10 Most Amazing Artificial Man Made Islands in The World: Each of them is a marvel worth visiting at least once in your life

The man is an inventive creature. He likes to experiment with everything in life. He has excavated tunnels under the sea for the trains and cars to travel from one country to another. He has built amazing bridges on the seas as well as between mountains.

He has constructed some of the tallest building structures in the world. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise if he builds artificial islands for a variety of purposes. The purposes could range from exploration of oil to building office complexes. He has constructed residential buildings as well as amusement parks on these artificial islands. One island is in complete ruins now whereas no one resides in another as well. This is truly a complete mix of man made artificial islands. Spread all around the globe, this is ample proof that man has the ability to create a bit of magic as well.

The following is the list of Top 10 amazing man made islands in the world in 2017-2018

10. The THUMS Island: California

The THUMS Island California Top Famous Amazing Man Made Islands in The World 2018

At No. 10 we have the THUMS Island, just off the San Pedro Bay area in California. These group of four islands will be one of the most important places in the very near future. This is because it comprises entirely of oil rigs to dig into the East Wilmington Oil fields. They have constructed huge concrete structures not only to conceal the oil rigs but also to lend an aesthetic appeal to the landscape. In some years, the oil from the Middle East will vanish. Then, this area will become the top oil producing areas in the world. Also known as Astronaut Islands, they do not allow the public to swim to the islands from the mainland. The trespassers are subject to penal action.

09. Amwaj Artificial Islands: Bahrain

These group of islands are a technological marvel because of the innovative technology used for the construction of the same. One of the main methods was the use of geotubes to help in the reclamation process. At No. 9 we have the Amwaj Artificial Islands in Bahrain. These islands have all the modern facilities such as supermarkets, theme parks, penthouses, private beaches, a floating city, as well as a smart city. This group of nine islands belongs to the Muharraq Governorate. These islands connect to the Muharraq Island by two causeways. It is open for people wishing to reside. However, one cannot imagine the cost of real estate in these islands. It can surely touch the sky.

08. Peberholm: Between Denmark and Sweden

At No 8, we have Peberholm, an artificial man made island built to facilitate the crossover point between the tunnel and the Oresund Bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden. The major highlight of this island is that there are no human settlements. In fact, the authorities do not allow any human other the biologists on an annual visit to do research on the preservation of ecology. The construction of the tunnel became necessary to allow the free passage of ships in the area. The material used for constructing this island came from the debris of the tunnel. This is a shallow area and hence, they head to dig deep thereby resulting in the excavation of large quantities of sand. The used the sand to build this artificial island to encompass an area of more than 4 sq km.

07. Ile Aux Cygnes: Paris

At No 7, we have an uninhabited island right in the middle of the Seine River flowing through Paris. Named Ile Aux Cygnes is about 850 m long and has a width of 11 m at its widest portion. Three bridges crisscross the island comprising of a promenade and cycling areas. You have the replica of the Statue of Liberty as well. You can see the Eiffel Tower in the background. This is one of the most picturesque man made islands in the world.

06. Kamfers Dam Islands: Kimberley

Man is truly a benevolent creature. You must have heard man building islands and constructing buildings for his residence. Have you ever heard of the same man creating an island out of nowhere to serve as a breeding ground for flamingoes? At No 6 on this list, we have one such island in the midst of the reservoir of the Kamfers Dam in Kimberly, SA. This S-shaped island is a privately owned island built exclusively for the breeding of flamingos. One can see more than 50000 flamingoes at a time on this island. It makes for a beautiful aerial sight. You can see a pink colored S-shaped structure in the midst of water.

05. The Spiral Islands: Mexico

The Spiral Islands Mexico Top Popular Amazing Man Made Islands in The World 2018

At No 5, we have an island created exclusively from waste material such as plastic water bottles. This floating island built by British artist Richart ‘Reishee’ Sowa finds a place in Ripley’s Believe It or Not TV series. Using nets, plastic bottles, plywood, and bamboo, he built this island using the sand from the beach close by. He planted mangroves to keep the island together. This island had a two-story house, a self-composting toilet, and a solar oven. Unfortunately, the hurricane Emily destroyed the island in 2005. Hence, Sowa built a replacement known as Joyxee Island near Cancun. Also known as the Island of Women, this is a replica of the original Spiral Islands.

04. The World Islands: Dubai

Money can make the man do strange things. There is no shortage of money in the Middle East. Therefore, one can see construction activities of a bizarre kind in these areas. You have the world tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. At No 4 on this list we have a cluster of around 300 artificial islands resembling each country in the world. When viewed from a height, it looks like a replica of the globe. Conceived by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the project is incomplete. The construction of all the islands is pending.

03. The Palm Islands: Dubai

At No 3 on this list is the Palm Islands. Comprising of three islands, Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali, this island (Palm Jumeirah) takes the form of a palm tree. On completion, the Palm Jebel Ali will also have a similar shape. In between these two islands, you have the World Islands as well. Once the construction activities are over, they will comprise of residential buildings, water parks, and all sorts of entertainment facilities. Dubai is a major tourist spot even now. On completion, these islands will attract innumerable tourists all round the year.

02. Tokyo’s Disneyland: Tokyo

At No 2 we have the replica of the Disney World in Tokyo. Known as Tokyo Disneyland, this is the first Disney Park constructed outside the US. Constructed along the same lines as the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom by Walt Disney Engineering, the park has seven themed areas. The Cinderella Castle is one of the highlights of the park. As far as customer patronage is concerned, this part is second only to the original magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. The island has five hotels and four airports inside it as well.

01. The Pearl: Qatar

The Pearl Qatar Top 10 Amazing Man Made Islands in The World 2017

Built around 350 m offshore of Doha’s West Bay Lagoon, the Pearl Qatar is a huge artificial island having an area of four million square meters. Qatar does not allow foreign nationals to buy real estate inside the country. However, it has made an exception for the Pearl. Foreign nationals can buy land here. As on 2015-16, there were about 12000 residents in the Pearl. Once complete, the island can accommodate over 45000 residents. This picturesque man-made island ranks at No 1 on the list for its sheer grandeur and amenities available to its residents. In short, one can call this a Paradise on Earth.

You have just seen about ten major man made islands in the world. Each of them is a marvel as far as construction is concerned. It takes a lot of money and effort to reclaim land from the sea and construct these magnificent islands. No wonder, you have three of the top four islands in the Middle East countries. Man has surely stretched the limits of his creativity. Only God can tell where it will lead to in the future.


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