A chance of exploring the unseen places always fills us up with huge excitements. It also makes our daily dull life bearable. There are very few people existing in this world who doesn’t love travelling.

For our most desired holidays, Travelling in style is a must for all of us. In that case, our luggage has to look cool, yet it should carry the load of all things we will need in our holiday. The world famous travel brands of the luggage are ensuring that we can carry all the things we need for our holidays in style. So, here are some of the top 10 best luggage brands in the world in 2022.

10. US Traveler

Best Luggage Brands in World 2019

This brand is specially made for those who like to follow the rules of matching colors. For your travel, you can get almost any and every color luggage. The matching sets of bags are also eye catching and very stylish options for your travel. So, if you are looking for fancy color luggage then you must try the bags of US Traveller. If you are a regular traveler, then you can have more than one set of US Traveller travel luggage, as they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

9. Bric’s

Best Luggage Brands in World

The Italian brand has started gaining popularity from the year 1952. Founded by The Briccola family, the designs of the Bric’s luggage are classy Italian, which is slick and sophisticated. Each and every piece of Bric’s luggage reflects the upper-class Italian culture. The main aim of this brand is to provide classy yet durable luggage to the travelers at a very moderate price. The in-fashion travel bags of Bric’s are one of the best in the world. Apart from serving the common man, the brand is also a favorite of business executives, Hollywood stars, fashion designers and socialites.

8. Briggs & Riley

Best Luggage Brands in World

Briggs & Riley is one of the high-end travel Luggage brand. In exchange for money, they give you the luggage with a lifetime repair warranty. The main philosophy of this brand is to create the bags according to the need and demand of the travellers. Those luggage are specially designed by thinking the hustle of a hectic journey and they are set to design that luggage according to the convenience of the travellers.

Mostly, these luggage are designed for the business travels and ensuring their comfort during their business trips. Moreover, requirements of frequent flyers are also taken into consideration. This brand delivers quality without compromising the capacity of the luggage.

7. Travel pro

Best Luggage Brands in World

Travel Pro brand can be named as the main innovator of the wheeled luggage. These wheeled luggages have almost changed the world of travel Luggage and it has made our travel comfortable and fuss free. The idea to provide a luggage bag with two wheels and a handle was conceived by Robert Plath, who was a pilot by profession. The main definition of the Travel pro brand is they create bags for the experienced travellers.

Their bags come with healthy price tags, but they are not overpriced or unjustified. The Travel pro luggage is mostly preferred by the Airlines Employees and frequent fliers all through the world. This brand also believes in flexibility, to change and continuously updating their designs to fit the need of the travellers.

6. American Tourister

Best Luggage Brands in World

Established by the founder Sol Koffler of Providence, Rhode Island in the year 1933, this brand is one of the most budget friendly luggage brands of the world. The main goal of the founder was to create a tough and handy suitcase which will cost less than a dollar. Today, people all over the world can buy the bags of American Tourister according to their budget, which will be long lasting, yet fashionable. It is available in various online stores and departmental stores. The brand has acquired the permission from Disney to print its stickers on the luggage. Not only adults are its esteemed customers but children are also on the list. Astrum International acquired American Tourister in 1993.

5. Pierre Cardin

Best Luggage Brands in World 2019

Pierre Cardin is the name of the French designer, who can be given the title of a legend. This brand is one of the famous luxury brands of Paris, which excels in creating Men and Women Fashion, perfumes, bags etc. The Travel luggage is a small yet significant part of the whole brand. The luggage of Pierre Cardin possesses the designer look which is unique. The price is not so high of this brand, although, being French; they look more expensive than the actual price. Some of the sub-categories of Pierre Cardin luggage brands are suitcases, duffel, backpacks and computer bags.

4. Tumi

Best Luggage Brands in World

The word Tumi is a name of a ceremonial knife of Peru which is used for the sacrifice. The brand was created by Charlie Clifford from South Plainfield, New Jersey in the year 1975. The brand is known for their traditional black travel luggage, created by the black ballistic nylon. Apart from the travel luggage, the brand is also the manufacturer of Pens, belts, electronic equipment etc. Since 2004, this brand is owned by Doughty Hanson & Co, which is originally a London-based private equity firm. Thousands of travellers throughout the world consider Tumi as a luxurious luggage brand. This brand is available in malls and as well as in medium sized stores.

3. Rockland

Best Luggage Brands in World

This brand is well known for their various collection of travel luggage which comes in a most affordable range. Very colorful and fancy pieces of travel luggage which are also most affordable, this is what the specialty of the brand Rockland. The price range is fixed to meet the lower spectrum of the market. Although this brand is not recommendable for the frequent travellers and only advisable to those who takes holiday once in a while. The durability of the Rockland luggage is often challenged.

2. Samsonite

Best Luggage Brands in World

This brand was created by Jesse Shwayder of Denver, Colorado in the year 1910. Being a religious person, he had named the brand after Samson, the Biblical strongman. He started using the name Samsonite in the year 1941 and the brand named was changed into Samsonite in the year 1966. Today, Samsonite is one of the most durable brands for the travel luggage, which is also priced moderately. The designs of this brand are simple, which gives the luggage a look of timeless, which can be in trend for a long time to come. Although priced moderately, the entire collection of a single line can be a little higher of this brand.

1. Delsey

Best Luggage Brands in World 2019

Delsey is a luggage brand which belongs to Paris. The authentic designs of Paris have made the collection of this brand authentic; similarly, it is also perfectly designed for the comfort of the frequent travellers. The brand was created by Emile Delhaye and the Seynhaeve brothers in the year 1946. Their first work used to be the leather bags designs for the camera and its equipment. The brand had started creating luggage since the year 1970. The classy lines of Delsey Luggage often feature polycarbonate exteriors, which is fashionable yet durable. Delsey has won many patents and more than 50 awards; thus deserves to be on the top of the list.

The above is a list of the best luggage brands in the world 2022. No matter at what point of time you are planning your vacation, the need of stylish luggage will always remain the same. Choosing the best design from all the super cool designs of the luxury brands can be very confusing. So it’s better to measure your need first according to your travel plan. Then you can choose the perfect luggage brand for your next holiday. Choosing a good travel partner or luggage will make the journey of your life smooth and convenient.


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