Out of all the forms of entertainment today, Television is the oldest and still considered the best medium of entertainment. It is one of the most vital innovations and that has covered way for the entertainment in life in very easy-to-access manner.

There are several popular TV channels that are very being positively reviewed by the audience for their program as well as broadcast. Popular TV channels can become useful many times when you are not feeling good and after watching favorite show/program makes you feel better.

The function of some of the popular TV channels is to convey entertainment and turn your life from boring into interesting. Various shows/programs delivered on these channels make it popular ones worldwide and they continue broadcast for the purpose of entertainment. Checkout the top 14 best, most watched and popular TV channels in the world 2022.

14. BBC One:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world 2019

BBC One channel is known to be the flagship television channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation in UK, located in Isle of Man and Channel Islands. The channel was initially started in year 1936 as the BBC Television Service, and it was regarded as the world’s first regular television service having a pronounced level of resolution of image. Later in year 1960, the channel was renamed as BBC TV, through this name till the launch of sister channel in year 1964 named BBC2. This is a British Channel -BBC One recognized for the dramas and is very popular worldwide. You can watch some prevalent drama series like Sherlock Homes, many Quiz Shows like Countryfile, Pointless, and others.

13. National Geographic Channel:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

The National Geographic Channel, which is even commercially shortened as Nat Geo, is an Indian based subscription TV channel that broadcasts non-fiction, factual programming including science, nature, culture, and history, made by the National Geographic Society, in a way similar to Discovery and History Channel. The NGC (National Geographic Channel) is one of the most popular channels worldwide taking you close to the nature. You can see how animals, birds, creatures spent their life in different parts of world through some shows which are broadcasted on this channel. This is actually an adventure based channel, designed for the entire generation with motto to educate and teaches people with its popular program.

12. Star Sports:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

The network of Star Sports consists of ten channels; out of which four in standard definition and rest of the six in high definition form. Hotstar is known to be the digital platform possessed by Star India and is accessible in Indian country. The corresponding website of the channel follows a freemium service model in which it provides premium as well as free content. Apart from what Star Sports broadcasts, it even works for webcasting the Indian Premier League (IPL) and some tournaments played in India, national and international.

This is also one of the most popular channels, formerly identified as Prime Sports. Star Sports is a cable network for broadcasting sports programs, possessed by STAR TV and Fox International Channels in joint venture. The TV Channel is accessible in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and other Asian territories. This Sports Channel is majorly based in the Asian countries that work to broadcast sports like football, cricket, tennis, hockey and many others.

11. MTV:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

In the field of music, MTV is famous music televisions that can never be forgotten as it display the top charts of the world and are suitable for music lovers worldwide. This TV Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television channel possessed by the MTV Networks Music & Logo Group in collaboration. It was noted that by year 2013, around 97,654,000 American households (i.e. 85.51% of households having television) watch MTV. MTV is available to nearly all American household and it shows all the music chartbusters.

10. CN:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world 2019

CN is an American basic cable and satellite TV channel, started by Betty Cohen and later on launched in year 1992. CN (Cartoon Network) channel is made primarily for kids and it is suitable to watch for kids who are below 5 years of age. This is an American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner since many decades. It broadcasts mainly animated programming, varying from action to animated comedy as well, along with little live-action content for entertainment. You can grab chance to watch the famous cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry that has gained great positive response from people.

9. AXN:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

AXN is another entertainment based channel, extensively recognized for its shows and the movies broadcasted on weekends basis. This is actually a Pay television, cable and satellite television channel possessed by Sony Pictures Entertainment group. It was noted that the TV Channel was first started in year 1997 and its network is now spanned across many regions in the world, including Europe, Japan, and other parts of Asia as well as Latin America. This entertainment based channel is depended on different attractions, displays movies on the weekends and different shows on the rest part of the week.

