Cancer is one of the incurable and deadly diseases in the world. In this disease, the cells are divided uncontrollably in the human body. As the cells in the body increases, it harms the body parts and alarmed for the death. When there comes to deadly diseases, everyone is looking for the best treatment and hospital.

ls in the world. Some hospitals use advanced technology to treat cancer patients. This advanced treatment, making this deadly disease curable and give life to many peoples. In this article, I am sharing some of the best and top cancer treatment hospitals in the world in 2022. These hospitals treat cancer disease carefully and effectively.

10. Stanford Health Stanford Hospital, Stanford, California:

Best cancer treatment hospitals 2019

This hospital was founded in 1968 and it is located in the California. It is a well known hospital for treatment of cancer diseases. This hospital has well experienced doctors, nurses, staff that also provides many other diseases treatment. It provides treatment of heart diseases, organ transplantation, brain diseases, cancer and various other surgeries and therapies. This hospital has yearly 40 thousand room visits. This hospital can treat 20 thousand patients yearly. This hospital also provides helicopter facility to take the patient to the hospital with only one call.

9. UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

It is one of the leading hospital and institute in research in San Francisco, California. This hospital provides treatment for all the complex diseases. The medical institute id affiliated with the university of California and it is located in the Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay. This hospital has been ranked in the top 10 in various disease treatments including diabetes, neurology, gynecology, cancer and many more. From the Chuck Feeney, this hospital has been gifted with a donation of $100 million. This hospital is very famous for its advanced treatment of cancer. The doctors also provide awareness of cancer by providing the right information to the patients. This hospital can treat 500 patients at one time. This hospital can treat 14 different types of cancers and other major diseases.

8. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

It is 2nd biggest hospitals in the England and it is very famous hospital to treat cancer diseases. The research center of this hospital is located in the West End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. This hospital can treat thousand patients at one time. It offers cancer treatment nationally and internationally. This hospital provides high quality and best services to cancer patient and also provides medicines to the patient. This hospital also uses chemotherapies and radio therapies to remove cancer from every body part of the patient. This hospital can treat various cancers, including bone, breast, blood, bladder and many more.

7. UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles:

Best cancer treatment hospitals 2019

This hospital was founded in 1955 and it is located in the Los Angeles, CA. This hospital had already 23 thousand entries in surgical treatment. This hospital treat 10 thousand patients annually and 15 thousand surgeries. It is also a teaching institute. This hospital is also ranked in adult and children special treatment. This hospital also known as the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. The department of this hospital works 24 hours to treat various diseases. This hospital also uses latest and new technology to treat various types of cancer diseases. This hospital also has very experienced doctors, that prevent the further possibility of cancer and control it at the first stage. This hospital provides various treatments at a reasonable rate.

6. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

It is one of the most famous hospitals in the world. It is one of the best institute and hospital for treatment of cancer. This hospital is located in the Baltimore, USA. It has also well experienced and qualified doctors and trainers. The hospital also provides huge types of treatment plans for the patients.

The doctors and research team are given different tasks to diagnose and treat cancer from anyone’s life. With the new and advanced technique, the doctors can make it possible to cure the Genetic abnormalities and also the cancer diseases. It helps to treat various types of cancer including, colon, gyne, breast, head cancer and much more. It also provides various programs to treat various diseases and cancer. This hospital also provides another treatment, including stem cell transplantation, DNA repair, regulating cell cycle and much more.

5. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance or the University of Washington Medical Center:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

SCCA is located in the Seattle, Washington. This hospital was started in 1998 by the Fred Hutchinson. This hospital has well experienced surgeons, doctors, oncologists and other faculty. In 2014, this hospital treat 7 thousand patients. The doctors help to treat many cancers, including breast cancer, lung, colon and many other cancers successfully. In 2015, this hospital has been named in the list of 5 best cancer treatment hospitals.

This hospital also performed the transplant program of the Fred Hutch Bone Marrow. The vice president of the hospital is Norm Hubbard. This hospital uses 20 different methods to treat cancer and it also provides transplantation and bone marrow operation facility. This hospital also has its branches in various places of the Washington state.

