India stands at 2nd positional over the world after China in terms of population. Based on the recent analysis and estimate, the country will become largest country in entire world in population by 2022. It is the most frightening figure for the country to control population and if it failed to do so, it will be hard to offer basic amenities to people and result in state of failure.

The reason behind increasing population in the cities of India is that people are moving there from villages and small cities in search of food and jobs. There are scarcity of jobs in villages and small cities so to get a job they usually shift to cities and hence these cities become overcrowded. Knowing the statistics of top 10 most populated cities of India in 2022 is vital for development point of view and you can get this detail here:

10. Kanpur

Most Populated Cities In India 2019

As per the recent statistics, population of Kanpur has reached almost 2,823,249. If you have a look at the population of Kanpur from the period 2012-16, it has been perceived that there has been a significant rise of 0.7 Million in the last 5 years. The population of Kanpur in the year 2017 as per estimated data will be around 3.64 Million. The population density of this state is 1449 persons per square kilometre and growth rate is one of the highest in Uttar Pradesh, presently stands at a growth of 9%. Till date, there have been a great number of migrations of people to Kanpur and typically due to employment by staffs. The estimated population statistic registered as of 2017 in Kanpur is 2,823,249.

9. Surat

Most Populated Cities In India

It has been estimated that every year the population rises by 0.248 Million in Surat. The population density of this city is 1376 persons per square kilometre and Surat is estimated to be the most congested city of Gujarat state in the upcoming one decade. The city has perceived a population growth rate of approximately 60 and 80% amongst the latest three decades. Surat is ranked as the fourth quickest developing urban city all over the entire world, which also suggests its high populace. Population statistics of Surat registered as of 2017 is 2,894,504.

8. Pune

Most Populated Cities In India

Population growth in this city has climbed new heights as there are more people heading towards Pune for job purpose and to settle. If you take a look at its population from the year 2012-16, it has been observed that there has been an upsurge of 2.2 Million in the recent 5 years. The population density of this city is approximately 603 persons per square kilometer. The urban accumulation of Pune including Dehu and Khadki has made a huge population growth in the last 15 years. Based on recent estimates, the rate of population growth is 3.4% per year. Population statistics of Pune listed as of 2017 is 2,935,744.

7. Hyderabad

Most Populated Cities In India

The inhabitants of Hyderabad are commonly Urdu and Telugu speaking people, with minority Bengali, Marathi Gujarati, and different communities also present in this city. It has been observed that every year the population upturns by 0.66 Million in Hyderabad. The populace density is 18,480/km and it is one of the rapidest developing metropolitan provinces in India, which has encouraged many issues as far as livelihood and basic amenities are concerned. The estimated population statistic registered as of 2017 in Hyderabad is 3,597,816.

6. Ahmedabad

Most Populated Cities In India

This city of Gujarat is home to a considerable population of Vanias (i.e., dealers), having a linking with the Vaishnava unit of Hinduism and diverse kinds of Jainism. The major portion of the inhabitants of Ahmedabad is local Gujarati’s with very few south Indians. Over 8% of the population is Muslim, totalling more than 300,000 in the 2001 estimation. It has been noticed that that every year the increase in population is by 0.26 Million each year in Ahmedabad. The estimated population statistic recorded as of 2017 in Ahmedabad is 3,719,710.

5. Chennai

Most Populated Cities In India

Maximum of the population in Chennai city are Tamils and few other south Indians. Tamil is the vital dialect spoken in major part of Chennai. The population density of Chennai is 14,350 persons per square kilometer which suggests it can accommodate high population. Although this city continues with a relentless growth pattern, a large share of its people is categorized as slum people who live far below the poverty line in scarcity of basic amenities. It is expected to achieve 50 million individuals by 2025 for Chennai. Population statistics of Chennai listed as of 2017 is 4,328,063.

4. Kolkata

Most Populated Cities In India 2019

If you go through the population statistics of Kolkata from the period 2012-16, you will find that it has an increase of 0.51 Million in the last 5 years. The number of populaces in Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital and an educational centre point till 60 years before has contracted by rate of 1.9% over the last decade to 4.48 million people even as city population over the world is growing rapidly. The estimated population statistic registered as of 2017 in Kolkata is 4,631,392.

3. Bengaluru

Most Populated Cities In India

The population density of Bengaluru is 4,381 persons per square kilometer. This population density has enlarged 47% in last decade owing to the emergent job opportunities and development that are appealing persons from all over the country. The city of Karnataka has perceived a giant rise in its statistic of population-rise of 2.4 million over half a decade. Due to advancement in technology and development, it is presently becoming faster than at any other time, crossing the 10-million imprints in year 2014. The recorded statistic of Bengaluru in year 2017 is 5,104,047.

2. Delhi

Most Populated Cities In India

Securing the past data of capital Delhi from the period 2012-16, this capital has perceived an increase of 5 Million over half decade. The city is one of the fastest developing urban societies all over the world, reaching this high figure from only 400,000 in year 1901. By year 2022, Delhi is expected to be the third biggest metropolis after Mumbai and Tokyo. The reason of its increased population is because it is the capital of the country; it appeals more opportunities for job, politics, and livelihood from all parts of country. Population statistics of Delhi recorded as of 2017 is 10,927,986.

1. Mumbai

Most Populated Cities In India

Mumbai is regarded as one of the top metropolitan of India with increase of 2.5 million populations in last 5 years. The religious groups in Mumbai according to 2011 include Hindus (65.99%), Jains (4.85%), Muslims (20.65%), Christians (3.27%), Buddhists (4.10%), Sikhs (0.58%) and Parsis making up the remaining of the overall population. The population density of Mumbai is assessed to be approximately 20,482 persons per square kilometer. The city has encountered rapid growth over the past several years, which has encouraged an extended number of people living in slums and has elevated the development of its major slum, Dharavi. Other reason for its high population is most of the celebrities and personalities dwells here on permanent basis. Population statistics of Mumbai registered as of 2017 is 12,691,836.

Out of all these 10 cities which set record in population, Mumbai and Delhi have exceeded 10 million population figures. Whereas these mega cities owns millions of the population, the country even has smaller but yet populated cities, including 388 cities that have populations beyond 100,000, and a gigantic 2,483 cities with populations more than 10,000.



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