I scream, You Scream, We all scream for Ice Cream! Who says one is too old for an ice cream? Ice cream is liked by all universally and there is no specific age to have an ice cream. People in India love their ice cream.

Summers are almost here and people find time for their kids to take them out for an ice cream. Couples are going for ice cream dates. Having an ice cream after a fulfilling meal is a common tradition in India. There are many ice cream brands in India which are much loved by people.

Today we have listed the top 10 best ice cream brands in India in 2022. Shall we start with number 10? Take a look!

10. Dinshaw’s

Best Ice cream brands in India 2022

Dinshaw seems to have a rich history. The idea came from two Englishmen in Nagpur. They started a very small dairy business in the outskirts of Nagpur in the year 1932 and the brand is still famous today. It was a hand churned creamy ice cream available for the people of Nagpur. Ice cream was a new concept and it became really popular just because it an alien concept. Dinshaw’s has made its place in people’s hearts since then. You will find Dinshaw’s in North India and Central India.

9. Arun Ice cream

Best Ice cream brands in India

Arun Ice cream is a Hatsun Agro Product. You can get cups, bars and cones which are delicious. Arun Ice cream has an interesting range of flavors. It is famous in India but not as famous as brands like Kwality Walls and Mother Dairy. It is one of the largest private dairy in India.

8. Nirulas

Best Ice cream brands in India

Nirulas opened its gates for the public in the year 1977 in Connaught Place. The ice creams from Nirula are very famous and many people love it! There are many flavors! It is known to be a fast food chain. It was founded in the year 1934 and it is the oldest brand in the country. The brand holds a top position in the country today and the ice creams are supremely delicious.

7. Vadilal

Best Ice cream brands in India

Vadilal is the second largest ice cream brand in India. The ice creams of Vadilal are very famous. The ice cream is priced at a decent rate and you will find the Vadilal stall all over India. It is one of the most trusted brands in the country. Vadilal also has a processed food line which sells ready to eat snacks, frozen vegetables and breads. The revenue it has generated so far is almost 4.5 billion.

6. Cream Bell

Best Ice cream brands in India

Cream Bell is another popular brand in India. It is a fairly new brand because it started in the year 2003. The youth will know about this brand. It has some very nice ice creams to offer. It is creamy and it is very tasty. People love the ice creams of Cream Bell. It was established by RJ Corporation. You will find Cream bell Ice cream all over India. The kulfi, ice cream cup and the chocolate cone is the best from Cream Bell.

5. Giani

Best Ice cream brands in India

Giani is an Indian brand and it was founded in the year 1956. No, it was not everywhere at that time. It started as a small shop in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. It was called Giani di Hatti. Today there are many outlets of Giani and it is very famous. The belgian ice cream is the best and you can also choose to make a Sundae of your own. The price range is towards the higher side. A scoop of ice cream can cost up to 70-80 rupees whereas in Mother Dairy or Amul, you will get a cup for about 10-20 rupees.

4. Baskin Robbins

Best Ice cream brands in India 2022

Although Baskin Robbins does not have an Indian origin but it is very famous across the world. India has so many malls and in every mall, you will find a Baskin Robbin Ice cream stall. It is very famous among the Indians. You can choose the flavor of ice cream and eat it with a cone or in a cup. The choice is yours! There are many flavors one can choose from. The stalls have a menu and the display of the different flavors of ice cream. The Belgian Bliss and Chocolate Almond Praline is a favorite of many people. The cost is little towards the higher side as compared to Amul, Mother Dairy and Kwality Walls.

3. Amul

Best Ice cream brands in India

Amul has been around for the longest period of time. It was founded in the year 1946 which means it was there even before India got its independence. There are many people who would relate to this brand. Maybe our grandmother and grandfather would share an amul ice cream on a rainy season. The brand comes from Gujarat and has some fantastic flavour ice creams under its name. The ice creams are creamy and delicious. The ice cream is made from pure milk and it is a very trusted brand.

2. Kwality Walls

Best Ice cream brands in India

Kwality Walls is truly top quality. The famous Cornetto made its way into people’s heart. The brand is owned by Hindustan Unilever. It is spread across the world in places like Bhutan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It is a much loved brand which offers yummy ice creams such as the famous Cornetto. Recently, there was a new addition of red velvet flavored Cornetto. The price range of Kwality Walls is decent and not towards a higher price. There are some amazing options for all age groups.

1. Mother Dairy

Best Ice cream brands in India

Mother Dairy is everyone’s favourite! The ice cream is creamy and there are many flavours that you get. It has been around for many years and many adults relate to it. The brand was founded in the year 1974 and it is still very famous. There are some amazing ice creams from Mother Dairy such as cassatta, chillz disc, and chocolate gateau. Who can forget the ice lollies that Mother Dairy sells?

They have so many flavors such as lemon, mango and orange! The kulfi offered by Mother Dairy is definitely very creamy and reminds us of the matka kulfi that we used to have as a child. The price range of the products is satisfactory. It is not too expensive for the Indian customers. Mother Dairy has been a trusted brand years.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this list. Ice cream will forever remain close to our hearts. Now you know that the ice cream has been around in India since the year 1932! Our ancestors have enjoyed it too! We are thankful to the person

who invented the concept of ice cream because it makes everyone happy and it is a true delight in summer season.


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