I think, golf is the only game you can play for a whole life-span and earn millions every year. It’s lifelong passion that can be continued until you’re no longer able to walk. Well, to make it happen you need to be good enough at golf. Simply going to the golf course and striking the ball is not going to help you become a millionaire.

Golf might seem a simple game but it takes years or probably decades to be a complete master of it. Even after being an ancient game, originated in 1457 in Scotland, today golf is regarded as one of the highest paid games and has its own importance in the modern sport world. Here we have enlisted such 12 golfers who have been ruling the world with their outstanding games as well as their total net worth in 2022.

12. Jim Furyk: $50-60 million

Richest golfers 2019

James Michael Furyk, an American golfer holds 12th ranks in the list of top 12 richest golfers right now. ‘The PGA Tour player of the year’ and ‘FedEx cup champion’ Jim mainly plays on PGA Tour. Having won 17 PGA Tour titles and some other titles, he steadily fixed his rank under top 10 in official world golf ranking for more than 15 years from 1999-2015. The 46 years old Jim is nicknamed ‘Mr. 58’. The winner of U.S. Open has represented US in Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, and World Cup. 2003 was economically the best year for Jim, in which he made over $5 million.

11. Sergio Garcia: $70 million

Richest golfers

The next name in this list is Sergio Garcia form Spain. The 37 years old Spaniard has remained in top 10 of official golf ranking for most of his career. Participating in both PGA Tour and European Tour, Sergio has won almost 30 international tournaments. According to ESPN, Sergio has made more than $43 million from golf winnings over his entire career so far. He is also doing the lucrative endorsements for world’s top companies like Adidas which certainly adds a boost to his total net worth. This year he won his first major championship ‘Masters Tournament’, which is regarded as one of the most important tournaments in his career. In 2013, he put himself in a controversy making a racist joke about golf legend Tiger Woods.

10. Vijay Singh: $75 million

Richest golfers

So you thought he is Indian? I thought the same when I read the name. But no, he is not Indian rather a Fijian. Being a son of a golfer, Vijay truly achieved the milestone in golfing. Also called as ‘The Big Fijian’, Vijay has won almost 60 international tournaments including 3 major championships taking part in PGA Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour and some other tours. The former no.1 golfer also holds the prestige of inducting into World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006. The 54-year-old Vijay made $67 million only on golf course as he was the leading PGA Tour money maker in 2003, 2004 and 2008.

9. Rory McIlroy: $80 million

Richest golfers

Here comes the youngest name in this list. He is just 27 years old and standing proudly beside some legendary players in terms of achievements, class of the game and earning of course. In such a young age he has accomplished as much that most of players can’t achieve even in their entire career. Playing on PGA tour, Asian Tour, European Tour, PGA Tour of Australasia and some others, Rory has won almost 22 international tournaments including 4 major championships.

Because of his massive performance, this Irish man has been ranked no.1 golfer for 95 weeks and also became a brand name for endorsement companies. In 2013, ‘Sprotpro’ rated him the third most marketable athlete in the world. You might find it interesting to know that the golf veteran getting hitched in this month only, on 22nd with his long-time beau Erica Stoll.

8. Ernie Els: $85 million

Richest golfers

The 47 years old this South-African golfer mainly plays on PGA Tour and European Tour. The former no. 1 golfer, Ernie, has won 71 professional titles including 4 major championships. Because of his tall physical stature, he has been given the nickname ‘The Big Easy’ by his fans. When it comes to his net worth, it is no surprise that he touches the six figures because he runs a wine-making business too. When he is off golf-course, he is busy with his golf course design business, wine-making business and a golf charitable foundation which encourages youngsters.

7. Fred Couples: $120 million

Richest golfers

Another American golfer in this list, who has gained 64 professional wins, taking part mainly on PGA Tour and European Tour. Also nicknamed as ‘Boom Boom’, Fred bagged one major championship title, probably the most famous tournament in the sport, ‘The Masters Tournament’. The 57 years old, former no.1 golf wizard is also honored in ‘World Golf Hall of Fame’ in 2013. Fred made most of his money through golf course only. Like other golfers, he also involves himself in the golf course design business.

