“If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.” It’s an old saying that you only get one chance to make first impression, which is true. And what else can make a better impression than a well dressed man. Believe it or not, Men are also very conscious about fashion and style. They do make effort to look their best and follow the latest fashion trends. Despite the many options, one thing that never goes style and is considered timeless are Suits. Suits for men are as essential as football or cars or beer. Everyone knows how a suit can transform a man. A good suit can be used whether going out to work, on a date or even for a night out. A well dressed man always had edge over others.

When you absolutely have to dress to impress, there is no better option than a well tailored suit .Apart from looking more stylish, you will feel more confident. Also, there is a suit for every occasion, Single breasted or British style suit for casual evenings, a double breasted/d Suit for elegant and classy look. Next is the Lounge suit for day wear and business suit for formal look. A well tailored suit is set a man apart from boys, and we present you a list of 10 best suit brands 2022 for your fashion goals.

10. Jack Victor

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World 2019

Founder: Jack Victor
Established in: 1913
Headquarters: Montreal,Canada
Website: http://www.jackvictor.com

Jack victor, since its inception, has been inspired by the virtues of excelling at product quality and providing fashion and superior value for its customers. While buying a suit from Jack Victor, you can be assured of its quality. The company had enrolled world class weavers for their material. With Jack Victor suit you will be getting a elegantly styled suit with classy looks. Jack victor makes the list because of its resourcefulness and high quality materials.

9. Dolce and Gabbana

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana
Established in: 1985
Headquarters: Milan, Italy
Website: www.dolcegabbana.com

D & G was started by two Italian fashion designers and now is a leading fashion brands across the globe. D&G made their name in fashion industry mostly, because of their quality materials and form fittings. From royal elegant looks to high end tuxedo, Dolce and gabbana offers quite a variety in designer suits. The suits from D & G might not be appropriate for workplace ideally but they certainly are perfect for outdoors. D&G is very well acclaimed by men who understand style.

8. Ravazzolo

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: Giuseppe Ravazzolo
Established in: 1950
Headquarters: Rome, Italy
Website: http://www.ravazzolo.com

Ravazzolo is known for their exceptional quality and styling. The company was started by a young man having genuine interest in art of tailoring. Ravazzollo carries a tradition of crafting excellent suits of excellent quality. Ravazzolo is often preferred because of its affordable prices. For its quality and incredible eye for details it is also referred as Baby Borini. The unique Italian style with wider lapels as compared to modern slim style Ravazzolo offers something unique to its clients.

7. Bironi

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini
Established in: 1945
Headquarters: Rome, Italy
Website: www.brioni.com

Bironi is an Italian subsidiary of menswear owned by French company Kering. The company was established by collaboration of a tailor and an entrepreneur. The company has been awarded with the Most prestigious men’s fashion luxury goods brands in America in 2007 and 2011. Bironi is known for their experimentation and bold shades along with precision tailoring. The brand endorses the tagline created for romance perfectly.

6. Coppley

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: G.C Coppley , E. Finch Noyes and James Randall
Established in: 1883
Headquarters: Canada
Website: www.coppley.com

Coppley, a suit brand which is known across the globe for its refined suits style and custom fittings. Currently, based in Canada, Coppley had a much colorful past. The ownership of Company shifted from one to another but that never affected the style and precision of their suits. Coppley offers a unique program where any tailor can provide measurements and one can have a world class suit delivered at home. Precise dimensions and a British style are the USP of Coppley.

5. Zegna

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: Ermenegildo Zegna
Established in: 1910
Headquarters: Milan, Italy
Website: www.zegna.com

Zegna is the largest menswear brand in the world by revenue and one of the biggest producers of fabrics. Zegna’s suits are known for its cutting edge trends, modern style and impeccably tailored materials. The fact that is stated about Zegna is that any piece of clothing with Zegna tag on it will be fashionable for the coming years. Zegna is highly recommended for men who want to keep their look modern and fashionable. The brand was endorsed by Oscar wining Adrien Brody.

4. Canali

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder : The Canali Family
Established in: 1934
Headquarters: Sovico, Italy
Website: www.canali.com

The business was started by Glacomo Canali and Giovanni Canali as family Business. Canali creates over 2.75 millions of menswear annually and around 80 % of which are exported. It is known for its bold textures, creative contrast and vintage design in Suits. All of their exceptional material is often made from natural fibers. Canali is highly favorable for those, who want suits for work and casual and experimenting looks. The brand was endorsed by the famous New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera.

3. Hugo Boss

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: Hugo Boss
Established in: 1924
Headquarters: Metzingen, Germany
Website: www.hugoboss.com

Hugo boss, abbreviated as BOSS is a German fashion house famous for his high end products. Initially, a uniform supplier for Nazi party during World War II, Hugo Boss made fortunes after turning their focus to Men Suits. Hugo boss’ Suits are well famed for its Timeless and elegant style. Whether a classic fit or a modern one, Hugo Boss always has something special to offer. Hugo Boss is the representation of iconic style in United States and across the globe.

2. Armani

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World

Founder: Gorgio Armani
Established in: 1975
Headquarters: Milan,Italy
Website: www.gucci.com

Armani is a well celebrated name in fashion industry. Armani is the fastest growing fashion brand in Industry. The brand presents various options and creates new fashion goals for men. Armani suits are available in so many fabrics. The Unique selling price of Armani Suits is the eye for details. Every single details of suit are noted and polished accordingly. Armani suits can be spotted in many Hollywood movies, with several stars flaunting the brand. Armani is known for its versatility, flair and style.

1. Gucci

Best Men's Suit Brand in The World 2019

Founder: Guccio Gucci
Established in: 1921
Headquarters: Italy
Website: www.gucci.com

Well, this brand need not require an introduction and is considered the best. Gucci provides the latest fashion trends blended with the classic Italian fabric and style. It is the largest selling Italian Fashion brand in the world. This spectacular brand was started by Guccio Gucci as he was impressed by the fashion collection of the urban people in Paris. The company has seen many ups and downs but still is considered as one of the most valuable brands. Gucci is harsh on pocket but is worth it. Many celebrities can be seen flaunting Gucci in red carpet events.

It is recommended that one should own at least one good suit. Although, the fashion trends ever-changing, even then investing in a suit can never be a bad idea. Different occasion often demands different attires and with suits in your Arsenal, one can be assured of versatility and class. A well dressed man is respected everywhere. So, get up, suit up and be awesome.




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