11 Best Beaches in the World, the Purest Spots for the Cordial Letup

Looking forward to planning a holiday on an ideal destination? Why don’t you go to a soothing beach? Offering the greatest letup and contentment, beaches provide a sense of wonder. At the same time, the trip will turn out to be super fun and stimulate your kids and family. So, if you are a real beach buff, then your quest to discover the best beaches in the world can be an ecstasy of the lifetime. As is evident, there are quite a lot of beaches all over the world.

However, there are just a few with crystal clear sea waters, fine and white sands, and stirring water sports that can set them in the list of topmost beaches in the world. Here, we are offering a fast and nippy roundup of the most famous and gorgeous beaches in the world.

11. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, India

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, India Top Famous Beaches in The World 2017

Located at Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is undeniably one of the most spectacular beaches identified for its assorted range of flora and fauna. Being perfect to soak yourself in the fabulous sights, the beach lets you delight in basking or spend some time swimming or go fishing. You can enjoy a fairly rich marine life by way of snorkeling as Havelock Island is one of the finest Coral reefs of Andaman. The supplementary turquoise blue color of water enriches this marine biome. The thick woods, the numerous exotic florae and birds produce an extremely elegant and zealous atmosphere.

10. Nai Harn Beach, Rawai, Thailand

Once recognized by just in-the-know inhabitants, Nai Harn Beach has been resolutely been “discovered” at the present. Nevertheless, as the little bay is home to just a small number of inns, bistros and shops, it preserves its discreet appeal. As the ‘Royal Phuket Yacht Club’ is situated fairly close to the place, it is a standard port for cruisers all through the high season. Even though the beach is remarkable to get drenched from November to April, you must take care while May to October. You see, you can witness strong currents in the low season. The native eateries just above the seashore create a decent ambiance to unwind with a sundowner. Furthermore, as you head towards the south, a sandy cove, Ya Nui, entices divers and snorkelers. One more out-of-the-way abode located adjacently is the little beach of Ao Sane.

9. Playa Paraiso, Tulum, Mexico

A passive and serene resort, Playa Paraiso is a splendid white, sandy isolated beach. Its tranquil shallow Caribbean waters make it a flawless destination for snorkeling and diving. The seashore has a seamless milieu of coconut trees and emerald tropical woods. Fishing excursions and watersports together with parasailing, windsurfing, cruising and kayaking are open in the resort. A small ferry drive on the way to Cozumel will carry you to one of the best scuba-diving places around the globe. Likewise, if you want to have an out-of-the-world experience, then a tour to swim dolphins and jungle jaunts are worth to look for.

8. Ngapali Beach, Burma/Myanmar

Renowned for its marvelous splendor, Ngapali Beach in Myanmar is regarded as one of the loveliest locations, not just in Myanmar, but all over the globe. The eye-catching brilliance of its white sand and the calm features of the shoreline entice folks to surf, whirl, and enjoy its enchanting tempting beauty. Acknowledged for sunbathing and beach strolling, the beach has no bars and other such establishments nearby. Don’t forget to try surfing as the breeze here is really wonderful! If you want to experience a serene and passive break, this is an ideal place to have fun together with the welcoming village folks.

7. Palm – Eagle Beach, Aruba, Caribbean

Steadily classified amongst the cleanest, broadest and most striking beaches of the Caribbean, the Palm – Eagle Beach offers divergent atmosphere with varied prospects. Possibly, Aruba’s most popular and visited beach, Palm Beach features miles of fine, freshly scraped sand. Along with, you can access brilliant swimming settings, unspoiled water and several watersport activities. One of the best-equipped and tuned seashores on the island, Palm Beach retains several refreshment spots. What’s more? A number of splendid resorts and inns around the beach offer a little walk to the bliss for several explorers. In addition, quite a few resorts provide watersports services, shade huts as well as lounge places to laze for their visitors.

