India is the country of spices, which is known for its diverse human population and their taste in food. India is like a plate which includes thousands of dishes. And a common ingredient in all dishes is Edible oil, which is consumed by every house hold in the country.

Be it South India or North Indian, oil is a necessary requirement to prepare any vegetable or dish. And as we are transforming into a health conscious country, these brands are also coming up with healthier and less calorific alternatives.

These include the ones which are low in fat and cholesterol, and protect from heart diseases. Oil is a necessity, which can’t be completely eliminated, especially from our Indian pallets. Here are the 10 best edible oil companies in 2022 have been ranked based on their popularity in India.

10. Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited (GAEL)

Best edible oil companies in India 2019

The company first made its entry in the market in 1983, as a textile business corporation. They established their first refinery of edible oil in 1986 in Ahmadabad, which now also serves as their main branch. The company produces and distributes its edible oil, with the brand name Ambuja. Some of its popular oils include cotton seed oil, soybean oil and palm oil. Its Refined Soybean Oil promises to offer 60% of PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids), which promotes strong health and helps in maintaining the cholesterol level in your body.

9. Rasoya Protein Limited

Best edible oil companies in India

Rasoya was established in 1992 in Maharashtra. The company sells its edible oil variants with the brand name Sunsafe and Rasoya. The company is immensely popular in rural area, which can be seen as a plus point, considering more than 40% population of India still resides in rural areas. This increases its overall sales, as the scope of competition decreases, if we consider the choices available in a rural area. Rasoya produces soyabean as well as sunflower oil, which is sold throughout the country, thanks to its strong distribution network.

8. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited

Best edible oil companies in India

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited was established in India in 1986. The company’s popular edible oil brands includes names like; Mahakosh, Nutrela, Sunrich and Ruchi Gold. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited’s headquarter is set up in Indore. The company has over 20 manufacturing plants in the country, which are growing swiftly. The company made revenue of over Rs 24,000 crore in 2014-15 alone.

7. Cargill

Best edible oil companies in India

Cargill is a US based food manufacturing company which was incorporated in 1865, in America. Cargill stepped in Indian market in 1987 and has since been selling some of its popular brands, which are loved by many home makers in the country. The brand offers several edible oil variants, which are sold under the name Gemini, Sunflower Vanaspati, Leonardo, Rath, Sweekar and NatureFresh.

NatureFresh comes with heart active extracts that helps in keeping your heart healthy and sound, free from extra cholesterol and fat. It comes with vitamin A, E and D, which are important for growth and cognitive development.

6. Bunge Limited

Best edible oil companies in India

Bunge is the sixth most sold edible oil brand in the country. It is also one of the oldest brands, which was founded in 1818. The company uses Dalda, as its brand name to sell edible oils. Dalda is popular for selling multiple different oils including soybean oil, vanaspati, sunflower oil, mustard oil etc. Some of Dalda’s most sold variants include Kacchi Ghani, Pure Mustard Oil and Refined Soybean oil. Dalda is one of the most trusted famous products of the country.

5. Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd.

Best edible oil companies in India

The company was established in 1993, and has been selling different kinds of edible oils, under its sub brand Vimal, which is categorized as the oil branch of the brand. Some of the varieties that the brand offers include mustard oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, soybean oil etc. The company has built a strong distributing network, which includes more than 1500 distributors in India. Some of Vimal oil’s variants comprise of filtered groundnut oil, refined soybean oil and refined sunflower oil.

4. Mother Dairy

Best edible oil companies in India 2019

Mother Dairy is one of the most popular dairy firms of India. Dhara is the brand name under which Mother Dairy sells its edible oils. Dhara uses a low absorb technology, which minimizes the oil absorption in your food, turning it healthier and more consumable. It also contains vitamins, oryzanol and other ingredients which help keep you healthy and strong. Some of Dhara oil’s other variants include mustard oil, soyabean oil and groundnut oil.

3. Agro Tech Foods Limited

Best edible oil companies in India

The company was established in 1986. They are known to sell edible oil, with the brand name Sundrop. Sundrop was launched in 1989. Its oil extracts come with vitamins, fatty acids and oryzanols, which definitely support your good health, keeping your cholesterol level in check. Some of Sundrop Oil’s variants include Heart Lite, Slimlite and Nutrilite.

2. Adani Wilmar Limited

Best edible oil companies in India

It is another edible oil company of India, which came into existence after Adani Group collaborated with Wilmar International. The company is known for selling its edible oil under the name Fortune, which was first launched in 2000. Fortune is one of the most popular edible oil used in the country, and can be found in almost every other household. Its oil contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which helps to keep you active and healthy. Fortune oil comes in multiple variants including sunflower oil, groundnut oil, mustard oil and rice bran oil.

1. Marico

Best edible oil companies in India

One of the oldest and most famous edible oil brands of India, Marico, was founded in 1987. Saffola, holds the brand name for all Marico’s edible oil ventures. Saffola is amongst the best edible oils, which holds a dominant position in the market. It uses Losorb Technology, which promises to reduce oil absorption in your food. Some of its popular variants include Saffola Active, Saffola Gold and Saffola Total. Marico has an international presence in over 20 countries, including Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Africa.

These companies are coming across as dynamic firms, which in order to get increased sales, and loyal consumers are ready to offer you qualities that would suit your lifestyle in a better way. Food industry in India is turning out to be way ahead in the game. It is transforming into a healthier industry which is experimenting with the basic necessity of food, to add more flavor and healthy additions in the mix.

These are the top ten edible oil producers of the country, which you can choose from. These are a few of the most opted for, and trusted brands, which are not only priced affordably, but also, provide you with all necessary ingredients.



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