When it comes to experiencing adventures that are out of this world, there is nothing quite like an immersive video game. Alien realms, high-speed race tracks, motion detection party games…and the options are endless! Surprisingly, there are video game players who just not play the games the enjoy the thrilling adventures that are out of the world but they get paid to play those games.

With the arrival of latest motion technology the video- game industry is now the most successful entertainment business in the world and created various teams of Video gamer players across the globe such as Dota 2’s Newbee and many individual video game players that take a part in various tournaments to prove themselves the champion and rewarded with plethora of money. Here are the top 11 richest gamers in the world in 2022.

11. Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez Santiago| USA| earned: $900,000| 10 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World 2019

This notorious Spanish video game player is one of the highest paid video game players in the world. Carlos is currently playing for the SK gaming group, a European gaming team and formerly he played for the World of the Warcraft. He has played more than 10 world tournaments such as ESL ESEA Pro tournament and won many awards as well. Carlos is known for his potential and performance while playing games such Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He earned about $1 Million US dollars from those gaming tournaments across the world.

10. Zhang “Mu” Pan| China| earned: $1,193,811.11 ($1.2Million US dollars)| 37 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Another Dotta 2 player, Zhang Mu pang from China started with Dotta 2 which was previously formed as the battle arena “Warcraft” and later known as ‘Defense of the Ancients’. He participated in more than 37 tournaments by now and in 2015 he took $1 million US dollars to home from more than five tournaments for his performance in Dota 2. He also plays “DotA: Allstars.” He is quite popular for his e-gaming and he plays individually rather than playing for any teams such as MLG teams, SK gaming group, Feriko etc.

9. Wang “SanSheng” Zhaohui| China | earned: $1,205,274.33| 45 Tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Zhaohui is another Chinese player, playing Dota: All-star and Dota 2 for years now. Last year he brought in almost $1,112,280.99 USD and this year till now he made $377,286 USD which is still increasing by playing Dota 2. Moreover, this Chinese player earned a thousand bucks by sponsorships and endorsement. He is known for his versatile gaming style and vigorous performance.

8. Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel| America | Earned: NA | 20 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

An annual income of Johnathan from various tournaments was $455,000 USD last year. Johnathan has participated in many tournaments such as Cyber-athlete Professional League, World Cyber Games Championship Gaming Series, painkiller, unreal tournaments 2003 and quake 3 arenas where he won 12 championship titles and won player of the champion awards four times with lifetime achievement award in video gaming industry. He plays Doom 3, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Quake.

7. Chen “Hao” Zhihao| China | earned: $1,562,946.23| 47 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Nicknamed “Gen. Hao” is China’s Dota 2 player who used to play Dota: All-star for team Newbee and known for his aggressive gaming style & enormous experience in gaming industry. According to records, he brought in a total of $1,739,333 USD. Previously he played for the gaming teams like Vici Gaming, Invictus Gaming, TongFu & TyLoo.

6. Sumail Hassan| Pakistan | earned: $1,640,777.34| 8 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World 2019

Suma1L a nicknamed professional Dota:2 player, that played for the video game team Evil Geniuses that won the Dota 2 Asia Championships in Shanghai in 2015. He also played in tournaments alongside the teams such as UNiVeRsE, Fear, and Aui_2000 & managed to win The International 2015. He brought in almost $2 Million US dollars in 2015 and currently playing for the Evil Geniuses(EG) in tournaments such as The Shanghai Major, Frankfurt Major and The International 2016.

5. Zhang “xioa8” Ning| China | earned $1,662,202.73| 44 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Zhang Ning is the captain of the team Newbee which won the “Dota 2” TI4 Grand Finals in Seattle last year. He used to play for LGD.Forever Young, Big God & LGD.cn. His team once moved to Invictus Gaming with the contract of $6 Million US dollars which was the complete fiasco. Currently, with the help of other team members, Ning managed to bring in $1 million USD per annum.

4. Clinton “Fear” Loomis| America | earned: $1,735,983.84 USD| 44 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Another Evil Geniuses Dota:2 player after Sumail Hassan, Clinton won The International 2012, the biggest “Dota 2” tournament in the world and brought in $1,326,932.14 USD. Previously, he played for PluG Pullers Inc, Online Kingdom & compLexity Gaming & currently top rated Dota:2 players in EG. Moreover, he trained the video game team of Evil geniuses for The International 2014 and ESL One Frankfurt 2014. He has played 44 tournaments and won 6 championship titles and other awards. Currently, his annual income is staggering $1.3 million US dollars.

3. Kurtis”Aui_2000″ Ling| Canada | earned: $1,881,147.04| 47 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Kurtis aka ‘Aui_2000’ is Canadian Dota 2 player and At 22, he’s the second-youngest in e-Sports Earning’s top 10. Last year he brought in nearly $2 Million US dollars from The International 2016, a biggest Dota 2 tournament in the world. He previously played for Speed.int, Team Dignitas, PotM Bottom and Evil Geniuses but he is currently playing for Team NP. He won total of 6 championships such as MLG Championship Columbus, Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 & Dota Pit League Sea 3 with EG and Team NP and took in $6,634,660.68 USD till now.

2. Peter “ppd” Dager| America | Earned:$1,961,183.29| 33 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World

Peter Dager was known as ‘ppd'(“peterpandam”) in the gaming world. Another player from Evil geniuses(CEO of the eSports organisation Evil Geniuses) and he is playing Dota:2. Previously he played for WanteD, Stay Free & Super Strong Dinosaurs. His annual income of $2 Million USD comes from his captain ship at Evil Geniuses. Moreover, he is the winner of Electronic Sports Prime/ Shock Therapy Cup, ESL One New York 2014 & World E-sport Championships 2014 where he earned the reputation of the professional video gamer and draw the attention of video games team across the globe.

1. Saahil “UNIVeRsE” Arora| America | earned: $1,964,038.64| 39 tournaments

Richest Gamers in The World 2019

An Indian origin, American professional video game player Sahil Arora aka UNIVeRsE is another player for Evil Geniuses and highest paid video Gamer in the world. UNiVeRsE or Sahil was part of the Online Kingdom squad, alongside Fear aka Clinton Loomis who participated in Dota 2 championship series, The International 2011 and in 2012 he finally won $1,600,000 USD.

After that, he had participated in various tournaments across the world that raised his reputation as the professional gamer and of course an annual income of $2.7 Million USD. Previously he played for It’s Gosu eSports, Quantic Gaming & Team secret with an annual income of $1 million US dollars.

If you were ever in any doubt about how much the professional video game payers earned by sponsorship and playing thrilling games like Counter-strike, GT5 & GT6, Dota 2 etc.check out this list of T-11 video game players. Moreover, since the dawn of the top-tier smartphones, the new era mobile gaming emerged and hence, new game players. The gaming industry with an arrival of latest technology and games growing bigger and bigger along with numerous profession video game players and Team of video game players such as Newbee, Team secret and Evil Geniuses.



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