Being a rock star is a dream for millions. After all who doesn’t want all the fame-success and lifestyle the rock stars enjoy. With all the fame and success there is another attractive aspect- the enormous amount of money that comes with a successful career of being a rock star.

We have taken a look at the fortune these some of very popular and equally wealthy rock stars of 2022 that have built over the years in their very successful careers.

10. Gene Simmons- Net Worth $300 million

Richest Rock Stars

Known for his painted face for stage persona The Demon, Gene Simmons is an Israeli-American musician, singer, song writer, entrepreneur, actor and TV personality.

In 1970s he co-founded Kiss, the rock band with rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley. He is the bass guitarist and co-lead singer of Kiss. The rock n roll legend has an estimated net worth of $300 million. He has once stated that he is like a great white shark when it comes to making money, and will never have enough of it. He said he will never stop making more money.

9. Dave Matthews-Net Worth $300 million

Richest Rock Stars 2019

Dave Mathews is a singer, song-writer and musician from Johannesburg, South Africa. He started as a bartender in a club that offered live performances where he got a chance to perform live with some bands onstage. Soon after, his own musical gigs led him to form his own band The Dave Matthew’s band which became a great success. Besides singing, the Rockstar also dabbles in song writing, producing and acting. Having earned millions as the front man, vocalist and guitarist for his band Dave Matthews’s estimated net worth is $300 million.

Statistically The Dave Matthew’s Band is counted world’s most successful musical act of the last ten years. Till date they have sold more than 50 million albums.

8. Keith Richards-Net Worth $340 million

Richest Rock Stars

The founding member of the band Rolling Stone, Keith Richards is an English guitarist, singer and song-writer. He was ranked fourth on the list of 100 best guitarists by The Rolling Stone Magazine. Keith Richards has made his huge fortune of $340 million with his band as the lead guitarist and also by acting as a song-writer. Part of his wealth also comes from endorsements like that of Louis Vuitton and Gibson.

7. Bruce Springsteen-Net Worth $350 million

Richest Rock Stars

Bruce Springsteen is a legendary singer and song-writer from New Jersey, America and widely known as The Boss. Turning 67 this year he is far from slowing down and has an estimated net worth of $350 million. The legendary singer has earned most of these millions from his tour with E Street Band generating immense revenues.

6. Ringo Starr-Net Worth $350 million

Richest Rock Stars

Born and raised in Liverpool Ringo Starr is a British musician. He joined the Beatles Band in 1962 as a drummer and replaced Pete Best. He was the writer and lead singer for several Beatles track including yellow submarine. With an estimated net worth of a whopping $350 million Ringo Starr is a seriously wealthy man. Not only that he is equally serious about the donations that he regularly makes for 8 large charity organizations supporting at least 30 different projects, from medical research on AIDS and Cancer-to the development of the third world.

His properties include a lovely apartment in Monte Carlo, several Las Angels properties and his large London Estate.

5. Mick Jagger-Net Worth $360 million

Richest Rock Stars

English musician Sir Michael Philip Jagger is best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band The Rolling Stone. Headed by Mick Jagger the Rolling Stones were seen as the darker arts of rock. He sang about drugs, sex and rock n roll and generated millions out of it. The golden Globe and Emmy award winner has acted in several movies and also produced. A career spanning more than 50 years has made his net worth of $360 million.

4. Elton John-Net Worth-$480 million

Richest Rock Stars

English rock singer, pianist, composer and song-writer Sir Elton Hercules John is the second richest singer in UK and probably the richest man ever to jam on a piano. In the career spanning four decades, more than 250 million records are sold making him one of the most successful artist of all time. The winner of an academy award, six Grammy awards, and a Golden Globe award among others he is a prolific song-writer and flamboyant performer.

His net worth is $480 million and not only is he rich he is equally generous. For long he is been making significant donations to charities that are focused on several humanitarian causes such as the arts and the medicine. In fact according to Sunday Times his £23.2 million of charity donations make him the ninth most generous person in Britain. Now that’s like really having a golden heart and a Midas touch together.

3. Jimmy Buffett-Net Worth $550 million

Richest Rock Stars

James Williams Buffett popularly known as Jimmy Buffett is an American musician, song-writer, author well known for the Island escapism lifestyle that is often portrayed in his music. He is best known for his super hit song Margaritavilla. The song painted perfect picture of a paradise inspiring a whole chain of restaurants across the world. He is constantly on tour but besides being a musician and best-selling writer he is also a savvy business man. His massive empires of restaurants, casinos, resorts and merchandise have made him the third richest singer in the world. With a reported worth of $550 million he leaves behind the likes of Mick Jagger or Elton John.

2. Bono-Net Worth $600 million

Richest Rock Stars 2019

An Irish singer–song writer, musician and business man Paul David Hewson is better known by his stage name Bono. He is the lead singer and song writer of the famous Irish rock band U2 and widely considered as one of the most influential frontman in music.

Combining his income from music and his investments in Facebook stocks his net worth is $600 million. Even though with his early investments with social media giant he was expecting to crack the billion dollar mark and become the first musician to do so, Bono still falls short to enter the billionaire club. However, his income from his business investment aside, he still did make plenty of money doing what he does best, touring with his famous band U2. He enjoys the luxury of two mansions, a $30 million worth private yacht and a private Airbus A310 among others. Bono is also known for being a visible philanthropist focusing on African poverty.

