Plastic is one of the most important materials that have a wide range of uses in the real world. It is used both for commercial and consumer uses. In commercial industries plastic is used for making pipes, window linings and a host of other construction materials. The world would not be what it is today without plastic.

Plastic is very easy to manufacture which is why it is very cost effective to use commercially. Plastic is also used for laying roads in some developed countries. Even though plastic has a lot of drawbacks, the advantages of plastic far outweigh its demerits. In India, plastic is widely used for a variety of purposes such as pipes, carry bags, containers and some companies even manufacture food grade plastic to use as containers for food and water.

The following are some of the 10 best plastic manufacturing and marketing companies in India in 2022. These companies manufacture a wide range of plastic goods ranging from irrigation systems, furniture and for residential and commercial applications.

10. Kingfa Science and Technology Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India 2019

This company is not an Indian company but it stars on this list because of its contribution to the Indian market both in terms of market share, product sales, and job creation. Kingfa is a Chinese company that has its major manufacturing operations in India. This company is best known for its high strength, durable plastic casting products. This is why this company ranks number 10 on our list of top plastic companies in India.

9. Arrow Coated Products Ltd

Best Plastic Companies in India

This Indian company is one of the largest manufacturers in the country for biodegradable plastic products like microfilm and water soluble film products. This company is probably best known for their supply of soluble film products to pharmaceutical companies in the country. The company’s major products are the mouth melting strips and water soluble films. The company also has an export division which places it 9th on the list.

8. Wim Plast Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India

Wim Plast Ltd. traces its roots to Cello, one of the biggest stationery manufacturers in India. This subsidiary was established in 1986 and was later listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. This company manufactures plastic furniture which they manufacture using molds. Wim Plast uses the latest technology in molding and has several innovations to its name. The company is known for its durable furniture and is very popular in the domestic market which brings it to the 8th position in our list.

7. V.I.P. industries Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India

Another Mumbai-based corporation, V.I.P. industries is the largest manufacturer of luggage in Asia! The company was established in 1971 and since then, taken the luggage market by storm with their innovative and practical products. Their line-up of products include hard and soft luggage and their popularity is evident from the fact that almost everyone has had a V.I.P suitcase when they travel. V.I.P.’s recently launched branches; Sky bags and Aristocrat are also hugely popular in India. The company’s biggest achievement is in its record sales of close to 60 million units of luggage from its inception which makes it 7th on our list.

6. Nilkamal Ltd

Best Plastic Companies in India

This Mumbai-based plastic manufacturer is quite popular in India for their consumer and commercial products. Established in 1981, the company has set up a base for itself in the country and works hard to maintain its image. Nilakamal is best known for their plastic furniture line which includes chairs, tables, racks, and tools. They are a hugely popular manufacturing company in India and their market share speak volumes. The company has more than 35 regional offices with at least one per state. It is an ISO certified company and is popularity ranks it at 6th on our list.

5. Mayur Uniquoters Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India

Established in the year 1994, Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. is a consumer goods industry and is best known for its synthetic leather products. The company has become quite popular among consumers throughout India for their products. The company is one of the largest producers of synthetic leather products in the country and it also has offices all over the country. Apart from manufacture for domestic use, Mayur Ltd. also manufactures for export. Their range of products includes footwear, apparel, clothing, PU leather and synthetic leather products. Its consumer base ranks this company 5th in our list.

4. Responsive Industries Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India 2019

Responsive Industries Ltd. was set up in the year 1992 and is attributed to India’s first PVC and Vinyl processing plant. The company has been one of the major suppliers of Polyvinyl Chloride products in the country from when it was established. The company is the proud achiever of the biggest supplier of PVC flooring in India. With operations in 70 other countries as well, Responsive Ltd. is one of the few international plastic manufacturers. The company’s products include PVC flooring, soft sheeting, artificial leather and PVC pipes. This ranks the company at number 4.

3. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India

The next company on our list is the Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. It was commissioned in 1989 and the company has since been a leader in the manufacture of food-grade plastics and products. The company is probably best known for its invention of the integrated irrigation system which brought it huge recognition. The majority of this company’s products delve into the field of agriculture with products such as sprinkler irrigation systems, polyethylene pipes, plastic sheets and PVC pipes. The company is also a major supplier of micro irrigation systems. With this, the company ranks 3rd on our list.

2. Astral Poly Technik Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India

Established at the turn of the century in 1999, Astral Poly has been one of the largest manufacturers of pipes and piping products in India. They are popularly known because of an advertisement campaign featuring actor Salman Khan. Even without advertising, Astral pipes are well renowned for producing quality products both for residential and commercial purposes. The company’s dossier includes plastic products such as CVPC pipes which are mainly used in plumbing systems, pipes used in conduits in residential properties, agricultural piping products and industrial piping solutions which include fire systems. This company is number 2 on our list for its quality products.

1. Supreme Industries Ltd.

Best Plastic Companies in India

Supreme Industries is one of the oldest plastic industries to be commissioned in India with its inauguration being before independence in 1942. Supreme Industries’ founder Kantilal Modi is a pioneer in the field and expanded his company from scratch making it the largest producer of plastics in the country today. The company produces a total of 320,000 metric tons of top quality products annually both for domestic use and export. The company has two mega-factories in Noida and Silvassa. Its range of products includes plastic furniture, pipes, and petrochemicals. All this bag the top position for the company on this list.

The major the problem with plastic is that it is not biodegradable but these companies being the best in their field are constantly looking at new ways to solve this problem and have even come up with inventions which will help reduce the effect on the environment.



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