Every woman dreams of a wedding and not just a normal wedding but a glamorous one. Women vision the day they will tie a knot with their husbands to be, they dream and fantasize about that fateful day. When a woman is engaged and wedding plans are underway other what the people will eat, drink, venues, shape of cake, and guests list there is one core and a key item that every woman’s puts all her attention on and that’s the wedding gown.

A wedding gown to a bride is given and must be given a close attention. Many brides depending on their taste of fashion and the size of their pockets can decide to go for an extremely expensive gown or just a simple one. We have witnessed brides who have walked down the aisle with gowns that are not just beautiful but daring, brazen and others have outrageous designs. In the quest of making their wedding a history and worth remembering some brides have spent a fortune that you cannot imagine in a wedding gown. Here are some of the best and most expensive wedding dresses in the world in 2022.

10. 9,999 CARAT GEMS WEDDING DRESS ($160,000)

Most expensive wedding dresses 2019

Popularly known as the glittery gown or the Chinese wedding dress is one of the most beautiful and most expensive dress in the world and the most expensive gown in Vietnam.it was created in 2007 and went on display in shanrao Jiangxi province and its famous jeweller creator was Huv Vo. Although the materials used to make this dress they must be of very high quality what really makes the dress so much expensive is it’s the 10,000 carats of glittering gem stones that were used in making this wedding gown. The whole dress weighs 40 pounds and some of the precious stones used in making them are diamonds, red precious rubies among others. The approximate value of the master piece wedding dress is around $160,000 in the market.


Most expensive wedding dresses

Another fashion gem from Anhui province in china platinum wedding dress is just beautiful and one of its kind. When it went on display many people had to look at it more than twice since it’s rare and that fact that is made up of silver and platinum. People have heard of wedding dresses made of silver, diamonds and gold but a combination of silver and platinum it’s almost unheard of that’s why it’s so unique. It’s made up of premium fabric silks, platinum threads, gorgeous bright red colours, white sheen, among other materials. Due to the rare nature of its kind the wedding dress was going into the market for around $250,000.


Most expensive wedding dresses

Also known as Mauro Adami wedding dress the dress was designed and created by an Italian fashion master Mauro Adami. It’s one of the most expensive dresses you will find in the market and a beautiful one too. It’s one of the very few dresses in the planet that boosts of platinum elements. What makes it so expensive it’s the fact that it’s made of high grade silk which is sewn with platinum thread making the dress to have that delicate metallic allure. Another thing that contributes to its high price in the market handcrafted exquisite embroidery strewn across the dress and an elegant neckline that will make any bride feel completely royal and on top the most cutest woman. If you so wish to have this dress you need some $375,000.


Most expensive wedding dresses

This dress has grown its popularity and has become one of the world’s most expensive wedding dress. It was the creation of a Lebanese born lawyer Oscar de la Renta and as of today its one of the most coveted bridal looks. If you’re looking for a dress that not only stands out but its stunning and lavish this is the dress to go for. The special materials that have made the dress and its design in general make the dress to be one of those expensive wedding dresses in the world going for around $380,000.


Most expensive wedding dresses

Probably you know Kanye west if you don’t he is an American rapper, a producer, singer, entrepreneur and a designer. His wife one of the most popular reality star celebrities, a model and an actress during her third wedding with him decided to Givenchy Dress which its price was around $400,000 making it one of the most expensive wedding dresses of our time. This master creation of designer Riccardo Tisci revelled the dress to the world in the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. During her wedding Kim looked absolutely stunning. The wedding dress featured handmade lace work, knitted sleeves, sheer back and a long silk veil.


Most expensive wedding dresses

It’s on public domain that one of the wealthiest most respected and one of the popular families in the planet is the royal family of United Kingdom. It’s just pretty obvious what a wedding dress of the wife to Prince William would cost. Around the world many women were curious what Kate Middleton would were during the wedding ceremony and it’s probably the only reason the women who attended the royal wedding wanted to see. Designer Sarah Burton master creation created a marvel of a wedding gown that would probably go down in history as one of the most expensive wedding gowns and most beautiful in the world of fashion. Some of the materials that were used in its creation were very expensive fabrics such as English cluny lace, white satin gazar, and French Chantilly. The dress is estimated to have cost around $400,000


Most expensive wedding dresses

This master piece creation modern wedding gown of designer Danasha Luxury and Jad Ghandour is one of the most expensive very expensive indeed as well as popular in the planet. The question in your mind why would I refer it as indeed expensive it’s because it price is valued at $1.5 million. The main reason why it’s this expensive is because it has 75 carats of hand-picked Antwerp, 18k worth of gold and some Belgium diamonds weighing 250 grams. This valuable work of art is what every woman would dream to wear. Imagine a gown that will never train tulle and frill this has exact characteristics.


Most expensive wedding dresses

One of the best truly amazing master piece work of the iconic fashion designer Vera Wong is the Peacock wedding dress. For those who would love to standout in a non-traditional wedding dress this is the dress to go for. It’s famous for it required 8 professional artisans to stitch the 2009 peacock feathers together in order to create a wedding dress worthy the aisle. This dress due to elegance, uniqueness, and stylishness made headlines in the world no wonder its value goes to around $1.5 million.


Most expensive wedding dresses 2019

Named after the iconic Japanese fashion designer Yumi Katsura this white Gold Dress is a piece of work that is not just the second most expensive wedding dress in the world but also one of the most creative and beautiful dresses ever made. This dress was crafted with white Gold, finest silk you might find on the planet, best satin, a collection of precious gemstones and the fact that is hand stitched zari embroidery makes it unique.to add more value to it the gown has a total of 100 pearls, rare precious 5 carat white gold diamond, 8.8 carat green diamond placed at its center and all this compliments the wedding dresses and also making it its value to be as high as $8.5 million.


Most expensive wedding dresses

This is not only the most expensive wedding dress on the planet but it’s the most impressive, famous, beautiful, elegant and magnificent creation of work of art. The team work between designer Renee Strauss and Jeweller martin Katz came up with a wedding dresses that is so luxurious that any woman wearing it surely she is a true representation of a queen or a fairly tail princess. Its made of the finest fabrics that can be found in the world and in addition 150 carats of diamonds making it its price to be $12 million.

One of the best thing that could happen to a woman during her wedding day it’s her wedding dress becoming the talk of the town due to its elegance, beauty and its uniqueness. The above dresses have hit the world headlines due to the prices they retail but when you research more you can see they have been made with some of the most precious gemstones, rare fabrics, finest silks and everything here is optimally above board in terms of quality. No wonder the prices are meant for the rich. They are the top best most expensive wedding dresses in the world today.



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