venues, Countryside Wedding Venues, among others.

6. Las vegas

Often popularly known to be the “Wedding Capitol of the World” here everything goes. It’s a destination that many couples all over the world tie the knot here and love to have a Las Vegas wedding. Lass Vegas has witnessed the growth of wedding chapels that are not just cheap but they are really cheap, they also offer no stress since planning is done for you, chapels are created to fit a wide variety of themes, easy marriage licence application, its fast, and can accommodate any number of guests and the good thing about Las Vegas you can have your wedding here and also your honeymoon here as well.

5. Italy

Italy Top Most Popular Destination Wedding Spots 2018

For those couples who are looking for something extraordinary and unconventional then I would urge you to go to Italy since they can offer that. A wedding in Italy would definitely turn out to be one of the best memorable moments in a couple’s life due to what Italy has to offer. The country is very hospitable to foreigners, has many popular places, has one of the most amazing dazzling landscapes, its spectacular natural beauty, mouth-watering multi cuisines options, soothing calm climate and environment and the availability of multi-location romantic wedding venues. The most prevalent regions for Italian destination weddings are places such as Tuscany, Florence, Puglia, Ravello, Italian Lakes, Sorrento coast, Almafi coast, Umbria, Siena among others.

4. Hawaii

One of the best places to have a romantic wedding ceremony is at was formed from under sea volcanoes and boosts of being geographically diverse almost like a fantasy. What makes Hawaii so special and an ideal wedding destination is the availability of many romantic snorkel beaches, active volcanoes, sweeping canyons, pristine rainforests, waterfalls, and above all the wide range of activities to do and the hospitality of the locals. The best places to hold your wedding that will definitely exceed your imagination and expectations are places such as Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Waikiki, Big Island, and Lanai among others.

3. Florida

One of the best places to make your dream wedding come true is in Florida. It’s the perfect wedding venue for couples who wish for romantic outdoor wedding. Its climatic conditions all year round are favourable since you will get endless sunshine and the air is a bit warm. The other good thing that makes Florida a perfect choice is that after your wedding you don’t have to travel anywhere else for your honeymoon since it’s also a top world class honeymoon destination. You have so many options for a wedding venue among them you can decide to hold your wedding on the beach, in a lush, or a botanical garden, their also historic churches here, inns and resorts, you can even decide to say “I do “ in the sailboats, yachts and even kayaks or even in scuba diving or sky diving .

2. Jamaica

This is the third largest island of the Caribbean which is referred by many as the heart of Caribbean. It’s the origin of reggae music, Rastafari movement and all inclusive villas and resorts. It’s a destination that offers more than just pristine beaches and palm trees for a wedding ceremony. Its steeped in world class culture, water sports, all-inclusive resorts, has some of the best super posh options ,gourmet restaurants, best lively nightlife you will ever get, lush landscape and turquoise waters, intoxicating pulse of reggae music, great airline access and many more other reasons to choose this destination. Since the concept of all-inclusive resorts was founded here the best place to look for accommodation would be in Montego Bay, if you’re looking for the best beaches go to westernmost Negril, for adventure go to Ocho Rios, for water sports head to Port Antonio. This island Island has been voted by world report, U.S News, trip Advisor and numerous tour sites at position 1 in best affordable destination wedding spots and position 3 in best affordable Caribbean destinations.

1. Mexico

Mexico Top Most Famous Destination Wedding Spots 2018

Mexico has a little bit of everything, it’s a home of the affordable luxury all inclusive and in general you can expect good weather, hospitable locals and tequila to spare. Here you will be amazed by the affordability of the four and five star resorts, colourful culture, plenty of tequila, beautiful weather, world famous white sand beaches, stunning Mexico colonial archaeological sites and not to forget the Mexican cuisine. It’s a destination that has everything for any taste and can suit any budget making it no 1 in the list of top 10 best wedding spots on the planet

Getting married is as personal decision that many couples have to think hard and make up their mind and it’s not easy to commute your whole life to one person. The decision comes with challenges and it doesn’t get easier even when it comes to planning a wedding and looking for a wedding venue. These above destinations are the best and most voted by many people as the ultimate top 10 best destinations wedding spots but my advice would be; you need to look for an agency that will listen to your dreams, organize for you that perfect day. Many wedding planning agencies will take care of all aspects of your wedding, from the church or civil service, perfect wedding venue, villa town, to reception, transport, photography, music and every other key thing you might require.


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