“As we evolve our homes should, too”. The furniture in a home says a lot about the enigma and personality of the family. The furniture takes up majority of space in your home and makes it welcoming and complete.

We choose furniture for our living room we tends to research a lot and select a timeless and stylish pieces of furniture that perfectly fits our decor and budget. This may be the only fashion trend that solely depends on creativity. One can pick up from a range of contemporary, modern, traditional or eclectic mix.

To complete your fashion goals for furniture we present you a list of top ten furniture brands of the world 2021 to spice up your decor.

10. French Heritage

Best Furniture Brands in World 2019

Founder: Jacques Wayser and Henessy Wayser
Established in: 1981
Headquarters: North Carolina, United States
Website: www.frenchheritage.com

French Heritage is a fashion forward high end furniture manufacturing company that is known for its beautifully crafted French styled furnishings. The company provides their customers custom made luxurious furniture that is exported all over the world. French Heritage is excelled in creating a piece of art in form of furniture. Their eye for detail and perfection is what makes is stand out from the rest. The company is very much inspired by Architectural accents and heritage fashion influences of Paris avenues.

9. Henkel Harris:: America’s Finest furniture

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Carroll Henkel , Mary Henkel and John Harris
Established in: 1946
Headquarters: Winchester , Virginia
Website: www.henkelharris.com

Henkel Harris has always produced antique furniture which is recognised for its finish, durability and high clarity. The company was started by husband wife Carroll and Mary with their friend John from a scratch. They started with a handful of projects but after getting positive response from their customers, they decided to go big and now they are one of the most trusted names in Furniture business. The Henkel Harris furniture is prominently known for its artistic finish.

8. Fendi Casa

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Adele and Edoardo Fendi
Established in: 1925
Headquarters: Rome, Italy
Website: www.fendi.com

The ambassador of new Rome, Fendi Casa is the finest brand of furniture at present. Fendi Casa’s furniture has a feel for contemporary style. The brand is recognized all over the world for its elegant furniture and majestic finish. Their creative and bold approach for new ideas makes them stand out from rest of the competitors. The brand was acclaimed globally in 1987 when they collaborated with the Blub House Italia. Fendi Casa always sets a unconventional fashion trends in furniture markets.

7. Christopher Guy

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Christopher Guy
Established in: 1993
Headquarters: Florida, United States
Website: www.christopherguy.com

Christopher Guy, a British luxury furniture designer, can be recognised with a Chris –X (Chris Cross).The CG brand of furniture are known for reflecting a contemporary mood blended with classic values. The expensive item in this brand comes under life time guarantee and hence is worth for money. CG provides a very large range of house fittings, best in class dining table with extra ordinary office furniture. The founder Christopher Guy is responsible for designing some of the sets for movies like Casino Royale and the epic hotel room from The Hangover.

6. Poliform

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Alberto Spinelli , Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani
Established in: 1970
Headquarters: Brianza, Italy
Website: www.poliform.it

Poliform was founded in 1970, evolving from an artisan company that was founded way back in 1942. Poliform is known across the globe for providing modern furniture of best design and traditional beauty. Poliform has been defined as the sassiest brands of furniture by the critics. Their design tends to crafting classy furniture with modern designs. Poliform furniture uses the best available raw material to provide durability to their furniture. The company provides a wide range of home decor items.

5. Boca Do Lobo

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Amandio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhaes
Established in: 2005
Headquarters: Porto, Portugal
Website: www.bocadolobo.com

Boca Do Labo may be the newest kid on the furniture brand but they had made their name in the market for their high end design. The proud winner of the Belly Rodi Trend awards from 2010 to 2013, Boca Do Labo is one of the leading item brands at present. It presents a classic collection of bathroom items, luxurious bedroom furniture and majestic living room delight. They provide a limited edition of furniture as they tend to believe in quality rather than quantity.

4. Kartell

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Giulio Castelli
Established in: 1949
Headquarters: Milan, Italy
Website: www.kartell.com

Kartell was originally started as an automobile accessories manufacturer in 1949 and later evolved as home furnishing company in 1963.The goods and furniture of Kartell are created with a lot of precision and glamour. Owing the furniture of Kartell is something to be proud of as it costs you a fortune. Kartell has expertise in crafting a classy design with a feel of royalty and grace. It provides a soothing effect to the eye. The brand personalizes the furniture’s design and pattern according to the owner. Kartell also had collaborations with other designing companies to provide best services to its customers.

3. Edra

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: Valerio Mazzei , Monica and Massimo Morozzi
Established in: 1987
Headquarters: Tuscany, Italy
Website: http://www.edra.com

Edra is very well famed for its high quality production and outside of fashion trend approach. Edra’s furniture maintains a critical balance between modern technology and artistic tradition. That critical balance finally leads them to perfection of furniture good. Edra is recognized for expensive and beautiful furniture while following the traditions. They believe in the philosophy that the best fancied furniture available in the market is the traditional one. A little blend of modern techniques and bold design to it , and you get a flawless modern masterpiece from Edra .

2. Henredon

Best Furniture Brands in World

Founder: T Henry Wilson, Ralph Edwards, Donnell VanOppen and Sterling Collet.
Established in: 1945
Headquarters: North Carolina, United States
Website: www.henredon.com

Henredon is one the most famous brands that is celebrated for it reliable and high end products. The major unique selling point of Henredon is that apart from having latest manufacturing techniques one can still observe a considerable amount of hand and detail work. It is observed that in case of Henredon, money does not matter. The Company provides best and wide range of variety in chairs, dining tables, beds and other accessories.

1. Restoration Hardware

Best Furniture Brands in World 2019

Founder: Stephen Gordon
Established in: 1979
Headquarters: California, United States
Website: www.restorationhardware.com

Restoration Hardware is globally acclaimed and one of the finest furniture brands in the World. RH offers world a heritage of timeless design of unparalleled feel. RH offers his customers high end doors, beautiful home furniture and decor delight. The authority of the brand is stamped on its furniture and can be observed in their combination of inspired design. They offer a variety in Furniture, lighting, textiles, bath-ware and decor.

A well designed and furnished home signify civilised and pleasant ambiance. From a simple coffee table in office to a grand dining table in home, world class furniture always leaves a long lasting impression. A beautiful Sofa Suite, a classy bedroom and a ravishing bathroom can really lift you even in your off days. Furniture is a silent aspect of our lives and its importance can only be felt at its absence. So, set your furniture fashion goals and be set to own a piece of art in your drawing room .



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