India is a country which has developed majorly over the years. There are so many shopping malls everywhere and there are endless brands. Everyone has a favorite brand. It could be favorite shoe brand, clothing brand, cosmetic brand or even soap brand. Speaking of soap brand, there are many soap brands in India. Some brands are much loved by all.

Today we have created a list of top 10 best and most popular soap brands in India in 2022. If you are not using one of these brands, you might just want to change your mind and start using one of the top brands.

10. Lifebuoy

Best soap brands in India 2019

Lifebuoy soap has been around for a very long time. We are sure that your father and even your grandfather know about it. It is India’s leading health soap. We rated it as number 10 because there are many brands which have come up and people seldom choose Lifebuoy. It is a brand which is marketed by Unilever. It is a good brand which has a range of products such as soap, hand wash and body wash. The hand wash is certainly more famous than the soap. The cost of lifebuoy is reasonable and many people in India use this brand.

9. Dettol

Best soap brands in India

The Dettol soap has antibacterial properties and it helps your child to keep away from germs and bacteria. This is a popular brand in India solely for its antibacterial properties. You will find this soap in almost every Indian household. It cleanses the skin and keeps it healthy. It fights the germs that we cannot see with our naked eyes. We get to see a lot of advertisements of Dettol of how one should wash their hands with Dettol to kill the germs that we cannot see. Since many people use soaps for beauty purposes, Dettol stays on number 9 as there is tough competition in the market.

8. Margo

Best soap brands in India

Margo is a very famous Ayurvedic soap. People in India are great fans of ayurvedic soaps because they are healthy and good for the skin as well. The brand has been around since the 1920’s and one can still find it in many Indian households. It is a trusted brand which keeps skin soft and fresh.

7. Santoor

Best soap brands in India

The women of India love Santoor soap because of its fragrance and also because it takes care of the beauty needs of a woman. Santoor soap is affordable and many women in villages and towns use this soap to keep their skin soft and happy. This brand is of WIPRO consumer care. Santoor has been around for more than 25 years and the most famous Santoor soap uses sandalwood which is great for the skin.

6. Medimix

Best soap brands in India

Medimix is the brand of AVA group. This soap has ayurvedic ingredients and it is great for your skin’s health. The medimix soap suits all skin types and many women use it for its fragrance and ayurvedic properties. It is reasonable and it is used for skin case by many Indian people.

5. Vivel

Best soap brands in India

Vivel is a product from the brand ITC. It is towards the expensive side but it is a trusted brand that many women use. Actress Kareena Kapoor has endorsed this soap for women. Vivel soap comes for many skin types and it does not have any reactions to the skin. The best soap of Vivel is the mixed fruit soap. Many women from the upper middle income group and high income group use Vivel soap for their beauty needs.

4. Cinthol

Best soap brands in India 2019

Cinthol is another brand which was launched in the year 1952. The soap acts as a deodorant as well as body cleansing soap. The men in India prefer Cinthol soap even today. Many actors from Bollywood such as Shah rukh Khan and John Ibrahim use this brand personally. The soap is recommended by doctors as well.

3. Pears

Best soap brands in India

We all get to see the Pears advertisement and we wonder if it actually works. Truth is, Pears is a trusted brand and many women in India vouch for it. It is a transparent soap which came in existence in the year 1807. The origin is not Indian but it is a very famous brand in India. There is a Pears Oil Clear soap which works brilliantly for oily skin. The pears soap for normal skin is the best and many Indian women use it for keeping their skin soft and happy.

2. Dove

Best soap brands in India

Dove is a trusted brand and it acts as a beauty bar for your skin. Yes, it helps your skin to stay soft and healthy. There is a difference between an ordinary soap and dove. Dove leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Dove soap is very popular in India and many women use it. It is famous among women! It cleans the impurities in your skin and you will feel the difference after using it.

1. Lux

Best soap brands in India

Lux is a brand which was developed by Unilever. There is a reason why Lux is on top right now! Lux has come up with various soaps in different fragrances and ingredients. The ingredients used in Lux soaps are very natural such as lotus, strawberries, rose and much more. The Lux soaps are very famous in India and many women use these soaps as their daily beauty regime. It keeps the skin soft and healthy. People in India trust Lux brand and it is the most popular soap in the country. The price range varies! There are some new range of Lux soaps which cost 140 rupees. However there are some Lux soaps that have a low price range of 38 rupees.

Was this list helpful? Did you find your favorite soap in the list? If you are not using any of these soaps, you might just start using these soaps and rate them yourself. The soaps mentioned in the list are tried and tested. They are good for your skin and the price varies from low to high. Which is your favorite soap brand in India?



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