Childhood is undoubtedly the most beautiful phase of life. You have no burden, no stress, no hectic life and certainly not a bundle of worries of your career. At this tender age, the most of the kids even don’t know what a career means actually.

But some exceptional kids are fortunate enough to get a solid foundation from the very beginning of their childhood. When most of the children spend their time, playing, cultivating and honing their skills, the exceptional ones are making millions. Isn’t it a bit sobering thought? Still we can’t help it but just to look at them.

At the age, when you might have been thinking I’ll become this, I’ll become that, these blessed toddlers are leaving their marks in the world with their talents, expressions and of course with their earnings. Probably most of us can’t make $1 million in our whole lifespan but these lucky ones are making this much in such a small age.

Wondering, who I’m talking about? Your guess is absolutely right. Yes I’m talking about the richest child actors across the world. Sometimes I feel , the term ‘child actors’ sounds too small to measure the height of their talents, popularity and wealth. Here is a list of top 10 richest child actors 2022, who are acting sensation and winning millions of heart with their versatility.

10. Levi miller: $1 million, 15 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

Born and raised in Australia, Levi Zane Miller is an actor and model. Though he has not worked in many films and TV shows but after doing a role in a multi-million dollar flick and signing a contract with Ralph Lauren Children’s wear, you can assume how the dashing actor secured a position in this list. He made his debut in 2015 with the super hit film ‘Pan’ playing the leading role as Peter Pan. In addition to that, he has also been featured in some other movies like ‘Red dog: True blue’, ‘A Heartbeat Away’ and ‘Jasper Jones’. Currently he is working in his next film ‘A Wrinkle in Time’.

9. Max Charles: $1 million, 14 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

Born in Dayton, Ohio, US, in 2003, Max Charles is an American child actor. He started his acting career at the very small age of 7 when he first appeared in third season episode of HBO series ‘True Blood’ in 2010. Since then he has been working unstoppable. So far he has acted in almost 21 films & 16 TV shows. His most famous TV Shows are ‘Raising Hope’, ‘Hot in Cleveland’, ‘Constantine’ and ‘The Neighbors’. The charming and all-around young kid has won the ‘Young Artist Award’ in 2013 for his tremendous acting in TV show ‘The Neighbors’. At 2016 Saturn Award, he was also nominated as ‘The Best Young Actor’ for his incredible perfomance in TV series ‘The Strain’.

8. Mia Talerico: $2 million, 9 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

At the age of 8, this cute girl is millionaire. Can you believe this? When we youngsters are struggling to earn a decent income, this little girl is making millions. Mia was born in California, US in 2008 to Chris & Claire Talerico. She started her filmy career very early when she was just 11 months old with the Disney channel’s ‘The Good Luck Charlie’. This show made her inscribe her name in this list. The Disney princess has also been featured in ‘Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas’ and ‘Shadow theory’. The thing that put Mia apart from other child actors is that she doesn’t forget to enjoy her childhood in course of fame.

7. Chandler Riggs: $2 million, 18 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

Born in 1999, Chandler Riggs is well known for his debut performance as Carl Grimes in TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. Who hasn’t watched this renowned horror drama released in 2010? I guess, everyone has watched. This TV series has smashed all the previous records and is ranked as the highest rated in cable Television history. It not only gave him a career boom, but also made him secure the 7th position in this list. Apart from this series, he has also acted in some other TV shows and Films. The charismatic actor has bagged 4 awards for his terrific performance in on-going TV series ‘The Walking Dead’.

6. Ty Simpkins: $2 million, 16 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

At just the age of 15, Simpkins is already an industry‘s blue eyed boy. Landing coveted roles from TV screen to the big screen, he has worked with some of the world’s most acclaimed and biggest actors and directors. Born in Los Angeles, US, Simpkins is meant to be an actor only as he got his first acting offer form TV series ‘One Life to Live’ when he was even yet to come in this world.

