Zambia is a landlocked Southern African country and also known as republic of Zambia. Zambia economy is based on copper mining. Although huge contribution in the GDP given by mining sector but there are various other sectors as well that contributing in the Zambian GDP such as, energy, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing sector. Copper mining is the backbone of the economy while country has registered an impressive growth which is 6.7% per year.

Apart from this information, if you are searching for the richest person in Zambia then, this article is just for you and you are at the right place; because we after a long hour research we have prepared a list of top ten richest Zambians who are big business tycoon. The entire listed richest Zambian people 2022 have their own business and they all are contributing the economic system of the country. In the below list you can seek the information’s.

10. Charles Milupi

Richest Zambians 2019

Mr. Charles Milupi is newest directorship was with Zal holding limited where he held the position of the “Consulting engineer”. Charles Mulupi is one of the riches people in Zambia and he is also the chairperson of the Kanisha Energy. Charles also owns shares in a number of prestigious organizations such as, Tiiseza Zambia Ltd, Lafarge Cement Company.

9. Andrew Sardanis

Richest Zambians

Andrew Sardanis is another very richest Zambians who worked as a journalist and spent his life in northern Rhodesia, later Zambia. He was a member of the government and legislature. The concept of tourism is changed by this famous Zambian business tycoon. Andrew merged tourism with art of luxurious and wild life living through his property known as Chaminuka village.

8. Satwant Singh

Richest Zambians

He is one the famous Zambian rally driver. He has won the African rally championship 8 times. While on the other hand, Singh is also well settled and successful entrepreneur and businessman. Satwant has collected a decent amount of money from rally sports championship; plus, he had received award from Zambia sports for the tremendous contribution in sports. His net worth is around 198 million dollars.

7. Carl Irwin

Richest Zambians

Carl Irwin is one of the richest people in Zambia. Carl is also owner of the largest meat companies in Zambia called Zambeef which is a known as multinational company in Zambia. This company also listed on London stock exchange and Zambian stock exchange. He has established himself as a successful business tycoon in Zambia.

6. Noble Findlay

Richest Zambians

Noble Findlay is another very richest person in Zambia who is the founder of Auto World Company. This auto company is the biggest motor company in the Zambia. With the help of his wife and two sons Noble found this company so it is called family company or business. He stands at number 6 of the richest persons in Zambia. His net worth is around 310 million dollar. This auto company sells boats, cars, and many other motor products and service.

5. Hakainde Hichilema

Richest Zambians 2019

This article will be incomplete without Hakainde Hichilema. He is one of the riches business tycoon who also active in politics. He is well educated and intelligent person has done MBA in finance from university of London. He is also a opposition leader in Zambia while there is no need to mention his net worth because he is a millionaire in Zambia.

4. Hanson Sindowe

Richest Zambians

Hanson is another famous Zambian business tycoon. He is the executive chairman of Copperbelt energy corporations. The main objective of this famous business tycoon is to become the leading Zambian, developer, investor, and operator of energy infrastructure in Africa by providing innovative building strategic and solutions partnership through committed professional teams. Copperbelt energy solution was established in 1997 out of the privatization of Zambia consolidated copper mines. He has received his bachelor of arts in electrical engineering and management at the University of Zambia. He also received a degree in senior management from Penn state. Recently he was elected chairman of the Zambia chamber of commerce. He is one the richest person in Zambia right now.

3. Robin Miller

Richest Zambians

This famous business tycoon having excellent business and entrepreneurial skills and abilities. He stands on number 3rd on the richest person of Zambia. He is handling business of real estate sector while she also takes interest into wildlife. Robin Miller is the managing director of real estate investment Zambia and a member of the board of Zambian wildlife authority. He is also a trustee of the game rangers international and David Shephered wildlife.

2. Dr Rajan Mahtani

Richest Zambians

Dr Ranjan Mahtani is the chairman of finance bank of Zambia ltd. he is one of the richest person in Zambia and stand on 2nd number. He holds PhD degree in commercial law from the London institute of business studies. Mahtani was born on 14th February 1948 in Zambia. He is also a member of the chartered association of certified accountants. His current net worth is 293 million dollar.

1. Mark O’Donnell

Richest Zambians

Mark O’ Donnell is another very famous and wealthiest Zambian personality if you look in the history of business. He is an expert into real estate industry and famous business tycoon. Mark constructed many malls in Zambia while he also has interest into hotel industry. He is very smart business and owner of the 7 hotels. He stands on 5th number of richest person of Zambia. He is very famous and popular personality known for his great business ideas. He has been partnered with Africa’s largest hotel group and they are bringing up another luxurious hotel into country.

The above article contains a list of top ten richest Zambians for the year 2022. Most of the listed personalities are associated with their business along with politics. As we know that, Zambia is a developing country but these richest people contributing in the economic system of country and making it even more powerful. A Healthy contribution given by all richest people, they are working for development of poor people and society. Above given valuable and important information is very helpful for Zambians as well as others also.


  1. I thank you men for your effort to make yourself known and hundreds of people are earning a living out of your hard working.May the almighty God bless you abundantly.

  2. its so impressive to witness the succeeding worriers in our mother Zambia……
    its brilliant especially that i am an upcoming entrepreneur of the nation after completing my studies……
    they are my roll models Robin miller.

  3. At least we have Zambians who are making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the people. However, I wish all the rich Zambians just concentrated on the business side and not mixing with politics. In politics there are all kinds of battles one is forced to spend their energies on. The rich Zambians should be seen as captains of industry who should be the anchor of private sector development. Further, these rich people should be encouraged to continue investing in Zambia, unlike what happens in Nigeria, for example, where rich Nigerians are associated with investments in Europe, particularly in the UK, and USA.

  4. It’s good and a blessing to know such men in Zambia,and they are really taking this country to another level,especially Hakainde Hichilema,Carl Irwin and mark O’Donnell.


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