4. Dana Farber and Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center, Boston:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

This hospital is located in the Boston, Massachusetts and it is founded in 1997. It helps to treat a wide variety of cancer diseases. This hospital not only best in treatment of cancer diseases, but also has many other departments, which helps to treat many other major diseases. It has a separate department for treating children’s diseases. This hospital also worked with many anticancer projects. It works with Bingham and hospital of Women. It also provides free treatment to needed peoples. This hospital helps in treatment for various cancers including blood cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and many other cancers. It also offers different and various advanced therapies, surgery and other treatments. This hospital has very experienced doctors. The patient got various support, including emotional and spiritual support and various therapies including massage and acupuncture.

3. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

It is one of the largest nonprofit organizations. This hospital is located in the Rochester, Manchester, USA. In 1889, this hospital was founded by few people in Rochester, Minnesota, United States. This hospital provides its services in the whole world. The John H. Noseworthy is the CEO of the hospital and Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr. is the chairman of the hospital. The hospital has 64 thousand employees in the hospital and has a revenue of around US $10.32 billion.

This hospital also has a large number of patient, doctors and staff. The doctors provide best health care facilities and cure cancer for the future of the patients. This hospital also has its campus in several locations, including Arizona and Florida. It provides various treatments including brain tumors, breast cancer, endocrine cancer, gynecologic cancer, head cancer, skin cancer and various other cancers.

2. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York:

Best cancer treatment hospitals

It is one of the oldest and largest hospital in the treatment of cancer diseases. It is a very famous hospital in New York. This hospital was started in 1884. This hospital can have space for 450 patients at one time in 20 operating rooms. It provides treatment at different stages of cancer at low cost. The doctors also support patients emotionally. It not only provides therapies and medicines for the cancer treatment, but also remove this disease from the future.

This hospital has been working for the past 130 years in the treatment of cancer. It also provides modern research and educational programs for the staff and patients. It helps in the treatment of breast, Esophageal, skin, cervical cancer and other cancer as well. It also offers services in blood and stem cell transplantation, chemotherapy, Surgery, radiation therapy and other therapies.

1. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston:

Best cancer treatment hospitals 2019

This hospital of cancer treatment is located in the Texas, USA. This hospital was launched in 1941. This hospital helps to treat all the major and minor diseases of the patient. For the past 60 years, It is working in the treatment of cancer disease and it gave life to 4 lakh cancer patients that’s why this hospital is ranked on the number 1st position. It can hold 600 patients at one time.

This hospital offer services in different diseases. It uses advanced technology in treatment of cancer. This hospital has well experienced doctors, they stop the division of cells and prevent the other parts of the body to get infected. This hospital also charges only reasonable rate to cure cancer disease. This hospital helps to provides surgery in Robotic, breast and much more. It offers gene therapy, HIPEC, radiation, gamma life, SBRT and other therapies.

These are some of the best hospitals in the world for cancer treatment in 2022. They provide life to millions of people in the world, who are fighting against with the cancer diseases. These hospitals have well experienced doctors with modern and latest equipment that make it possible to treat any type of cancer. I recommend you to share this post and save the life of many people suffering from this deadly disease.


  1. Dear Breast oncologist,
    I would be grateful for your advice my wife is 50 year old and mastectomy
    , chemo and radio 18 months ago or Breast cancer of 24mm without nodal involvement, weekly ERpositive.
    Now she has localised pelvic bone lesion with hormonal Triple -.
    I would be grateful what is the best treatment available and the prognosis.
    Because we have 19 year old daughter and 6 year old Dog.
    I want her to live at lease 10-15 years.
    Please need your advice and what is the best place of treatment in the world.
    Kind regards
    Dr V kumar

  2. my father has cancer . operation done.radiotherapy done.gastronomy tube .then tracheostomy done now chemotherapy going on in INDIA country, Maharashtra state.i want to know can he be admitted in University of taxes md Anderson cancer centre much we have to pay.

  3. My name is shoaib from Afghanistan Kabul and I got surgery because of the cancer and I lost a port of my jaw now i need for reconstruction free fubola flop But I don’t have mony to travel to athere country and get it done in my country this surgery is not posable to do it here and I request from you to help me in this case


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