Later he played this role when he was just a three weeks infant. Along with many films and TV series, he has starred in three biggest blockbusters of all time ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Jurassic World’, and ‘Insidious’. How this god-gifted and endearing actor can remain without bagging an award? He won 2016 Saturn Award for his prodigious performance in Jurassic World.

5. Rowan Blanchard: $2-3 million, 16 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

The 5th position in this list is occupied by Rowan Blanchard, a glamorous American actress, born in Los Angeles, US, in 2001. She started her acting career at the age of nine with the film ‘The Back-up Plan’. Her most eminent film is ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World’ released in 2011. Though she has not made many notable marks in the industry but the TV sitcom ‘Girl Meets World’, lasted from 2014-17, made her a global icon. At that time, she signed this contract for $10K/episode. After this big deal, it doesn’t come as surprise that the net worth of this young actress touches the seven figures. Besides being an actress, she is also an activist in areas such as ‘feminism’, ‘human rights’ and ‘gun violence’.

4. Quvenzhané Wallis: $3 million, 14 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

This indomitable African-American little actress was born in 2003, in Louisiana, US. I’m impressed with this girl. Truly! Being a daughter of a truck driver, she is a self-made global star in such a tender age. You deserve a bow girl! She made her acting debut in 2012 with the film ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’. This film made her an overnight star, for which she became the youngest actress ever to receive a nomination for the ‘Academy Award for Best Actresses and also the first person born in 21st century to be nominated for the Oscars. Along with that, Wallis has also won many Awards for her unbeatable acting. She didn’t do many films but whichever she did, touched the sky of success.

3. Willow Smith: $4-5 million, 17 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

Born in Los Angeles, US, in 2000, Willow Smith is an American acting, singing and dancing sensation. The younger sister of Jaden Smith made her acting debut in 2007 with the film ‘I Am Legend’. Same year she has starred in another hit ‘Kit Kittredge: An American Girl’ for which she won the ‘Best Young Artist Award’. After 3 successful years in acting, she stepped into singing. She launched her first music ‘Whip My Hair’ in 2010, which bagged her 2 awards. Till 2010, she was not a star but this song gave her the global recognition in real terms. Later in 2015 she released her debut music album. Being the youngest artist to sign jay-Z’s record label, Willow manages to be the third richest teen actors.

2. Rico Rodriguez: $7 million, 19 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World

Sometimes destiny decides the best for you, no matter what want and plan for. The same happened with famous, chubby and cute teen actor Rico, who dreamt of becoming a NASCAR chef and flying to the moon. Born in 1998, in Texas, US, Rico left his dream behind and began acting in 2009 with the TV sitcom ‘Modern Family’. After winning 10 awards for his outstanding performance, he has been the household of this show. No wonder why he is so famous for his character Manny Delgado in the show. His filmy career includes some other movies and TV shows but it is only the show ‘Modern Family’ that made him rank in 2nd position in this list. Interestingly, the phenomenal actor wrote a book titled “Reel Life Lessons… So Far”, that was published in 2012.

1. Jaden Smith: $8 millions, 19 years old

Richest Child Actors in the World 2019

Yes! You read it right. Jaden Smith is the richest child actor right now. Walking into his father Will Smith’s footprints, Jaden is also an actor, songwriter and rapper. At this young age, Jaden proudly accomplished more than most in the world of entertainment. He made his acting debut in 2006 with the film ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and won MTV award for his incredible performance in the movie. In his 2 blockbusters ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and ‘After Earth’, he co-starred with his father. He also shared the screen with legendary Jackie Chan in his super hit film ‘The Karate Kid’. Now it’s quite obvious why he is the richest child actor.

These are the 10 richest child actors right now. They are not only the rich kids but also a full package of talent, hard-work, dedication and cuteness. Apart from entertaining us, they are also an inspiration for millions. All of them are so talented that one day certainly they will be the big star in the industry.


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