6. Gary Player: $250 million

Richest golfers

Next comes the name of the oldest and the most respected player in the golf world. This 81 years old South-African man has won 165 international tournaments including 9 major championships and 73 Sunshine Tours. His achievements enrolled his name into the ‘World Golf Hall of Fame’ in 1974. Majorly playing on Sunshine Tour and PGA Tour Gary is ranked third in total professional wins. His fans lovingly call him The Black Knight, Mr. Fitness and International Ambassador of Golf. Besides being a golfer he is also a businessman and writer. He has designed more than 325 golf course projects and also written 36 golf books.

5. Greg Norman: $300 million

Richest golfers

Here comes an Australian name in this list. The 62 years old, Greg primarily takes part in PGA Tour, European Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia. The former no. 1 player for almost one decade, Greg has won 91 international titles including two major championships. Nicknamed as ‘The Great White Shark’, Greg proudly made his place in World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001. Besides being a great golfer, he is a thriving entrepreneur too. This is why he secured 5th position in this list. Currently, he is the CEO of ‘Great White Shark Enterprises’, a global company in the field of apparel, interior design, real estate, wine industry and golf course design.

4. Jack Nicklaus: $320 million

Richest golfers

Another American golf wizard, who holds the record of winning 18 major championships. No wonder, why he is considered to be one of the greatest golfer ever. Jack, the 77 years old retired golfer bagged 120 professional wins mainly taking part in PGA Tour. You must be wondering, how even after being a retired player, the golfing great secured 4th position in this list? Well, off golf course, Jack profusely involves himself in golf course design business, book writing and charity work. The proud founder of renowned golf tournament ‘The memorial Tournament’, Jack runs the world’s largest golf course design company under his umbrella. His book ‘Golf My way’ is also considered as one of the best golf books of all time.

3. Phil Mickelson: $375 million

Richest golfers

One more golf veteran from America. Phil, the 46 years old golfer is often nicknamed ‘Lefty’ as he is left-handed. Majorly playing on PGA tour, the former no.1 golfer added 51 professional wins under his cap including 5 major championships. Phil has earned around $65 million from tournament prizes over his career. Apart from being a golf sensation, he is also a lucky charm for many endorsement companies like KPMG, Exxon Mobil, Titleist, Ford, Enbrel, Callaway, Rolex, and Barclays, which proudly make him stand in 3rd rank in this list.

2. Arnold Palmer: $700 million

Richest golfers

Americans are ruling the top 4 positions of this list. This legend certainly died in 2016 but his name will be alive forever in the history. In his entire career of almost 6 decades, he won 95 international tournaments including 62 GPA Tour and 9 major championships. Aside from golfing, Palmer earned a great amount of money from endorsement and entrepreneurship. He made massive around $1.3 billion from endorsement and entrepreneurial ventures. His untouchable accomplishments have given him the tag of ‘The King’ and ‘The Greatest Sports Personality’.

1. Tiger Woods: $850 million

Richest golfers 2019

Here comes the biggest name in this list, without whom probably the golf would have been incomplete. From the all alone reigning position on a golf course to the controversy’s favourite man, this American legend nailed it all. Primarily playing on PGA Tour & European Tour, this 41 years old golf magician has gained 106 professional wins including 14 major championships and 79 PGA Tour. Needless to say, Tiger Woods is the favorite name when it comes to endorsement. He is such an icon that he doesn’t need endorsements rather endorsement companies need him. Currently, Tiger Woods has a net worth of $850 million according to The Wealth Record.

These are the top 12 richest golfers in the worlds in 2022. Almost each of them has already created a history with their performance and continues to do so. In fact, they have given a different approach to the game. Nowadays despite the fact that golf is often played by rich people, it has become quite a popular game in the world.


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