In recent times clothing trends change day by day, every day there are new styles, new colours, new products launched by companies in the market. Gone are the days when clothing was considered to be a necessity to survive, nowadays clothing is seen as a style statement, status symbol etc.

Jeans is one and only kind of clothing that has been never out of fashion irrespective of the changing trends, it was liked by everyone and is still continues to be one of the favourites. Everyone likes to wear jeans, be it anyone of any age group. The evolution of some brands with time has led them to the top in this rat race of tapping the maximum customer base and now they lead the market.

The following are some of these best brands of jeans in world 2022 who has made wise and timely decisions to keep up with the forever changing consumer taste and preferences and has made a special place in the hearts of their clients.

10. Calvin Klein

Best jeans brands 2019

The company is a subsidiary part of the famous PVH Corporation. Their denim designs is one of the most innovative and stylish ones which are loved by all the public irrespective of the age. Calvin Klein is the master of the modern style and designing as per demand is what has led the company to gain popularity among the masses. There is every colour option in the denim to make sure you get a perfect match for your pair.

The starting price for ck jeans is Rs. 3600 (USD $55) and it can be purchased either online from their official website ( or through company outlets.

9. Pepe Jeans

Best jeans brands

The company was found in 1973 in Spain but has now shifted to London. They manufacture one of the most stylish yet comfortable jeans with no sacrifice on the quality whatsoever. Affordable pricing for great product is what makes them loved among the masses. Other than jeans the company is also involved in denim shirts and footwear.

Their jeans has a starting price of Rs. 2000 (USD $30) which is quite affordable.

8. Killer Jeans

Best jeans brands

Killer was found in 1989 in Mumbai, India and has operated 28 years since then. Killer also owns other brand like Lawman Pg3 and Integrity. All the companies are manufacturing clothing like jeans, shirts etc. Killer has been able to create a special place in the public by manufacturing super comfortable quality jeans with affordable prices. It has evolved as one of the most loved jeans brand in the country.

The starting price for killer jeans is Rs. 1200 (USD $20).

7. Diesel Jeans

Best jeans brands

Diesel is currently one of the most loved jeans company. It has been manufacturing tough looking solid jeans while keeping it super comfortable and durable. Their brand mark at the back of their product is what can be seen almost everywhere now. The company has put in a lot of handwork and improvised its stitching methods to reach where it is today.

Their jeans has a starting price of USD $152 and can be bought online as well as offline.

6. Wrangler Jeans

Best jeans brands 2019

Found in 1947 in United States of America Wrangler has already been able to create an impression on the public. The company has gained an edge over its competitors by manufacture of non – bulky jeans and clothing which is loved by the public. Plus their classic ‘W’ initial on the back pocket of the jeans has turned out to be a class symbol.

Their jeans start form USD $18.97. They can be found both offline as well as online.

5. Lee

Best jeans brands

Lee is another subsidiary of the famous VC Corporation which also owns Wrangler. The first jeans manufactured by Lee was in 1889 and since there has been a lot of changes. Now the cloth feels a lot softer and gives a luxurious feel at affordable prices. The company has found the recipe to manufacture the most stylish and trendy jeans while maintaining the same class. Lee also manufactures comfortable work wear.

Lee Jeans has a starting price of USD $25. Special stores have been created to sell exclusive Lee jeans.

4. True Religion

Best jeans brands

True religion has gained a lot of popularity in a very short amount of time because of their super stylish, durable and affordable jeans. The jeans is handcrafted in The United States and is sold at company owned outlets only throughout the globe. They manufacture a very stylish rich looking jeans from the nest cloth with comfortable fit. The major market for the jeans is the youngsters. Slim fit, straight etc. are the options to choose form.

Their jeans start from Rs. 8700 (USD $130).

3. Guess

Best jeans brands

The brand initially started as a watch, perfume and jewelry manufacturer and retailer but soon entered the clothing and accessories market as well. It is well known for its quality luxury jeans for men and women along with wallets, hand bags and many other things. Guess is one of the most expensive brand which targets the men’s clothing sector.

The starting price is euro 90.

2. Levi’s Strauss

Best jeans brands

Levi’s was initially founded in 1853. Due to tough times it was difficult for the company to expand to larger masses, hence till 1940’s they had limited domestic sales. In 1950’s after the World War II their jeans started gaining popularity and till the end of the decade (1970 – 1980) they had 50 plants and served in 35 different countries. Levi’s has a large number of jeans to choose from ranging from normal to slim fit to shrink fit 501’s and many more.

USD $59.50 is the company’s starting price of their classical 501’s. The company has special dedicated websites to serve the respective part of the world like, etc. Moreover there are more than 2800 company outlets throughout the globe.

1. Gucci

Best jeans brands 2019

Gucci has been leading the market since the beginning and has been setting new trends for the remaining companies to follow. It was established in 1921 as an Italian luxury company retailing fashion as well as leather products. It has been around for more than 95 years and has managed to secure a special place in their customer’s heart by their no sacrifice policy on the quality of their goods. There are more than 50 designs to choose from in jeans sector itself. The company also sells over clothing pieces like shirts, belts etc. Gucci clothing is considered to be a status symbol.

The starting price for the jeans is USD $36 and goes up to quite high. Gucci clothing can be found both offline as well as online (

Jeans has always been an inevitable part of our lives and is worn by a majority of people. The above mentioned companies has changed a lot in the past years to cope up with the changing trends and tastes of the consumers and revising the prices again and again due to high competition. We as consumers had received a lot of new options and variety of clothing to choose from. Best in class quality and rates are guaranteed by them.


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