As the world is becoming rapidly advanced and with the occurring of chains of events, the curiosity of the people to know those events, are at the edge of their minds! And there are journalists who keep us updated with the latest event occurring across the globe within a minute or two through the medium of television or the Internet.

There are some different kinds of journalists as well such as Australian-born Julian Assange who is popular for leaking the top-secret and confidential documents to the public, there is a journalist who hosts the sports show, television show, etc. Here is the list of top ten richest and popular journalists around the world in 2022.

10. Roy Firestone| American| Net worth: $1.5 Million

Richest Journalists 2019

Roy Firestone is an American sports commentator, Film & TV show actor, and a television journalist. Roy Firestone started his career as a reporter and anchor WTVJ. After that, he switched to KCBS-TV as a sports anchor. According to the celebrity net worth, the estimated net worth of Roy Firestone is about $1.5 million. He was born on December 8, 1953, in Miami Beach, Florida and currently he is 63 and hosting AOL’s Time Out with Roy Firestone and he is the host of HDNet’s Face to Face with Roy Firestone.

9. Ian Halperin| Canadian| $2 Million

Richest Journalists

Montreal-born, Ian Halperin is popular for his pen work and documentary films. Ian Halperin is a Canadian investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker, and writer. His books Bad And Beautiful: Inside the Dazzling And Deadly World of Supermodels, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, Bad And Beautiful: Inside the Dazzling And Deadly World of Supermodels and Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family are the best sellers. Though the large part of Ian’s net worth comes from his books and documentary films and his net worth of $2 million.

8. Lauren Susan Green| American| $2.1 Million

Richest Journalists

Lauren has a net worth of $2.1 million which she made by hosting various television shows and by anchoring some popular show on Fox tv channel. Lauren Green was born on June 30, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States and she is currently 52 years old. She went to the University of Minnesota and earned a Bachelor of Music in piano performance. Moreover, she graduated from the Medill School of Journalism. She is currently the Chief Religion Correspondent for the Fox News Channel and before that she was the anchor of morning show Fox and Friends.

7. Chris Rose| American| net worth: $3 Million

Richest Journalists

Christopher Rose is an American sportscaster for the MLB Network and NFL(National Football League) Network. He was the play-by-play announcer for Fox’s coverage of NFL during the year 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 and the same goes for Fox’s coverage of MLB. He is currently hosting the ABC’s sports series called BattleBots. Christopher was born on January 27, 1971. Rose attended University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His net worth is $3 million and once he also hosted a poker show called Million Dollar Challenge.

6. Lisa Marie Joyner| Networth: $4 Million

Richest Journalists

Lisa Marie Joyner is one of the hottest and beautiful journalists, hosting celebrity shows and news on KTTV and KCBS-TV. She earned her net worth of $4 Million by hosting shows such as US version of Find My Family on the ABC network, America’s Sweethearts, Long Lost Family, Infinity segments on the TV Guide Network, etc and movies like XXX: State of the Union. She is currently married to actor Jon Cryer and still appeared on television shows.

5. Milo Yiannopoulos| British| $4 Million

Richest Journalists

The British Journalist and author have earned an ample amount of fortune from his book and startups. According to the born rich, the estimated net worth of Milo Yiannopoulos is staggering $4 Million with an unknown annual salary. in December 2016. Milo Yiannopoulos received a $250,000 advance payment from Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher to publish his Autobiography Dangerously. Milo Yiannopoulos previously worked for Breitbart as a Contributing Editor and ultimately started working in the Breitbart Tech section. His articles raised impact on readers and he subsequently started working for Wired, TechCrunch and other tech sections.

A British writer, journalist and entrepreneur Milo are widely known for his autobiography called ‘Dangerous’, various controversies and campus speaking tour called “The Dangerous Faggot Tour” which took place across the United States in quite popular universities. Moreover, he is the public speaker, media personality, and former senior editor for Breitbart News. He has previously worked for Tech crunch,, Caspian publishing, and many other popular companies

4. Jackie Guerrido| American| $10 Million

Richest Journalists

Jackie Guerrido is the hottest News anchor and journalist in the world who is working as a Puerto Rican television weather forecaster and the journalist for more than decades now. Currently, she is married to popular music artist Don Omar and has two kids with him name Tomás Ramírez and Adieny Núñez. The estimated net worth of Jackie Guerrido is staggering $10 Million. Earlier she had also worked in HBC Radio Company, WRMA radio and WSCV TV as a traffic reporter in Miami.

3. James May| British| $15 Million

Richest Journalists

James Daniel May is a British television presenter and journalist widely known for presenting BBC’s motor show called Top Gear. He also writes for Daily Telegraph in their motoring section every week. Moreover, he is also presenting a grand tour (GT) series as being a director of the production company W. Chump Sons. Moreover, he is scheduled to direct and telecast other shows based on Science, travel & lifestyle and technology. As per the report of 2014, the net worth of James Daniel May is $15 Million.

2. Julian Assange| Australian | Networth: NA

Richest Journalists

An Australian-born journalist, former computer hacker and cyber Security expert co-founder and director of WikiLeaks, Julian Paul Assange is responsible for making confidential and classified documents available to the public. He is a well-known controversial face for posting the most sensitive document on their website In 1991 he was arrested for computer hacking in Australia and discharged in 2006. He has also lived in countries like Sweden, Kenya, Britain, and the USA several times. His autobiography earned him almost $1.3 million and earning from Wiki Leaks is whopping $86,000,000 US dollars. Still, you can make the statement about the net worth of this most secretive man.

1. Anderson Cooper| American| $100 Million

Richest Journalists 2019

Anderson Cooper is America’s most popular and the richest news anchors and television personalities, journalist and author in the world. He is currently representing the news show of CNN called Anderson Cooper 360 degrees which are broadcasted live from CNN’s studios in Washington, D.C. and New York City studio. Moreover, he is a member of one of America’s wealthiest families and the highest-paid TV anchors in America. His parents were also one of the most known and reputed people in the United Stared and of course among the richest ones.

According to the richest and celebrity net worth, the estimated net worth of Anderson Cooper is staggering $100 million US dollars with an annual income of whopping $11 million US dollars. Moreover, his family has a fortune of more than $100 million US dollars. A 91-year old Gloria Vanderbilt lays claim to an estimated $200 million net worth but not even a single penny of it going to Cooper or his net worth will be $300 million. but still, $100 million is staggering and he managed to rank #1 on the list of top ten richest journalists in the World.

These journalist from different sectors are doing their jobs to dig out the truth and expose it to common people without overwhelming the content. List of top journalists does not end here, but they are the richest and most known journalists we will ever see today. Without this journalist and hosts, the television shows, news channels, and live sports will become insipid to watch.


  1. Did Milo Yiannopoulos really go from being worth $4 million in July 2018 to being worth negative $2 million today, as reported in the news? Seems doubtful, starting with the $4 million figure in this story.


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