10 Best Seller & Famous Lipstick Brands in The World

Lipsticks are a part and parcel of every girl’s life. Turns out that it is not only a product that enhances your beauty but also keeps the lips hydrated and sun protected. Moreover it is medically proved that lipstick also protects you from a possibility of skin cancer that is caused by the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

There has been a drastic change in the form, texture, style and the colour of lipsticks that are currently available compared to the previous times and hence open up a large array of variety for females to choose from. Inclusion of stuff like aloe-vera and Vitamins in the lipstick has even improved their quality. With the entrance of other brands in the market, the existing companies has even better prices.

Below is a list of top ten lipstick brands suitable for every type of budget and style.

10. Guerlain: –

Guerlain Top Popular Lipstick Brands in The World 2018

Guerlain is a 188 years old French brand selling cosmetics, makeup and perfumes established in 1828. The company is a major market player in perfumes and has a significant market share as it has come to predict the customer taste pattern over its long operational life. The company is expanding to the cosmetics market and has included a variety of new options under their banner. Their product catalogue includes lipsticks, eye liners, mascara and many more. Quality is one thing to be assured of when buying Guerlain products.

Guerlain’s lipstick starts from rs. 3300 (USD $50) and goes up to USD $62,000 for the kiss kiss gold and diamond lipstick (it has a gold case with diamond studded rim and top).

9. Bobbi Brown: –

The company is named after and owned by the famous American make – up artist Bobbi brown. There are lipstick, foundation, moisturizer and much more to explore in their catalogue. There is a lipstick for every budget size available both in India as well as abroad through their websites and autjorised retailers. There are a number of shades ranging from basic shades to matte. Rs. 2250 (USD $34) is the starting price for a basic shade lipstick and goes up to quite high.

8. Sonia Kashuk: –

Sonia Kashuk’s quality make – up products are available throughout the globe. Moreover her make up products are sold by retailers on many different websites in India as well. Her lipsticks has a starting price of Rs. 3200 (USD $49) and above. You can choose from a mixture of make – up goods like lipsticks, mascara etc. that the company offers through both online and offline modes.

7. DIOR: –

DIOR is a retail company selling luxury goods. It was established in 1946 in Paris, France. The company has entered both fashion as well as make – up products market. Wallets, handbags, lipsticks, foundation are a few products from their never ending product catalogue. You can choose from an array of lipsticks shades. The brand has worked upon shades according to the Indian market and consumer choice and has come up with some amazing products to flatter their clients. It serves the global area and is accessible from their online website.

The starting price for lipstick is rs. 2300 (USD $35).

6. NARS: –

NARS cosmetics is a French cosmetic subsidiary company founded in 1994 and has over 22 years of experience in this industry. The company was started by Francois Nars who is a make – up artist as well as photographer. He started the cosmetic side of the company when he was able to sell 12 lipsticks on the Barneys New York. NARS was launched under a big banner name of Shiseido which is the fifth largest Japanese cosmetic company. You can find their products on their official website narscosmetics.com as well as on Amazon India and strawberryNET.com.

They have a price range starting from Rs.1700 (USD $26) and goes up to Rs.8000 (USD $123).

5. Lancôme: –

Lancôme Top Famous Lipstick Brands in The World 2018

Lancôme is a luxury subsidiary company of the world famous L’Oréal Paris. Established in France the company sells an array of products including perfumes, cosmetics as well as make – up. The prices are a little towards the high end but quality is not compromised at all.

Rs. 1800 (USD $27) is the starting price. The company’s online presence in India can be found on strawberryNET.com, flipkart as well as on Carethy.in. Internationally it is present on Amazon and has its own official website by the name lancome-usa, lancome.co.uk etc which can be used to buy its quality products.

4. Makeup Forever: –

Makeup forever is a French cosmetic company owned by famous Louis Vuitton. There are a bunch of shades of lipsticks, mascara, nail polish etc. to choose from ranging from wet, shiny to matte finish.

They have a range starting from USD $20 and can be found on their international website makeupforever.com. In India the company products can only be found of EBay.

3. Estee Lauder: –

Estee Lauder is a major player in the industry of cosmetic products. It been operating since 1946 and has gained a major market share as well as a massive customer base through the retail of their high quality goods like lipsticks, mascara, foundation etc.

The company’s products has a starting price of Rs.3700 (USD $56) and owns two websites, one for the Indian market (esteelauder.in) and the other for the rest of the world (esteelauder.com). Quality is assured.

2. Chanel: –

Chanel is one of the most loved luxury fashion and cosmetics products company. Established in France in 1909 the company initially started out as a fashion products retailing company but soon entered the cosmetic and make – up sector as well. Its products are seen as a status symbol by many.

The company hosts a collection of cosmetic products from lipsticks, eye liner and much more. The base price for lipstick is rs. 1900 (USD $28) and has online presence on Amazon, Flipkart, EBay etc. There are various stores and retailers which sell its products. In the international market the company’s products can be found on their official website.

1. MAC: –

MAC Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands in The World 2017

Ranked at no.1, MAC has some extraordinary products which suit every skin type with zero side effects. There are over one hundred shades of lipsticks to choose from and are available for every skin tone. So far MAC make – up products has the highest customer rating in India as well as abroad. There are over 100 stores that can be found selling genuine MAC cosmetics including its stores at airports of various countries.

MAC lipsticks have a starting price of Rs. 2400 (USD $40) and goes up to a few thousands. MAC is also included in the list of most expensive lipsticks in the world. You can buy these products through online websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. in India as well as through stores.

The above mentioned brands have an array of products and choices to choose from which will definitely confuse many. Specially developed product line, colours and websites for the Indian market shows the magnitude of fashion as well as colour lovers in the country.


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