Bird sanctuaries are the best place for watching different types of birds for bird lovers. Bird sanctuaries are not only the house for various species of birds but also reserve for bird species which are on verge of extinction.

There are incredible bird sanctuaries all over the world where you can experience the heavenly combination of nature and life at its best. Few of the ten best and most famous bird sanctuaries in the world 2022 are explored below.

10. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, India

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World 2019

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is located in the islets on the banks of Kaveri river in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka in India. These islets came into existence after an embankment built in 1648 by Mysore King. Famous ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali belief that the isles formed could be an important nesting ground for birds, persuaded the Wodeyar kings of Mysore to declare the area a wildlife sanctuary in 1940. It is also known as “Pakshi Kashi” of Karnataka. This sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in Karnataka and is spread over 40. Ranganathittu is located three kilometers away from the historic town of Srirangapatna. The sanctuary attracts about 3 lakh visitors every year.

This sanctuary houses around 170 bird species. Major attractions are the painted stork, Asian open bill stork, common spoonbill, woolly-necked stork, black-headed ibis, lesser whistling duck, Indian shag, stork-billed kingfisher, egret, cormorant, Oriental darter, heron, the great stone plover, streak-throated swallows etc. Winter months from December this sanctuary becomes home or nesting site for as many as about 40,000 birds where some birds come from Siberia, Latin America also. Major activities along with bird watching are Ranger-guided boating of the isles, crocodiles, otters and bats and a 4- minute documentary at The Salim Ali Interpretation Centre. Nearest City Mysore is just 19 km with Airport Service and well connected to Bangalore -Mysore highway.

9. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, India

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Sultanpur bird sanctuary is located at Sulatapur, fifty kilometers from national capital Delhi, India. It is a very famous national park and bird sanctuary which is situated fifteen kilometers from Gurgaon, Haryana. Sultanpur bird sanctuary is an ideal place for bird watchers and best visited in winters when a large number of migrated birds come here. Around 250 species of birds are getting shelter in Sultanpur bird sanctuary.

Approximately 150 species are Indian such as common hoopoe, paddy field pipit, purple sunbird, little cormorant, Eurasian thick-knee, gray francolin, black francolin, Indian roller, white-throated kingfisher, spot-billed duck, painted stork, white ibis, black-headed ibis, little egret, great egret, cattle egret, India crested lark etc. and 100 are from Siberia, Europe, and Afganistan. More than 100 migrated bird species such as Siberian cranes, greater flamingo, ruff, common teal, black winged stilt, common greenshank, yellow wagtail, white wagtail, northern pintail, northern shoveler, rosy pelican etc. arrive at Sultanpur every year in search of feeding ground and pass the winters.

Sultanpur bird sanctuary consists of 1.43 square kilometers and has a typical North Indian climate of harsh summer, cold winters and short rainy season. Haryana governments carried out many developments works like construction of mounds, wells, ponds, widening of paths, planting bird-friendly trees such as Ficus, Acacia Nilotica, Acacia Tortilis, Berries and Neem etc at Sultanpur bird sanctuary. There are four watch towers located at different points, an education and interpretation center, a library, films, slides and binoculars for the benefit of bird lovers.

8. Harry Gibbons Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Canada

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

It is a migrated bird sanctuary in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in western Southampton Island in the area of the Boas River and Bay of Gods Mercy. The sanctuary consists of 14,500 hectares /1224 square kilometers. Harry Gibbons Migratory Bird Sanctuary is an important bird area of Canada. The adjacent area of the sanctuary is supported a nesting population of 644000 nesting Lesser Snow Geese. Grassy Island and delta provide an abundance nesting sites. The sanctuary is named after a famous guide and interpreter who assisted many scientists who worked in that area. Harry Gibbons Migratory Bird Sanctuary is a migratory bird sanctuary.

7. Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary, Vietnam

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is one of the most attractive eco-tourism spots in the Mekong river delta, Hiep Thanh Commune of Bac Lieu Town. The sanctuary has rich flora and fauna along with beautiful birds. The biodiversity of Bac Lieu bird sanctuary attracts visitors. Initially, Bac Lieu bird sanctuary was the coastal rich and diversified salt forest floor with natural salt marsh ecosystem. Bac Lieu bird sanctuary is a home to more than 46 bird species, 60 fish species, 7 frog species, 10 mammal species, 8 reptile species and 100 plant species.