8. Disney Channel:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

Disney Channel was formerly named as The Disney Channel from period 1983 to 1997 and usually abbreviated to Disney from period 1997 to 2002. The TV Channel is an American basic cable and satellite TV network that works as the flagship property of owner named Disney Channels TV Group, which is a unit of the Disney Media Networks part of famous company named The Walt Disney Company.

This is another great channel intended for kids and tweens to have entertainment in easy way. Some popular shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody are the original series for children and there are also cartoon shows for younger kids. It was noted that by year 2013, Disney Channel is made accessible to around 98,142,000 television households (i.e. 85.94% of satellite, cable, and Telco customers) in the US.

7. Star World:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

This is one of the popular entertainment based channel with various TV shows namely Family guy, The Simpsons, which boosted the popularity today. This is a 24-hour Asian English language cable and satellite television channel possessed by Fox International Channels and STAR TV in collaboration. Star World channel primarily syndicates popular shows from US, UK and sometimes Australia to entice to the English-speaking people of countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Middle East, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

6. BBC Food:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

BBC Food is a TV Channel made for all the food lovers facilitating people to learn different dishes without paying for costly cooking classes in cities. This channel was broadcasted by BBC Lifestyle, possessed and operated by BBC Worldwide in different countries. BBC Food was actually the name of the BBC’s global commercial television channel concentrating exclusively on food till the time it was supplanted in the television markets in which it was aired now by BBC Lifestyle.

5. Channel V:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

All the music lovers can get chance to watch popular music shows and news through this channel. All types of prevailing music are broadcasted here along with recent updating from time-to-time. Channel V is the brand name for various global music television networks possessed by STAR TV and Fox International Channels in collaboration. It was noted that since year 2008, Channel V International has transferred back to its original studio located in Hong Kong, which is even the same studio of Channel V Taiwan and China.

4. CW:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world 2019

CW is an American broadcast television network, administered by The CW Network, LLC, which is a partial liability joint venture. The joint venture for CW Channel is between CBS Corporation, known as the past owners of the United Paramount Network (briefly as UPN), and the Warner Bros. The network of CN started its debut in year 2006, after its two predecessors namely The WB and UPN, respectively stopped self-governing processes on September 15 and 17 of the same year. This channel is dedicated purely on entertainment, broadcasted worldwide since year 2006. You can watch wide variety of TV shows which serve to various age groups; whether it is kid, teens, young adults or old age people.

3. HBO:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

It is known that programming that is featured on the network includes mainly theatrically released motion pictures as well as some original TV series, with boxing matches, made-for-cable movies, documentaries, and infrequent stand-up comedy and concert specials as well. For movie lovers, HBO (the Home Box Office) is the suitable channel that broadcasts movies of different genres. HBO is an American cable premium and satellite channel, working to broadcast many different types of movies every day with some popular shows and series. Some of the popular TV series like Sex and the City, broadcasted on this channel gained wide popularity worldwide.

2. ESPN:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a sports channel for sports lovers. This is an US owned sports channel started in a joint venture with the Disney Company and it broadcasts sports game running currently. For the entire sports fan from countries like Brazil, Australia, and Latin America, this is a best sports channel. ESPN is a sports channel that broadcasts mainly from studio facilities situated in Bristol, at Connecticut. The corresponding network even operates its offices in New York City, Charlotte, Miami, Seattle, and Los Angeles. It is known that John Skipper presently serves as president of the channel, which is a position he has owned since year 2012.

1. BBC News:

Most Watched TV Channels in the world

BBC News is one of the most popular TV Channels in the entire world, standing at the prime position in the list. BBC News stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and the major goal of the TV Channel is to broadcast impartial public services in UK. The news that is broadcasted is stared to be the most authentic one, making it to gain high popularity worldwide. Apart from this, the channel has segments and tiny sections of news which is assigned to different types of news, different genres and linked to different countries.

Popular TV Channels today have become like favorite food for people without which a day cannot be ended properly. These TV Channels are established since years now and continues to deliver supreme service for future as well.


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