6. Playa Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Offering one of the most gorgeous and picturesque natural backgrounds in the entire Costa Rica, Manual Antonio is a must-see terminus. As a matter of fact, Forbes listed the place as one of the most striking national parks around the globe in the year 2011. At this point, Playa Manuel Antonio boasts stunning white sand hemmed by the exciting green of the tropical forest. All the same, the crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean circles at the oceanfront. Covered with spotless white sand, the coastline proposes an elegant contrast with light blue skies and abysmal blue sea.

5. Grace Bay, Providenciales, Caribbean

Grace Bay, Providenciales, Caribbean Top Most Popular Beaches in The World 2018

The glamorous beach of Grace Bay has white sand together with turquoise water that cuddles one and all who arrives here. The white sand and the peaceful ocean are the most appealing features that mesmerize the sightseers. A number of exquisite species of dolphins will certainly carry your heart away. Furthermore, the British protectorate provides distinctive prospects of resort retreats to explore the miscellanies of the Caribbean’s rich past. Coral reefs, caves and unusual visceral populations can be discovered by kayak or by yacht. Time and again, you can view this right from your seaside hotel.

4. Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

Let your journey for self-discovery originate in the amazingly gorgeous island nation of Seychelles. Sanctified with charming natural beauty, Seychelles will turn out to be your ‘trip of the lifetime’.

Here, you can delight in the golden sun at the Anse Lazio beach. Designated as the “Best Beach in the world” in the year 2004, Anse Lazio presents a banquet of magnetism in order to gratify all folks exploring the place. Located on the North West corner of Praslin, Anse Lazio presents a wonderful buffet of lush green flora encompassing rare species of coconut and banana trees. Enjoy the heavenly fun of diving, surfing, fishing and yachting in this fantastic dreamland for water sports paramours.

3. Elafonissi Beach, Elafonissi, Greece

This place of brilliant natural splendor has been comprised of the ‘Natura 2000 Protection Program’. In fact, if there’s any place where Mother Nature has created its marvel, then it’s in ‘Elafonissi’. What symbolizes the beach of Elafonissi and makes it such a striking abode are the tiny isles of sand and the narrow turquoise waters of the ocean. At a certain point, this may appear like a lagoon. The fine white gravel that’s rosy at more than a few spots for the crumpled shell powder adds to the wonder of the seashore. If you desire to stay totally isolated or naked, you can walk beside the neck of land till you discover a discreet cove that you love!

2. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

If your idea of cloud nine is deep turquoise oceans and striking white sand, the Whitsundays are undeniably for you. Sited in what I personally feel to be Australia’s most stunning, tropical areas, the Whitsundays, the place is really is a white haven. The desolate beach has passive, serene waters and unspoiled white sand. It is most snapped beach in the world, and as soon as you strike the place, you will comprehend why. The sights are simply spectacular and will leave you wordless. Seafaring charters here provide multi-day tours to the sandy ends of the beach. Moreover, voyaging yachts and ferryboats are conveying grand ways to experience the unblemished Whitehaven Beach.

1. Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Top Most Famous Beaches in The World 2018

Voted two times as ‘The Best Beach in the World’ by ‘Trip Advisor’, Baía do Sancho is located in an environmentally protected area — Fernando de Noronha. You can visit the island paradise with the crystal clear water by means of a boat or use a fine stairway down the cliffs. UNESCO protects the coast, being an impeccable nesting ground for birds. You can revel in emerald green water and white sand that is hemmed in by natural flora and high rising sea cliff. The rock face surrounding the seashore makes a seamless destination to enjoy looking at dolphins whirling around and diving into the marine.

Are you planning for a perfect beach holiday? Do you dream of pampering yourself under the sun or chilling out with some thrilling water sports? Whatsoever is the case, you can fulfill your passion for such pleasant open-air expeditions at these beaches. Just visit these amazing beaches and uncover the rewards of the heaven. After all, nothing can be more soothing and closer to bliss on earth than spending your time under the sun, on the sand and near the sea. So, just get all set to feel rejuvenated and revitalized!


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