1. Paul McCartney-Net Worth $1.2 billion

Richest Rock Stars

Paul Is the only rock star breaking in to billionaire club. He was one of the prime members of The Beatles rock band that was formed in Liverpool in 1960. The Beatles are regarded the most influential and successful in the history of rock music. Paul McCartney earned millions through his epic association with The Beatles, however decades later he went on to fetch a whopping net worth of $1.2 billion.

A highly successful musician Paul McCartney remains the single most celebrated singer-songwriter in the history of music. His song Yesterday is the most cherished song of all time that has been remade by more than 2000 artists and bands and he continues to get royalties for the same.

Being a millionaire/billionaire doing what you love doing is a dream come true and quite possible at the same time. These super wealthy rock stars are a live example of that. The amount of passion and hard work they put in their work led them to achieve what they achieved. The world witnessed and celebrated their success. It is crucial to be one’s true self and give your 100% doing what you love doing, and as they say success and wealth will follow you automatically.


  1. Call Lennon’s sings Ditty now I can name two that weren’t his. Silly Love Songs! And Mary Had a Little Lamb, are what I term ditties and dipsy songs. Also wouldn’t call ‘How Do You Sleep’ a ditty. But each without the other we’re only a shadow of their former greatness. McCartney also had an additional 3.8 decades to prove he was the greatest, and hasn’t. Together they were the undisputed best, lasting 10 years as the Beatles.
    Also I noted below someone mentioned Michael Jackson. He would be the only dead one on the list. There were many, unfortunately who are no longer here who may have made the list. But they are not alive to enjoy it.

    • I would love if i could pay off my student loan. I have had some really bad luck and lost everything. Besides needing a car. I mostly would love to pay it off. I only owe 20 thousand. But for me its been hard trying to take care of it.

  2. Bob Dylan is worth under 200 million and Dave Mathews is worth 300 million so in conclusion Meande, Dylan did not make the list. No Mistake.

  3. I can’t even imagine having that much money. It’s so baffling. What could or would one do. These people are truly blessed. Long live roc n roll.

    • Silly Love Songs! And Mary Had a Little Lamb are what I call ditties and dipsy songs to name only two. Also wouldn’t call ‘How Do You Sleep’ a ditty.
      Also I noted below someone one mentioned Michael Jackson. He would be the only dead one on the list. There were many, unfortunately who are no longer here who may have made the list. But they are not alive to enjoy it.

  4. All these musicians would’ve done everything they’ve done all over again even if all they made was minimum wage. They’re performing artists first and foremost. They made memories that only a few could ever imagine. Gene Simmons on the other hand is just plain money hungry and is the only exception in my opinion.

    • Simmons actually wrote some pretty cool rock songs, Listen to “kiss alive” if you don’t agree..Gene Simmons is also known for introducing a few new bands to the scene as well. I think he was and still is a very hard worker…

        • Kiss could’ve still kept going with the hits had Gene been the one to leave in the early 80’s, and it was Ace Frehley instead who was with Paul Stanley up to this day. Take Stanley out, and leave Gene, Ace, and Peter Criss to keep KISS going? Not a chance. Same effect as if you were to take Angus Young out of AC/DC. How many bands has 5 great albums, their lead singer dies, and less than a year later puts out one of the Top-VeryFew? rock albums of all-time (Back in Black)?

  5. I believe there’s some mistakes here! Dave Matthews? Come on! Jimmy Buffett is quite wealthy based on his business ventures, but hardly a rocker! Bob Dylan has been releasing records for almost 60 years, all albums are million sellers within months, if not weeks of their release. He’s toured more than any other artist in history. Now add his songwriting royalties! And he didn’t make your list, but Dave Matthews did! Incredible!

    • Well before making assumptions, check the facts…. besides being a top albums and concerts salers for over 25 years, he has a winery that is producing 5500 cases a year and is involved in other wine projects with partners. He’s also acting in movies and TV shows…

    • Bob Dylan is worth under 200 million and Dave Mathews is worth 300 million so in conclusion Meande, Dylan did not make the list. No Mistake.

  6. Money isn’t the source of happiness, serenity and a joyful life. Sure, at first it’s just like any other high, but just like any other high, you come back to earth and are with yourself again. Peace, joy, happiness, serenity and a truly wonderful life is found from within. Just to backup my point, of all the thousands of musicians who’ve made it big, especially those who write true from their heart (like Bruce Springsteen) how many songs have you heard that are about how I finally made it, have all the money in the world, can buy anything I want and am thus just so happy I can’t stand it? I’ve yet to here it, instead the lyrics continue with like desires of rightous motivations and goals.
    Have a great day!

  7. I couldn’t help but notice that most , if not all listed tour regularly to this day. Retirement is the worse decision any person could make, unless you hate your work but then do something you love.

  8. Yeah but Jackson took how much with him? I wouldn’t mind being that rich but it sux all that hard earned money will most likely be spit away by the greedy kids.

    • What % of Jackson’s estate came from The Beatles ? A huge chunk came from them as they couldn’t afford to buy their own rights back in the day.

      • That is not correct. The Beatles were no longer even together when MJ purchased the catalog, let-alone having the inability to purchase the “catalog”. You should read up on the history of how Michael Jackson bought the rights to the catalog of some of the Beatles’ music. It’s quite interesting and demonstrates how a “friend” will knife you in the back, when it comes to business. Interestingly, MJ sold 50% of the catalog to Sony/ATV and Sony/ATV purchased the remaining 50% after MJ’s death. Even more interesting is that Sir Paul sued and settled with Sony/ATV under the Copyright Act, with regards to this Beatle Catalog of songs.


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