When it comes to milk production, lion part of total Indian milk production comes from primary dairies like Amul which has the capacity of more than 52 lakh liter per day and other dairies like Dudhsagar, Dynamix dairy etc.

As an Indian we know the importance of the milk with our every meal, it is essential to have enough milk production to overcome the requirements of consumers and there are top ten milk production dairies with other thousands of branches that produce not only milk but other milk related products too, to make sure Indian milk requirements. So let’s have glimpse of these top ten milk production companies 2022 that help India to fulfil every requirement related to milk.

10. Dudhsagar Dairy – The ocean of The Milk – Gujarat

Best Dairy Companies in India 2019

Second largest dairy from Gujarat which is following by various small but well-known dairies like Mahi, Anna purna etc.in Gujarat. It is the largest dairy of Gujarat after Amul which has the capacity of producing certain lakhs liters of milk per day. The dairy was established in 1963 and HQ is located in Mahesana as it is formerly known as Mehsana District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. They collect milk from 4,500,000 Individual milk producers every day through 1150 village milk producers and farmers making it Asia’s largest dairy. It is fourth largest milk production company of India if we ignore the other products and focus on the daily capacity. Though, other products of the company include buttermilk, Ghee, butter and 20 more products.

9. MILMA Dairy – Kerala

Best Dairy Companies in India

The Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF) or just KMF or MILMA is the second largest dairy company of Kerala which was established in 1980 and the HQ of the dairy is located in Thiruvananthapuram-695004. It has more then 8 lakhs individual farmers and other individua source of milk on daily basis according to the report of 2014. With the slogan ‘Keralam Kanikandunarunna Nanma’, MILMa has three tier structure.

8. AAVIN dairy – Tamil Nadu

Best Dairy Companies in India

Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk producers federation Ltd known as brand name AAVIN across the Tamil Nadu. The dairy was established in 1958 and the HQ is located at Chennai 600051- Tamil Nadu. The main products of the company involve Ghee, butter and 4 types of milk which include tone milk with 3% of fat, Doubled toned milk with 1.5% of fat, Full Cream Milk (6% fat) and Standardised Milk with 4.5% fat. The selling of AAVNI is limited to Tamil Nadu state.

7. Dynamix Dairy – Maharashtra

Best Dairy Companies in India

As the name suggest, the company produces the milk of various fat and the company is highly involved in research related to dairy products. Dynamix dairy is based on Maharashtra established in 1995 and the HQ of the company is located in Mumbai. The main products of the company includes Ghee, Cheese, Dairy Whitener, SMP / WMP, Flavored Milk, UHT pain milk, Infant(baby) food, butter, Lactose & Whey Products, Juices, Casein, Yogurt Drinks, Fruit Juices and Drinks, Whey Protein products, Ice cream etc. Name the product and you will have it from Dynamix dairy.

6. Karnataka Co-Operative Milk Federation (KMF) – Kerala

Best Dairy Companies in India 2019

Karnataka Co-Operative Milk Federation (KMF) is another dairy company from Kerala which produces the lion share of milk of Kerala. With their Research and development department, they have found the way to keep the milk pure and bacteria free for three and six months so you can keep the milk for long period of time. Moreover, the dairy also produces more than 50 milk products and the HQ of the KMF is located at Bangalore 29, Karnataka. It is also supported by individual milk resources and farmers as they collect the milk from them and Karnataka Co-Operative Milk Federation is the second largest milk production company in India after AMUL.

5. Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. (APDDCF) – Andhra Pradesh

Best Dairy Companies in India

Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd.has its HQ in Lalapet, Hyderabad 500017 and the compony was established in 1960. It is Andhra’s largest milk producing company with an unknown capacity of milk production per day. Though it sells the milk products like buttermilk, Paneer, Ghee and Dahi and the selling is limited to Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, that sells their items like Curd, Paneer, milk under the brand name Vijaya which is quite popular in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Kwality Limited – New Delhi

Best Dairy Companies in India

Most popular North Indian dairy, Kwality limited is established in 1982 and acquired by Dhingra family in 2002. Though the capacity of milk production of Kwality limited is unknown but it still supplies the quality milk across the Delhi and other nearby cities and villages. The Kwality limited federation offers Milk & Milk Products, Horticulture Products, Kandhamal Organic Products, Cattle Feed etc. The HQ of the company is located in New Delhi.

3. Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (OMFED) – Orissa

Best Dairy Companies in India

Orissa State Cooperative Milk producers federation is one of the largest milk production company based in Orissa which is made by the union of Individual milk producers and farmers. It is Orissa’s largest milk production company which is established in 1985. The main product of the company is toned milk, buttermilk, flavored milk, Dahi, Lassi, Ice cream, butter etc. The HQ of Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation located at Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The company managed to get the third rank on the list of top ten dairy companies in India due to its large production of milk per day though the selling of the products is limited to Orissa state.

2. Mother Dairy

Best Dairy Companies in India

Ranked 2nd in top ten dairy companies, the Mother dairy was established in 1974 by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and beside the producing milk, they also other products like ice creams, buttermilk, Dahi and other numerous milk based products. Mother Diary has the total of six plants across the India and the daily capacity of milk production is not known though it managed to score ranked second for its capacity of milk production. They are also known for their manufacturing of hygienic products such as edible oil, fruits, and vegetables, frozen vegetables etc.

1. Amul Dairy- Gujarat

Best Dairy Companies in India

Amul dairy is the largest dairy of India with the capacity of 52 lakh liter daily production of milk, which is based in the city of Anand in Gujarat. Moreover, beside the largest production of milk, it is also the largest producer of other milk products such as Amul cool, Amul Dahi, Amul buttermilk, Amul ice creams and other uncountable milk based products. Amul was founded in 1946 by Verghese Kurien (founder-chairman of the GCMMF) and the HQ of Amul is Anand, Gujarat.

Amul is an acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited which is not known by a lot. With that tremendous capacity of milk production, the Indian government has also provided then personal railway which transfers the milk from ‘Banas’ to Delhi. Moreover, Amul also supplies the milk to many other small dairies across the India and it is the only milk company that sells its products in all over India. Amul is Real ‘Ocean of the Milk’.

That was the list of top ten milk production companies of India. AMUL is the leading one which produces lion part of the Indian milk requirements. Though other dairies like Dynamix dairy and KMF are leading dairies when it comes to research and various toned milk. There are many other small dairies, the contribution of them can not be ignored and they all together in corporation with dairies listed above, fulfil the milk requirements of India along with many other milk products which will bring water in your mouth.



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