Bathroom is a room in our dwelling that is dedicated for hygienic activities. It is a room where we begin our day with and thus it should be such that enhances our mood and gives us a cozy feeling. As it is said that well begun is half done, so if our day is well begun then the entire day passes swiftly. Secondly, a beautiful bathroom establishes a style statement. If you have a stunning bathroom then all your guests will surely be amazed and impressed.

Nowadays keeping aesthetically spectacular bathroom is in rage. Bathroom fittings play a vital role in enhancing the overall look of your bathroom. Plethoras of brands are present in the international market that aver of providing superlative sanitary wares. However, it is very crucial to select the right brand for your bathrooms that provides fittings, which will not just enhance your bathroom but also confer a comfy experience. If you are looking to buy stunning sanitary wares for your bathrooms then you are at the right place. Scroll through our well-researched list of top 10 best bathroom fitting brands 2022 that will facilitate you in making your verdict.

10. Hotspring (American)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands 2019

Known for its SPA massage bathtub, Hotspring uses the world’s premier water treatment and spa massage technology, heating, stable temperature and disinfection mechanically. The company’s SPA massage bathtub has been marketing for around 30 years and has won the conviction of a handsome number of its customers. Hotspring is a reputed international brand that has acquired several awards for its quality bathroom products.

The design and structure of all its products is such that they bring a rare composure to the mind and body.

9. Kaldewei Card D (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

The first choice of all the European five-star hotels, Kaldewei was founded in 1918 in Allen west city as Europe’s first bath crock producer. Since its launch the brand has been creating marvels and extending its market at an exponential rate all over the globe. Till now the brand has manufactured approximately 200 models of shower tub and bath crock and 7 outstanding varieties of massage bath crock. The prime reason for the sensation of the Kaldewei in the global market is its focus towards manufacturing environmental friendly bathroom products. It manufactures completely natural and recyclable products.

8. HANSA Lufthansa (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

Creating waves in Germany and Europe the brand has even introduced its products in other parts of the world with a positive response from its intercontinental customers. Lufthansa was established in 1911, in Germany by Karl Gohring Stuttgart as a metal extrusion factory. The brand is steadfast towards providing high quality sanitary wares, while at the same time applying water saving principles in its products. It has attained ISO9001 quality system certification.

7. Mr. Ackerman had Probe (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

The company was founded in 1936. At present Probe supervises 12 production factories and 17 operating subsidiaries. Bathrooms designed with Probe proffer a pleasing to the eye style with a perpetual allure. The brand has been significantly admired by the elite classes and is recognized for its superior quality bathroom fittings all around the world. Probe has set high standards for all the leading sanitary wares producing brands in the international market.

6. COTTO COTTO (Thailand)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands 2019

The brand has conquered the markets of Japan, Switzerland, Italy, United States and Thailand. COTTO is an eminent brand for its superior quality and strikingly crafted sanitary wares. It boasts of manufacturing sanitary wares from high quality ceramic raw material resources. COTTO is one of the leading brands in export business that exports its products to more than 60 countries. The brand has been honored with a plethora of awards from time to time.

5. Duravit Duravit (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

Duravit provides a variety of sanitary products including sanitary ceramics, water bath, SPA system and bathroom furniture. It was founded by Georg Friedrich Horn in 1817 in Hornberg. It is one was the most ancient bathroom products manufacturing brands in the world. Duravit was set up as a small pottery factory and over the decades it has emerged as a highly reputed manufacturer of sanitary wares at the international level. The brand is an embodiment of innovation. Year by year it comes out with something new that wins the heart of its valued customers. Duravit is an international level award-winning brand.

4. Hansgrohe (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

Prominent globally as a top class sanitary wares producer, Hansgrohe acquired this status after a continuous development for more than a century. The company was established in Germany in the year 1901. The main objective of Hansgrohe is to provide technology and exceptional design keeping in mind the significance of sustainable development. Hanrgrohe products give the bathrooms a relaxing feel and one craves to spend most of his time in the water.

3. Villeroy and Boch (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

Villeroy is a world famous ceramic manufactures founded in 1748 and has been in the market for as many as 269 years. It has been among the world’s best sanitary wares manufacturers since its establishment. Villeroy is recorded to have been exporting its products to more than 125 countries. The brand is most preferred by the elite classes as its designs are classy and offer a royal feel to the bathroom. Moreover they make the functioning of the bathroom user friendly.

2. Dornbracht Contemporary (Germany)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

Named after its owner, Dornbracht Contemporary was founded by Dornbracht in 1950. It is one of the best sanitary wares manufacturers. The company makes its own private collection of sanitary wares and hence sets apart from the rest of the brands. This unique characteristic makes it a highly expensive global brand. Thus Dornbracht Contemporary is the first choice of the aristocrats. The products are designed aesthetically and are of a superior quality.

1. Laufen (Switzerland)

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands 2019

Laufen was established in Switzerland in the year 1892. It was set up as Switzerland’s first sanitary wares manufacturer. Laufen has earned a lot of name all around the globe for the quality it offers. It is undoubtedly the world’s best luxury sanitary ware brand. Over the years Laufen has seen an immense rise in its market due to its incessantly enhancing technology and design. If you want the best look for your bathroom then Laufen will provide it.

Buying a superior quality sanitary ware is important as it will enhance our bathroom as well as provide us with a comfortable experience. These brands are accepted and acknowledged by plethora of consumers all around the world, so you can rely on them. Try any of these brands and you won’t regret at any point of time. Browse through the products of each of these brands and choose the one that fits your needs as well as your pocket.


  1. What About the Famous Most technologically advanced Japanese brand ” TOTO” ?
    Check their amazing products and compare them to the other brands if you can .
    They may not be so luxurious but they are the most reliable and technologically advanced !!

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