Poker is a globally famous and glamorous game which is known for changing a person’s fortune overnight. The name was originally derived from the French name ‘Poque’. Poker has the American roots and the whole journey started in 1800 in New Orleans. The 52-cards magical game was limited to 20 cards before 1834. In 1973, CBS aired a one of a kind poker tournament, which was quite crazy at that time.

In America, the game is like an addiction and over 20% of the national populace try their luck in this game often. Every year, the craze for this game is crossing one more milestone and the poker industry is adding numbers to their revenue like a dream. Poker can be chosen as a full-time career. A professional poker player has to be prepared emotionally and financially all the time.

When the skills are awesome, a player reaches the sky-high levels but a bad luck can bring him to the rock bottom levels. Poker is all about the combination of skills and luck and there is a list of richest poker players in the world in 2022 who have made it big in this spectrum.

10. John Juanda

Richest Poker Players 2019

There are not only America-born poker players who are ruling the top 10 rich list. John Juanda is a big name in this domain. The Indonesia-born poker player has 5 World Series of Poker bracelets in his name. The MBA poker player was recognised as the Player of the Year in 2001 and 2002 by Cardplayer Magazine. His Net Worth at present is $4.4 million. John is remembered for his unique playing style with sheet patience and calm.

9. Annie Duke

Richest Poker Players

Why should men get richer in their dreams only? Annie Duke is a big name in the poker world. She is among the most influencing women in the card games. There are not many female poker players who are successful but Annie is an exception. She learned Poker at her home playing with her family. Her brother is also in the professional poker game. She left her doctorate research to kick off her professional poker career. The American poker player and author the prestigious World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions in 2004. She has National Heads-Up Poker Championship in her name as well.

8. Andrew Feldman

Richest Poker Players

Andrew is a 1987 born English Poker player. The young poker player started poking at the young age of 18. When the online poker game became legal, Andrew started nailing the game. He is one of the greatest online poker players at present having a Net Worth of $10 million.

7. Daniel Negreanu

Richest Poker Players

The 42-year-old Canadian professional poker player is known for making it big in the Europe, Las Vegas and Asia Pacific WSOP bracelets. He has rejoiced his victory in all the three locations. With his phenomenal poker skills and noticeable wins, he has managed his name to enter the Poker Hall of Fame. His Net Worth at present is $15 million.

6. Antonio Esfandiari

Richest Poker Players

He is the youngest ace poker player to make it big in this game like a true legend. He is also known as ‘The Magician’. The 38-year old professional poker player started his journey at a very young age. When he was 19, he was already the owner of over $1.4 million and the prestigious World Poker Tour Title. The dexterous poker player is an inspiration to a plethora of young poker enthusiasts. His total Net Worth till the date is around $17 million. His biggest win so far was $18,346,673 in 2014.

5. Chris Ferguson

Richest Poker Players

The US-born professional poker players has 5 World Series Poker Bracelet in his name. Chris was born in a family of doctors but he developed a penchant for poker at a very early age. He has won many poker tournaments so far and he is the man behind the online poker portal ‘Full Tilt Poker’. His Net Worth at present is $25 million.

4. Erik Seidel

Richest Poker Players

When it’s about Poker Earning, how can Erik get unnoticed? The Las Vegas born professional poker player has a glorious Net Worth of $41 million. He has won eight World Series in Poker bracelets. Erik has a World Poker Tour title as well in his name. Erik has spent a significant amount of time in the stock market and apart from the poker world and earned a whopping amount from there as well.

3. Phil Ivey

Richest Poker Players

At number 3, Phil Ivey stands with immense proud owning around $100 million. He has secured a world poker tour title and due to his awesome playing skills, he also goes by ‘Tiger Woods of Poker’. At a young age of 23, he already had 3 World Series in the poker bracelets.

2. Sam Farha

Richest Poker Players

Another Poker virtuoso in this list is Sam Farha. The American poker player is the owner of $100 million glorious bucks. He is remembered for being the runner-up in the WSOP 2003. He got settled in America leaving his native place when there was a fierce war situation in Lebanon. He holds a business degree from the University of Kansas. He has also shared some great tips and his experiences with the life-changing game in a book which he penned himself. He has been creating milestones in the game since 1990.

1. Dan Bilzerian

Richest Poker Players 2019

Dan is not just popular for his crazy Net Worth from poker but he is also known for his flamboyant and Playboy lifestyle. He is basically a venture capitalist by profession and an awesomely skilled poker player by passion. He has created a sensation on Instagram many a time and broke the internet with his crazily lavish lifestyle snaps. A small clip from the Las-Vegas based World Series of Poker occurred in 2013 made him one of the most searched personalities of the year. Dan holds a Net Worth of $150 million. He was a former US Navy trainee. He had a rich dad beside him all the time but his skills and personality made him a hot and sensational internet personality. He loves luxury cars, hot women and guns and his sizzling snaps say it all. He gives many new poker players the luxury goals.

Poker is not just a game to earn few bucks and enjoy a whale of a time. The aforementioned professional players have redefined the game and made a fortune with it. The countries where online poker is legal include – Australia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Malta, UK and to name a few.


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