Top Ten Richest Towns in The World Right Now

Richest towns in the world presently highlights the affluence of the town form every aspects like its economy, trade, business, facilities, people’s lifestyle, history, etc.

It fundamentally analyses a town’s performance from a business viewpoint, merging measures that are pointers that can be largely supposed of as apprehending economic health. These are the towns that records higher business with the more wealth that moves through that area. These towns of the world are home to few of the wealthiest people as well as include the most successful companies of the world. Many of the places of the towns are constantly rated the best place in the world to live and all of them are also situated in rich countries with stable government administrations.

Are you interested to know which are the richest towns in the world today and from which country they belong? Well, below sections will help you get clear idea:

Here are the top 10 Richest Towns in The World in 2017-2018

10. Shanghai, China-GDP: $540 Billion

Shanghai, China Top Popular Richest Towns in The World Right Now 2017

Having Beijing as the political and cultural seat of China, Shanghai is identified to be its commercial centre and it is expected to stay the same for many years to come. Being one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of country China, Shanghai is an international financial centre and transport hub, with the busiest container port of world. Shanghai is considered rich as it has been labelled as the “showpiece” of the thriving economy of China.

The town is famous for its Lujiazui skyline, museums and historic buildings making it a rich heritage. It is known that majority of its leading industries engage in chemical, tourism, and steel production subdivisions. Apart from this, majority of foreign groups have selected Shanghai as its home, which significantly adds to the status and appeal of the once recognized small fishing village located on the Chinese east coast.

9. Moscow, Russia- GDP: $546 Billion

After getting intricate in many wars and ancient milestones, Moscow town presently offers a large portion of the country’s supply of food, minerals, steel, and chemicals. This city of Russia owns one of the major municipal economies in Europe as well as it accounts over 1/5 of Russian GDP. By year 2015, the nominal GRP in the town reached $0.22 trillion($0.6 trillion in terms of Purchasing Power) and $18,000 per capita (which is $51,000 per capita in terms of Purchasing Power. )

8. Chicago USA- GDP: $550 Billion

Chicago’s roots are so deep that they would trace back to Native Americans of the town that named the Windy City home. The city is home to the deep-dish pizza, a cooking offering infrequently found anywhere else, basketball as well as an Italian dish. The modern foundation of Chicago started from year 1833, and its development continued till today.

In year 2016, Chicago hosted more than 54 million domestic and global visitors, which is actually a new record positioning it one of the top visited towns in the USA. Rich landmarks in the town comprise Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, the Magnificent Mile, Museum Campus, Museum of Science and Industry, the Willis (Sears) Tower, and Lincoln Park Zoo.

7. Osaka, Japan- GDP: $679 Billion

Osaka has its origins traced back to 6 BC and presently it is known as one of the oldest and historically momentous towns in Japan. Osaka is only 223 square kilometers of its total land area that can be stated as an urban metro. The remaining part of the town’s land is allocated for agricultural and cultural activities.

The town holds a rich tourism base as its tourist attractions comprise the Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Castle. The GDP in the Osaka area (consisting of Osaka and Kobe) is approximately $341 billion and has one of the most productive hinterlands in the globe. As per global consulting firm Mercer, Osaka town was the second most affluent city for emigrant employees in year 2009 in the world.

6. Paris, France- GDP: $694 Billion

Apart from being the City of Romance, Paris is presently the Fashion Capital of the World, along with high end clothing brands prevalent in their streets. Many famous fashion designers and models are increasing in the city day-by-day to make it big. You can observe rich places which are worth of attention like the Champs Elysees, well-known Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe.

In present time, the economy of the town is depended primarily on services and commerce. Out of the 390,480 enterprises running in the city, 80.6 percent are involved in transportation, commerce, and different services, 6.5 percent involved in construction, and only 3.8 percent is dedicated in industry.

5. London, United Kingdom- GDP: $756 Billion

London, United Kingdom Top Most Popular Richest Towns in The World Right Now 2018

London is considered as the most sighted destination for several people from varied races, religions, cultures, and creating London a major melting pot of the globe. London prospers on finance as well as banking sectors in the matter of commerce and economy. It is noted that an increasing number of technology companies are founded in London mainly in East London Tech City, even referred as Silicon Roundabout. In year 2014, London was cited as the European City of the Future by FDi Magazine in the 2014/15 list.

4. Seoul, South Korea- GDP: $804 Billion

Seoul was founded long back in early 17BC and is stared to be one of the oldest surviving towns in the East Asian part now. In today’s era, tourists from all over the globe encompasses in Seoul, visiting noteworthy places like Namsan Park, the Korean War Memorial, Changdeokgung Palace and the N Seoul Tower. Due to an economic boom named the Miracle on the Han RiverToday, Seoul is regarded a leading and developing global city. This economic boom has transformed Seoul to the world’s 4th largest metropolitan economy today. Main businesses for which the town is considered rich are textile, electronic, iron and steel production.

3. Los Angeles, USA- GDP: $815 Billion

Los Angeles is the major manufacturing centre in the western US and its major wealth originates from manufacturing sector. The building of railroads enticed more developers and assisted to build business establishment till it bloomed to the town to what it is presently. It is usual that Los Angeles is acknowledged more as the filmmaking and showbiz centre in the US but major businesses found in the town relates to the finance and banking sectors. The town of USA is stared rich as it is home to six companies in year 2014 Fortune 500.

2. New York, USA- GDP: $1235 Billion

New York is cited as one of the most historically rich towns in the entire US as well as stands second in this list. Major attraction in the town includes the Statue of Liberty, the Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. New York is figured in the Anglo-Dutch War, where the Dutch country won the town but ultimately turned it over to the English as commanded through a contract in year 1647.

1. Tokyo, Japan- GDP: $1545 Billion

Tokyo, Japan Top Most Famous Richest Towns in The World Right Now 2018

Major industries that make Tokyo a rich town are publishing, electronics, and telecommunications. Based on a study carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the urban area of Tokyo consisting of 38 million people had an overall GDP of $2 trillion in year 2012 which topped the list. It is known that 51 of the companies mentioned on the Fortune Global 500 are based in Tokyo, which is nearly double that of the second-placed city -Paris.

Richest towns in the world are categorised mainly on aspect of GDP that differentiates each of them. These towns are unique in the way; they excel in some sectors that make them rich and stand out from the crowd.


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