Water treatment companies play the vital role when it comes to the health of an individual as well as several industries & business organization. Generally, water treatment not only involves the process of purifying the water to make it drinkable but also industry level processing of water to utilize it for various industries such as paper making industries, textile industries, and water for medicine and manufacturing processes.

The water treatment involves purifying process like Filtration, chemical treatments like reverse osmosis & sedimentation that make the water most essential element for everything we do in normal life. As in order to avoid all sorts of water borne diseases, these water treatment companies make sure the water has adequate minerals along with removed impurities that influence the health of common people positively. So let’s have look at top ten best water treatment companies 2022 that provide domestic as well as industry level water treatment solutions in India.

10. Aqua Innovative Solutions

Best water treatment companies in India 2019

Aqua innovative solution is the leading water treatment company in India which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in 2016. It has department of Research and development & manufacturing facility which make them quite popular in Mineral Water manufacturing company and Industrial water treatment company. This company supplies the drinkable water as packaged water bottle and in various manufacturing and process industries. The company involved in the household, commercial, industrial and public water supplies. Aqua innovative solution managed to rank tenth for his innovative solution of purifying the drinking water from untreated water.

9. ion exchange India Ltd

Best water treatment companies in India

Ion exchange is well-known water treatment company which is involved in public water supplement, household, and commercial and Industrial water supplies. The company is having ISO 9001:2000 certification and the main plant of the company & HQ is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was established in 1964 and in the business of water treatment and waste water. Moreover, the company provides the services such as water recycle, water treatment and purification, wastewater treatment, and chemical water treatment. The company was formerly based in the UK but became the wholly owned Indian subsidiary after it got into the business in India. Moreover, the company is indirectly involved in domestic water supply with its advanced solution of water purification though the company is generally providing water for industrial and commercial use.

8. SFC Environmental Technologies Private Limited

Best water treatment companies in India

SFC Environmental technologies Pvt limited is a part of SFC group which was established in 2005 and have HQ in Mumbai Maharashtra. The company is in the business of wastewater treatment and providing purification of impure water that harms the natural resources of water. The company has branches in seven other countries which is highly concerned about sewage water treatment for Industries and industrial waste water for cities and metro towns. Moreover, SFC supplies Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology (C-Tech), an advanced sequential batch reactor technology. SFC handles the large water treatment projects for the metro cities from state governments.

7. UEM India Pvt. Ltd

Best water treatment companies in India

UEM India private limited was established in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 1973 with Water & Waste Water Treatment business. UEM groups are international water and wastewater collecting environmental services company that specializes in providing turnkey services that include design and engineering along with an installation of plants. The company is providing quality services for private industries and municipalities since 1973. UEM India ranked seventh for its first tie service which includes every aspect of water treatment.

6. Hindustan dorr-oliver limited

Best water treatment companies in India

Hindustan dorr-Oliver is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra Established in 1981 and in Business of Water Treatment for more than three decades now. The company has completed many projects for private sectors, public sectors and government with their state of art water treatment solutions. Moreover, it is first Indian company started in water treatment business.

5. Voltas Limited

Best water treatment companies in India

Voltas limited is an initiative of TATA group which was established in 1954 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. TATA’s business division involved in waste water treatment and industrial sewage treatment, Voltas ( engineering, air conditioning, and refrigeration company)provides service like Sewage treatment, Water treatment for Public supply and Effluent treatment. Moreover, it provides its service to sugar chemicals, textile, and food processing industries across the India.

4. Siemens water

Best water treatment companies in India

Siemens is mainly known for its electric and electronics equipment and services but after it’s implementation Siemens has lion shares of water treatment sector since its establishment in 1969 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, originally the company has based in Germany. The services include water treatment plant, waste water treatment, waste water treatment, Drinking water treatment, Industrial, and Municipal wastewater treatment systems. Siemens has worked for prestigious projects on water treatment from the public as well as private sectors.

3. GE water

Best water treatment companies in India 2019

GE water is a part of GE power and water treatment company which was established in 1892 and has HQ located in Banglore, India. With lion market share in water treatment sector, a company provides services like boiler water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, filters and Cooling tower treatment with its precise cutting edge water treatment solution and engineering technologies. It is one of the oldest water treatment company in India and hence having a large loop of customers from private as well as public sectors in India.

2. Thermax India

Best water treatment companies in India

Thermax India was established in 1980 & has been most successful water treatment company based in Pune, Maharashtra. Thermax generally deals with waste water solution for industries and Municipal Corporation. Thermax offers the cutting edge technologies and engineering types of equipment for water treatment projects to all industry domains like Paper, medicine, manufacturing, textile etc.

1. VA Tech Wabag GMBH

Best water treatment companies in India

VA tech wabag GMBH was founded in 1924 in Vienna, Austria and it has its main HQ in Vienna and Indian HQ in Chennai, India. It is the water treatment company which has the largest market in water treatment company that deals with wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, industry domains and sludge treatment. The company mainly use German technologies and engineering equipment making it world’s largest Industrial water treatment organisation.

These top ten water treatment companies make the water more acceptable for domestic use by removing the impure contaminants from the untreated water make it usable to drink and other end-use. Along with these water treatment companies, there is government institute such as CSMCRI( Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute) located in Bhavnagar, Gujarat which is working on various projects such as harvesting pure water from salty water of the sea, purify the water from sewage and waste after the humanly use and to some extent they are successful. These water treatment companies and R&D institutes are the reasons that water diseases are not exposed to mankind yet.


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