India consists of rich heritage of villages since ancient times and the tradition continues till date. Villages in India make noteworthy contribution in developing economy of country. These villages allow India to have unique stand in the world with help of its rich production of food grains, milk, milk products, irrigation system, etc. There are several villages in India that establish an example for the entire country and you should visit once in your lifetime to know how rich they are.

Are you interested in knowing which are some of the richest villages in India in 2022 who have made immense contribution in enhancing heritage and economy of country? Well, read below section to know about this:

11. Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

Richest Village In India 2019

Shani Shinganapur is recognized as the safest Indian village from the remaining villages eminent for the fact that no house in this village owns doors. The village in Maharashtra is acknowledged for its prevalent temple of Shani, which is located 35 km from Ahmednagar city. This temple is assumed to be a “jagrut devasthan” (known as “alive temple”), signifying that a god still lives in the temple. Resident of the village supposes that god Shani punishes anybody trying for theft. The whole part of Shingnapur village, is enclosed with sugarcane fields as well as local people utilises bull to excerpt juice from the sugarcane, in its place of machines.

10. Kokrebellur, Karnataka

Richest Village In India

Kokkarebellur village of Karnataka is identified for Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary, which is a sanctuary formed by residents of village who have even accepted these bird as their inheritance. This village is acknowledged as one of the 21 breeding birding sites in the country and basic hub to lovely birds like Painted stork, Ring necked parakeets, Spot-billed pelican, and Black-crowned night heron. The village is unique in a way that there is the long established bonding among the spot-billed pelicans as well as the residents of village since they regard the birds as forerunners of good fortune and richness to the village. Also, since years, the admiration of this uniqueness has even fascinated tourists to the village to observe the beauty of birds.

9. Khetwadi, Maharashtra

Richest Village In India

Khetwadi is essentially an area with a light population living off plantations and agriculture, established in the mid-19th century with the broadening of Girgaon road and Parel road. There are a big number of temples associated in this village, which indicates the richness of village. Thakurdwar area in this village of Maharashtra is even home to the India tower – which is the projected highest building in the country. The village has a substantial Parsi population as well as its religious structures are identified as Agyaries and Atash Behrams which are scattered in and round the village.

8. Pothanikkad, Kerala

Richest Village In India

Pothanikkad village, located in Ernakulam region is the foremost village known to attain 100% literacy in the country. This is a village consisting of forest with wild buffalos as well as animals like elephants. This village of Kerala is presently the most educated and socially developed villages in the state. It is known that the name of village is derived from the Malayalam words -poth, signifying buffalo, anaa, signifying elephant, and kaddu, signifying forest, as it was formerly a forest.Brcause of its rich education and cultural heritage, the village is regarded as one of the rich villages of the country. The village is also known for churches such as Pothanicad St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church and St Xavier’s Catholic Church.

7. Dharnai, Bihar

Richest Village In India

Dharnai village of Bihar has become the first village of country that is run entirely by solar electricity. This full solar-powered village in the country is presently helping 2,400 inhabitants. The village is situated near Bodh Gaya in Bihar’s Jehanabad district, which was initially devoid of electricity. Before a few years, the villagers took the responsibility in their own hands and transformed the face of village forever. Through the support of Greenpeace, this village established a solar-powered micro-grid, that is capable to offer 24×7 electricity to over 450 households as well as 50 commercial formations. The villagers are rich because though the whole project cost them around 3 crores, they have afforded the expense to make it first fully solar powered village.

6. Baldia, Gujarat

Richest Village In India

Baldia village of Gujarat is not only considered one of the India’s richest villages but it is also the most prosperous village of the whole continent -Asia. This village is located 20 km from Bhuj, and it is now developed in every sense in comparison to what it was before. Baldia has mettle roads, complete connectivity in matters of telecommunication and transport. Glancing at the economy of the village, the overall worth of deposits of 8000 residents of the village, surpasses Rs 1200 crore. This village owns a great number of rich immigrants and it is rich Patel community that transferred to UK, Australia, and US left a legacy in the village. These different communities have served for the remodelling of the village as well.

5. Punsari, Gujarat

Richest Village In India

Punsari Village of Gujarat is located in Sabarkantha district is known to have undergone a change with latest technology. The advancement of latest technology is incorporated in sectors such as electricity, education system, water supply as well as Wi-Fi. The village is one of the rich, you can estimate about this as it has been awarded as best village in India. Punsari follows the Panchayati raj system and it has faced a transformation under the panchayat. There has also been implementation of new and latest technology in field of education. The entire estimate for this development project was around ₹140 million (US$2.1 million) and the state as well as central governments offered support for the same.

4. Madhapur, Gujarat

Richest Village In India

Madhapur is known to be a suburb of Hyderabad state in India. The village is renowned as a hub of information technology activity and the heart of this region is named HITEC City which has the greatest deliberation of IT/ITES formations. Madhapur has converted from a small, stony village in the era of 1990s into a contemporary BPO and IT hub. The village is rich as Madhapur also has become the favourite meeting spot, with several global conferences and meetings being arranged at Hitex Convention Center and Hotel Novotel, Hotels like LemonTree, Westin, Trident and some other business hotels in nearby areas that has improved the worth of Madhapur over the previous decade.

3. Maraog, Himachal Pradesh

Richest Village In India

Maraog is named as the “Apple King”, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This village of Himachal Pradesh is suitable for business of exports. Maraog is being employed by companies like Real and Tropicana and the major source of income for the resident of this village is, thus, Apples. Based on recent records, the village has a high income of about 95 lacs.

2. Hampi, Karnataka

Richest Village In India 2019

This village is located in northern Karnataka, recognized as the place of ruins with historical association of monuments. Hampi is presently the most searched historical place all over Karnataka on Google. This village and temple town is now identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recorded as the Group of Monuments at Hampi village. The city is rich as it has different notable Hindu temples with few Vedanta divinity placed in the temples, few of which are yet active sites of worship.

1. Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

Richest Village In India

Hiware Bazar village is located in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra state and known to be the richest village of the country, topping this list. The village is renowned all over the country for its irrigation system as well as rich water conservation program. In year 2012, this village with its 235 families as well as population of 1,250, had a monthly per capita income of around Rs 30,000, up from Rs. 830 in year 1995, additionally it had 60 families with yearly income of more than 10 Lakh rupees. It was noted that the grass harvest raised from 100 tonnes in year 2000 to 6,000 tonnes in year 2004, and the milk production increased from 150 liters per day in the 1990s to 4,000 in year 2010.

India owns a notable place in the world today and major share of that comes from its rich villages. These villages have contributed by serving basic amenities to the country and became prosperous.


  1. Madhapur is in Gujarat.
    In Title it is in Gujarat.
    And in description in hyderabad? How?
    I am from Madhapar, Gujarat. Photo shown is my village. Also you can find Gujarati language in photo. Please correct the description.


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