Ten Best BPO Companies In India To Kick Start To Your Excellent Career

India has myriad of job opportunities pertaining to BPO sector. A student, housewife any fresher can easily get a job in BPO. However, before jumping deep into BPO companies, let us understand what BPO stands for. BPO is abbrev for Business Process outsourcing. There are certain manufacturing or private companies, who outsource their source of operations and even management to the third party. This outsourcing helps in cutting down the cost.

BPO is more widely known as a Call center in India. Call Centre is majorly related to domestic ones while BPO includes international calling and service as well. Not much of educational qualification is required for a BPO job and a full-time BPO job can earn an average Rs 10,000 as fresher. You can choose your shift, have a small training and you are ready to start. But before making decision on have a look at Top 10 BPO Companies providing employment in India.

10. Hinduja Global Solutions LTD (Revenue – more than $200 million)

Hinduja Global Solutions LTD Top Famous BPO Companies in India 2017

Hinduja Global solutions are based at Bengaluru in South India. There are around 40,000 employees working in the company and has more than 50 centers in India itself. Outside India, there are nearly 12 countries where they provide service and their core business is outsourcing only. Most recently, the company has acquired small BPO companies and expanded its reigns.

9. EXL Services (Revenue – more than $500 Million)

Among the pioneer of BPO services in India, an EXL service is work home to more than 25,000 people. Known for analytical and operational management, EXL Services is based in New York but is founded by Indian residents. The company has more than 100 clients all around the world with major clients from the Insurance sector. They specialize in Outsourcing and transformation. There are more than 20 centers all over the world of the company.

8. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide (Revenue – more than $400 Million)

A very popular name in these fields, Aditya Birla boasts of around 25,000 employees in the firm. Minacs was an international firm, which Aditya Birla bought and transformed into a BPO service center. The company is providing BPO services from more than 35 years now. Here are more than 35 centers of the company all over the world. The main office is in Bangalore with offices in several cities in India. The firm has achieved various awards and recognition in their name.

7. Infosys BPO (Revenue – More than $400 Million)

A subsidiary company of Tech Company Infosys, Infosys BPO was established in the year 2002 based in Bengaluru. Like a Wipro BPO and TCS BPO has gained the momentum in the market, the same way Infosys BPO have earned a great momentum in this sector as well. Infosys BPO main services include end-to-end outsourcing of operations of Finance, legal process, Digital process and even Human resources. There are more than 1, 50,000 workers in the BPO company.

6. First Source Solutions LTD (Revenue – more than $150 million)

Customer Centric BPO solutions are provided by First Source Solutions having more than 50 BPO centers in the country. Based at Mumbai, the company has around 33,000 employees working in the sector. Not only in India, the company have its operations and s services abroad in U.S, U.K and Sri Lanka. Their client base includes sectors from financial services, telecommunications, media, and banking.

5. Wipro BPO (Revenue – more than $ 400 Million)

Wipro BPO Top Most Popular BPO Companies in India 2018

Pioneer in the BPO services, Wipro BPO was established back in the year 2002. It aims at providing quality service to its clients. It is a 24/7 BPO service serving in more than 11 countries having 20 centers at different cities in the country. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore with over 1, 70,000 employees. They specialize their services in the Educational field, Finance and accounts and much more. The company always strives to imbibe technology with their services. The reason being Wipro is an IT based company and if it can use its Core service in another service as well, then it would be of great use to the companies. Also, Technology helps in reducing cost and time. Although the whole company’s revenue is said to be above $6.88 billion, the BPO services contribute to around $400 Million in revenue.

4. Aegis LTD (Revenue – more than $1 Billion)

A well-known BPO service provider, Aegis has its 35 service centers in all over India while presence in more than 30 countries worldwide. The company is based in Mumbai and have a wide range of operation from Bangalore. There are more than 55,000 employees working with Aegis. Known for its high-end quality services to Finance, healthcare, retail and various other industries. Aegis does not emphasize on either Domestic or international but focuses on both and deliver best in the industry.

3. WNS Global Services LTD (Revenue – More than $450 million)

Among the most flourishing BPO in India is WNS Global Solutions. Offering media, Banking, finance, shipping, leisure and many more services, the clientele base of the company boasts of more than 200 clients. The company has more than 30,000 employees in its firm worldwide. Headquartered in Mumbai, WNS Global have an international presence and in the country with over 30 centers in various cities.

2. TCS BPO (revenue- more than $1 Billion)

Tata Consultancy service is a big name in India and abroad having a great client base and top-notch service to boast about. Although the number of employees working in TCS is more, there are around 45,000 workers working in BPO sector. Also, the total revenue of the company is more than $11 Billion out of which around $1 billion comes from BPO services. The office is headquartered at Mumbai providing services in healthcare, Finance, digital, supply chain management and much more.

1. Genpact India Pvt Limited (revenue- more than $600 Million)

Genpact India Pvt Limited Top Most Famous BPO Companies in India 2018

Among the first BPO service providers in India, Genpact dates back to the year 1997. It has been almost 20 years that Genpact is providing exuberance services all over the world. The BPO Company focuses more on Technology Outsourcing along with operational and management outsourcing. There are more than 70,000 employees working to give their best to the company having corporate branches in 25 other countries and service centers in Indian cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai and much more.

BPOs are a great source if income for the companies as well as employees. BPO help in having more business connections while also providing flexibility in work. The main benefit of BPO is the cost factor. Companies by providing the work to third party companies which are not as costly as work carried out by the company itself. The work is also completed on time by the third party companies thus increasing the production of manufacturing companies resulting into the upscale economy of the country. The BPO calling services have flexible timings from early morning to late night shifts. You can choose upon at whatever time is suitable and can even work part time along with your full-time job to earn extra.


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