Ten Best Animal Welfare Organizations In The World: Animals Have A Right To Welfare As Well

The irony of life is that animals have to fear cruelty from humans. The humans have always considered themselves to be a superior race because of their ability to think. Therefore, this cruelty towards animals is baffling. One should expect the humans to be caring towards these animals who do not have the ability to raise their protest. However, some humans take a special kind of glee in trying to harm animals. There is a need to stop such activities against the fellow beings of Nature. Considering these points in mind, some benevolent human beings have formed associations and organizations pledging to take care of such animals. Their sole aim is to prevent the cruelty towards animals in general. We shall look at the Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World.

10. American Humane Association

American Humane Association Top Popular Animal Welfare Organizations in The World 2017

At No 10 on this list, we have the American Humane Association. Conceived in 1877, it was previously known as the International Humane Association. The main objective of the organization was obviously to take care of animals and protect them from cruelty unleashed by fellow humans. Have you even noticed the words “No Animals were harmed during the process of making this film” on the film screens of every film made anywhere in the world. This Organization is behind this certification. It is the sole monitoring body for ensuring proper treatment to animals during the making of films.

9. Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Animals have performed roles in many films all over the world. You cannot expect an animal to mug up the lines. You need a trainer to ensure that the animals perform properly. At the same, they have to make sure that there is no animal abuse on the film sets. The Performing Animal Welfare Society, a US based organization has the responsibility to take care of the abandoned and abused performing animals, especially the elephants. They also cater to the victims of the trade of the exotic animals. They are worth entrants at the No. 9 position on this list.

8. Farm Sanctuary

Performing animals are subject to abuse. However, the farm animals are the most abused ones in the planet. The farm animals include the bovines, sheep, goats, and poultry as well. They require adequate protection from humans. At No. 8 on this list we have the American animal protection organization, Farm Sanctuary. Established in 1986, this organization takes care of all kinds of farm animals and prevents abuse of any kind against these poor animals. This organization promotes vegetarianism as well and opposes any kind of animal slaughter.

7. International Fund for Animal Welfare

Founded in 1969 at New Brunswick, Canada, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is No. 7 on this list. The main objective of this non-profit organization is to rescue ill-treated animals all around the world. This organization has the reputation of being one of the largest animal welfare and conservation charities in the world. They have offices in over a dozen countries. One of the major activities of the organization is to rescue and release whales, dolphins, and porpoises entangled in fishing gear. Originally founded to rescue the seal pups, they cater to all kinds of animals today.

6. DELTA Rescue

At No. 6, we have DELTA Rescue, an American based animal welfare organization. Founded by animal lover Leo Grillo in 1981, the full name of the organization is Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals Rescue. This organization has two veterinary hospitals to take care of sick and injured animals. They have wild sanctuaries spread over 150 acres in the US. They take care of all types of animals with dogs and cats being the biggest beneficiaries.

5. Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals Top Most Famous Animal Welfare Organizations in The World 2018

Animals may be stronger than humans but the humans are infinitely more powerful than them. This makes the humans extend cruelty towards the animals. At the same time, there are people in the world who work with the sole objective of protecting such animals from cruelty. These people are the Friends of Animals, a non-profit animal welfare organization working in the US since 1957. Originally found to protect cats and dogs, they widened their horizon to encompass other animals including marine animals, zoo animals, and wildlife as well. They are fit to occupy the No. 5 spot on this list.

4. The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Large animals require adequate care as well. These animals include the lions and tigers etc. The Wild Animal Sanctuary specially caters to these wild animals that have been ill-treated by their owners. Found in 1980, the Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 720 acre sanctuary located near Keenesburg, Colorado. The main objective of the sanctuary is to take care of the wild animals not otherwise living in the zoos or the forests. We are referring to the wild animals kept as pets in many parts of the US such as Texas, etc.

3. The Marine Mammal Center

At No. 3 we have a specialized animal welfare sanctuary. The Marine mammal Center in California takes care of sick, injured or abandoned marine mammals. Founded in 1975, this non-profit animal welfare organization takes care of rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing of marine mammals into the sea. They specialize in treating the huge whales that wash ashore but are unable to return because of the shallow waters and low tides. This organization takes care of other marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, dolphins, etc.

2. Animal Welfare Institute

Many animals live in fear of humans. Actually, the humans would be no match if you consider the physical prowess of an animal. However, the human being is a cunning creature. It can inflict harm in various ways. This can cause great pain and anguish to these poor animals, Founded in 1951, this American non-profit organization, The Animal Welfare Institute, takes care of such animals. The legal wing of this organization recommends the passage of special laws to prevent cruelty towards animals. For the sheer volume of animals it takes care of, this organization should rank at No. 2 in this list.

1. PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities Top Most Popular Animal Welfare Organizations in The World 2018

At No. 1 on the list, we have the largest supporter of animal welfare in the world, PetSmart Charities. This charitable organization ranks among the top 400 philanthropic organizations working on any kind of issue. They cater to the homeless cats and dogs by treating and rehabilitating them. They put up these pets for adoption in their programs. Located in Phoenix, this organization serves the entire North American region.

We have seen the top ten best animal welfare organizations on a general basis. There are hundreds of endangered species of animals in the world. We shall look at some of the top animal welfare organizations for endangered animals as well. We are listing them out at random without assigning them any rank as such.

The best Animal Welfare Organizations for Endangered Animals:

01: The International Rhino Fund: Protects the Sumatran rhinos, Javan rhinos, the Great one-horned rhinos, Black rhino, and the White rhino

02: The World Wildlife Fund: This organization protects a wide range of endangered species such as tigers, orangutans, turtles, rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants, leopards, gorillas, dolphins, and whales.

03: Project Aware Foundation: This organization concentrates on preventing the polluting of the sea. It takes care of the sharks and other marine life as well.

04: The Jane Goddall Institute: This institute is passionate about rescuing and protecting the various kinds of apes.

05: Panthera: This non-profit organization ensures the safety of the endangered wild cat species such as tigers, lions, jaguars, panthers, pumas, cheetahs, and snow leopards.

06: The International Crane Foundation: This is an organization for protection of the different types of endangered cranes in the world.

07: The Wildlife Conservation Society: This wildlife conservation organization protects animals threatened by issues like climate change etc. They take care of species like the elephants, big cats, bears, apes, and other carnivores.

08: International Union for Conservation of Nature: This is a worldwide organization formed for the protection of endangered animal species around the world such as the African elephants, lions, crocodiles, penguins, dolphins, Bengal Tigers, leopards, sea turtles, sharks, etc.

09: Gorilla Doctors: This organization concentrates on providing veterinary care to gorillas.

10: Defenders of Wildlife: Working in North America, this organization caters to the polar bears, fishes, and the bison in the Colorado prairies.


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