You can observe massive numbers of eggs on the ground. Currently, there are over 40000 birds and 5000 nests. Birds generally gather here in rainy season. After rainy season birds generally build nests and breed. The best time to visit the sanctuary is early morning when birds left their nests in search of food or sunset time when birds return their nests. Lush green flora and fauna give a wonderful feeling. The sanctuary is also famous among photographers.

6. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, India

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary is situated near Sanand village, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary consists of 120.82 square kilometers and it is the largest bird sanctuary in India. The bird sanctuary attracts more than 225 bird species such as rosy pelicans, flamingos, white storks, ducks and herons in winters. Thousands of waterfowl migrate to Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary after Indian monsoon season. Millions of birds visit Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary in winter and spring seasons.

It has a variety of plant, animals and few endangered mammalians such as wild ass and black buck. Shallow water area and ponds wading birds which feed in shallow water. Winter migrant birds include purple moorhen, pelicans, lesser and greater flamingos, white storks, four species of bitterns, cranes, grebes, ducks, herons etc. The best time to visit Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary is just before the sunrise when the lake is calm and quiet and birds waiting for their food. Visitors can also take the horse ride in the sanctuary.

5. Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Jurong Bird Park is one of the Asia’s largest bird heavens with over 5000 birds from 400 different species. This park is spread over 20 hectares. Major attractions are large walk-in aviaries, famous bird shows and feeding sessions with colorful birds. Additional facilities like delicious buffet lunch in musical environment along with avian-themed play area for children.

4. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, India

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated in Bharatpur a district of Rajasthan, India. It is also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park. This is a man made and man managed bird sanctuary which has one of the richest bird areas in the world. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is the major tourist attraction in Rajasthan. During the winters thousands of highly endangered and rare species come here. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is known as one of the most important breedings and feeding grounds for the birds all over the world. In 1985, UNESCO listed Bharatpur bird sanctuary as World Heritage Site.

More than 366 bird species get shelter here. During the rainy season it became the home of many bird colonies to feed and breed. Some species that can be seen at the sanctuary are storks, moorhens, herons, flamingo, pelicans, geese, ducks, egrets, cormorants, etc. Along with birds other wildlife such as nocturnal leopard, jungle cat, hyena, fox, python get shelter in the sanctuary.

3. Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, French

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary is located on the southeast bank of the Senegal River in Senegal, in northern Biffeche, north east of St-Louis. It provides shelter to wetland habitats which are very famous in migrated birds. Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary was added to the list of list of World Heritage in Danger. It has a wetland of 16000 hectares, comprising of a big lake surrounding by streams, ponds, and backwaters. Almost 1.5 million birds from 400 species of birds such as pelicans, flamingos, aquatic warblers etc. are visible in the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary also has a large population of crocodiles and manatees.

2. Weltvogelpark Walsrode, Walsrode, Germany

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World 2019

Weltvogelpark Walsrode located near Walsrode, in Luneburg Heath; North Germany and considered as the largest bird park in the world in terms of bird species and land. It has a range of birds which cannot be seen in other bird sanctuaries. Weltvogelpark provides shelter to 4400 birds of over 675 species from every continent and climate zone of the world. Visitors can meet birds and feed them in their natural habitat without any artificial barrier. Weltvogelpark participates in the European Endangered Species Programme and takes part in a breeding program for the Bernier’s teal and many other birds.

1. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia

Best Bird Sanctuaries In The World

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is located on the 150 acres Lake Gardens in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This park provides shelter to more than 3000 birds and 200 species in an enclosed aviary. It is a famous tourist destination in Malaysia, receiving around 200,000 visitors annually. In Kuala Lumpur Bird Park 90% birds are local and 10% are imported. Garden includes an artificial lake, national monument, Butterfly Park, deer park, orchid and hibiscus garden and former Malaysia Parliament House. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is one of the largest covered bird parks in the world with rich flora and fauna. The park is famous among the scientists who monitor bird nests for the study of behavioral patterns.

Birds are an important part of the biosphere and mean a lot to mankind. Birds symbolise liveliness, colorfulness, and freedom, thus reminding mankind same virtues. So it is our duty to safeguard their habitat by bringing more and more area under sanctuaries. All the above-explored bird sanctuaries are the safe heaven for birds. Bird sanctuaries are the best sights of birds migrating, feeding, nesting and much more.


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