By now, most of you must know about Google, the search engine which has been the solution to most of our problems in every aspect of life. Most people use it for information, tutorial, social networking, gaming and much more. Some people use it for their daily dose of celebrity news.

For these people, have you ever wondered which celebrities have made it to the top of the results of most search celebs on Google right now? Here is the answer to the questions which are now arising in your mind. We have prepared the list displaying the most searched celebrities on Google. Most of them require no introduction as they are a brand in themselves. They frequently appear on newspapers, our newsfeeds, articles, media reports as well as on big billboards.

2017 was a highly unpredictable year. There were lot of unexpected incidents like the deaths of some high-profile celebs as well as divorces of couples which were meant to be together forever. There were lot of amazing events like the breakthrough of lot of upcoming stars as well as other extraordinary events. It has also a year filled with controversy and political turmoil. It was the year in which Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton went head to head for the US presidential elections and it was filled with loads of deplorable moments, outrageous one-liners and the shocking results of the final voting.

It was a year which was anything but dull as celebrities kept on getting into one scandal after the other. It also featured the high-profile divorce of Hollywood’s power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I know most of you are eager to know about the most searched celebs, so without further ado, let’s begin the list. Here are the top 8 Most Searched Celebrities on Google in 2021.

8. Prince

Most Searched Celebrities on Google 2019

As we were saying, last year was a year which saw deaths of several high-profile celebs which includes the legendary music icon “Prince”. He died in early April and his death immediately sent the world and media into deep sadness. It was later reveals that he died due to an “accidental overdose”.

Celebrities and his fans all around the world mourned his death and celebrated his incredible career as an artist. Google also chipped in on the tribute as it honoured the musical icon by changing its logo to commemorate his famous song Purple Rain. Even Snapchat gave him a fitting tribute by launching a new filter mere hours after his unfortunate death.

7. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

Has there ever been a week in which the Kardashian family is not making headlines? When the Kardashian sisters are not making headlines, then it is their brother Rob that is seen breaking the internet. He made a shocking announcement last year as he revealed that he was dating Tyga’s ex Blac Chyca. To add further shock to the announcement, he also revealed that she was pregnant with his child.

Later, E! Entertainment went on to produce a reality show based on the new couple while naming it “Rob & Chyna”. The series was meant to give their fans a sneak peak at what it looks like in the idea of paradise. As expected, the things have been rocky and filled with controversies from the beginning, which has given the websites ample of material to work with.

6. Kanye West

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

Next on the list is the American hip hop recording artist and the musical sensation Kanye West. Even before this list started, you knew Kanye West would feature in it, didn’t you?? How could he not feature, especially after marrying Kim Kardashian, releasing another highly anticipated album and on top of that, throwing an outdoor fashion show.

His latest album “The Life of Pablo” immediately got him trending on social media and also confused everyone regarding the secretive title to its content and the lyrics. If that wasn’t enough, he has also been involved in a string of some bizarre and controversial tweets that didn’t help his cause much either, making him one of the most searched celebs on Google.

5. Taylor Swift

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

Starting the top 5 countdown is none other than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is easily one of the most searched celebs on Google due to reasons like her incredible success in music, her failed relationships or her controversial spats with other artists.

Taylor Swift must have expected it to be all sunshine and rainbows for her and her DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris back in March, but that wasn’t meant to be. Whilst they were celebrating their one-year anniversary on an island getaway and then breaking up some time later, we were wondering will Taylor ever stay in a relationship. We were also wondering what she will sing about now.

4. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

4th on the list is the dynamic pair of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Well, the writing was on the wall, wasn’t it? With allegations of affairs, drugs, binge-drinking and domestic abuse, it was about time the pair went through a divorce.

After months of public scrutiny and fighting, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finally settled their device last year. The ex-wife and model-turned-actress Amber went on to donate all the settlement money to charity to show her generous site. She donated her entire $7 million settlement money to two charities: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and ACLU (with a focus on stopping violence against women) that put to bed claims that Heard was a gold digger. This saga was surely a dream for tabloid magazines as it gave them immense material to print and release.

3. Kim Kardashian West

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

How can a most searched celeb list be complete without the mention of selfie queen Kim Kardashian West? This America TV star, model, socialite and businesswoman spend more of her year creating headlines and breaking the internet. She went on to have another child and later posted a nude pic on instagram which caused a huge controversy.

She was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people as she went on to become one of the top names and a pop culture phenomenon as she accomplished a lot in the last few months of the year. She generously chronicles her daily life on social media, which helps us fans to get a glimpse into the life on the most famous Kardashian.

She also experienced an armed robbery while she was in Paris for attending Fashion Week. Around $10 million worth of jewels and accessories were stolen, thus creating a huge firestorm in the media. It is no easy task keeping up with the kardashians but thanks to Google, we can try our best to do so.

2. Hillary Clinton

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

2nd on the list is Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Presidential Candidate that came up some way short in the 2016 Elections. She was undoubtedly one of the most searched celebrities on Google in 2016. In just a few decades, she has managed to serve as the secretary of the State and also the First Lady of the United States.

She is a practicing lawyer, a law professor and a vocal activist. Clinton was the first woman to ever be a presidential nominee of a major American party. Even though she finished long way behind Donald Trump, she made sure that the world knew her name as she gave him quite a tough fight in which initially it was expected Clinton would come out on top. The world was intrigued by her, which easily made her one of the most searched celebs on Google.

1. Donald Trump

Most Searched Celebrities on Google

Was there ever going to be any other celeb who you thought would come out on top of this list? Donald Trump certainly knows how to make headlines as throughout the race for becoming U.S. president; he made headlines left and right. This businessman, TV personality and the latest POTUS has easily become the most searched celeb on Google.

He has made some of the most controversial one-liner remarks of the decade in his quest for presidential power and in doing so, has given the media lot of spicy material to print.

In a famous interview with Megyn Kelly, he was asked “You have called women you don’t like ‘dogs’, ‘fat pigs’ and ‘disgusting animals’ to which he responded with “Only Rosie O’Donnell”. In an interview with Barbara Walters, he said that he was easily the worst thing to ever happen to ISIS.

Who can forget our all-time favourite Trump quote? His awkward remark he made about his daughter Ivanka “Yeah, she is really something and what a beauty that one. If I weren’t happily married, and you know, her father….” He said. Its controversial comments like these that have continued to keep trump in the news throughout his career and will surely continue do so in the future.

There were the top most searched celebrities on Google and if you want more info about them, you can just go to Google and type just their initials and I’m sure their names will be the first ones to pop up in the search bar which will further give you several websites and articles about these celebs.



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