Ten Famous & Richest Preachers in the World Right Now

A preacher is a destined leader belonging to a Christian gathering that functions to facilitate mortality by conveying spiritual guidance to public all around the world. They are usually measured as a man of God as they carry out straight forward preaching of spiritual abilities and spirit to general public. They get dual advantage from doing this as day-by-day they enhance their spiritual understandings and they accumulate wealth as well. Certain preachers have become so prosperous that they have made millions of money through their churches and other investments in the field.

Are you interested who delivers spiritual preaching all over the world? Well, read below sections to get thorough insights about this:

10. Joseph Prince: Net Worth 2017 – Net worth $5 Million:

Joseph Prince Top Popular Richest Preachers 2018

Joseph Prince is stared as leader of the biggest church all over Asian countries and earns a high net worth of $5 million per year. He was born to a Sikh pastor and during his initial days he was employed in form of an IT advisor; his improbable career has accumulated a huge following globally from Malaysia to the US as well. This admiration is partly appreciations to few friends as Joel Osteen of Lakewood Megachurch who has remained host of several lectures. Being one of the utmost internet know-how of the preachers listed, Prince has an online video as well as podcast with a following stemmed from more than 150 countries.

9. Matthew Ashimolowo- Net worth $10 Million:

Matthew Ashimolowo is documented as a priest from Nigeria, who is actually the senior priest of Kingsway International Christian Centre (briefly as KICC) running in London city. To acquire advantages of his preaching, you can watch his Winning Ways series that is broadcasted regularly on television in countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria. Forbes has assessed Ashimolowo’s net worth to be around $6-10 million, but the precise figure is $10 million today. It is identified that main part of his earning originates from the auction of Christian documentaries as well as literature from his company named Matthew Ashimolowo media. Ashimolowo also funds to and clarifies success in the approach of Prosperity theology, which is primarily regarded as debated.

8. Chris Okotie- Net worth $10Million:

Chris Okotie is known to be a famous Nigerian based pastor and televangelist, which is essentially a Pentecostal gathering operating since year 1987 in Lagos. He owns the guiding philosophy that implies that greatness does not intricate in being great but in the proficiency to transform other people great. The preacher has been bestowed with a Karis award that presents recognition to, while monetarily funding Nigerian citizens who had presented eminent service to the country.

7. T.B. Joshua: Net Worth 2017 – Net worth $15 Million:

T.B. Joshua owns a status of conveying a different and notable inspiration in his native – Nigeria and he is stared as a Prophet by mainstream of his audience. This preacher fundamentally preaches from his home town of Lagos, situated in Nigeria, and Joshua has an excellent net worth of $15 million with more than 1.5 million facebook fans. He holds a past of managing “Anointed Water” to numerous people universally, primarily through the modern Ebola disaster.

6. T.D.Jakes- Net worth $18 Million:

T.D.Jakes is known to be the forerunner of the Potter’s House Megachurch as well as Potter’s Touch television program being delivered. Jakes is a common face known on several national broadcast stations all over the globe. Jakes has even been stared with both Presidents Bush (through the Hurricane Katrina repercussion) as well as Obama (operating a morning church provision in year 2009) who have both observed on his authentic intentions and activities. Mainstream of his revenue has been created in auctions of his gospel music (for this music he has been bestowed with one Grammy award), books and various syndicated attendances.

5. Billy Graham- Net worth $25 Million:

Billy Graham Top Famous Richest Preachers 2018

Billy Graham is a preacher recognized among the most renowned and long-lived preachers on the world today. This preacher was once entitled by people as “America’s Pastor” and he gained education in Anthropology and Biblical Studies by the Trinity Bible College, situated in Florida State. In the area of preaching, he has been active for numerous momentous events of the most recent two generations. From releasing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr out of prison in the bout for Civil Rights, to writing and assisting Nixon throughout the Vietnam War, the preacher has continuously been very political inclined for carrying spiritual values.

4. Creflo Dollar- Net worth $27 Million:

This preacher is acknowledged as one of the glitziest of all the American Ministers. Creflo Dollar owns a Rolls Royce, $2.5 million dollar worth assets and in recent several years he has been offered an F by the Ministry Watch for monetary limpidity. It was mentioned that, Dollar was detained in year 2013 for deceptively attacking his daughter but the custodies were released after contracts to collaborate anger management associations. Dollar alike a many of his friends in the list preaches solely the “prosperity” gospel. He is extremely educated as he has got a Bachelor’s in Science for Education from college named West Georgia College, and it is identified that this pastor has still to edify the details of “Do unto Others”.

3. Benny Hinn- Net worth $42 Million:

Benny Hinn is renowned all over the world as the most amenably debatable of any American Televangelist and has a great net worth of $42 million. He was once appealing a gospel that authorizes faith healing; he has been reviewed by the US Senate for process of tax status. Irrespective of this shaded financial situation, the preacher works to possess a solid fellowship in both Canada as well as US. Fans of his preaching consider that if they are prayed over, they can be cured of any difficult sickness. From his high net worth, Hinn has acquired a luxurious Gulfstream G4 jet.

2. Chris Oyakhilome- Net worth $50 Million:

Chris Oyakhilome is a preacher belonging from Lagos native, who possesses an extremely hectic schedule to earn this high net worth. His preaching not just comprises an undeniably massive fellowship division, but even has subdivisions for humanitarian support and system of education. The preacher even possesses three different television channels that accumulate up to 2.5 million views per night event. As is it is quite common for people with the “faith healing” gospel, there is certain criticism, basically from the Treatment Action Campaign in contradiction to his privileges of faith healing AIDS.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo- Net worth $150 Million:

Bishop David Oyedepo Top 10 Richest Preachers 2017

Bishop David Oyedepo is a preacher who crowns the major church in the world and he is the theoretical host of the Holy Ghost. Being one of the chief creators of the Nigerian Christian Charismatic movement, Bishop also applies control on churches in 45 different African nations, as well as some in Dubai, UK and the US as well. The preacher has been guided by Adeboye and so it is simple to perceive that he accepted the formulation of church in well manner. Apart from his contributions in churches, his preaching also outreach inside his native continent where his ministry has funded in the progress of schools, hospitals, and maternity facilities. Because of his worldwide successes, two of his sons are also following his footsteps by leading both the South African as well as London Winners’ Chapel partitions.

Preachers mentioned have excelled in conveying their spiritual knowledge throughout the world. Based on the high level education they have received and through their devotion in conveying their knowledge, they have reached this height of success by being a millionaire.



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