10 Most Famous & Richest US Athletes Right Now

Today athletes have grossed immense amount of wealth just by consistently playing the game in which they are proficient.

Before few decades, there was a time when professional athletes were remunerated less as compared to the average celebrity in the US. Later, these athletes frequently had to take up odd jobs in the off-season simply to yield ends meet. There were such days but now they are just a history as now even the worst player playing on a sports team grosses minimum half a million per year.

You can get thorough information of how some of the top US athletes have made noteworthy contribution to their team that let them to gross millions, after reading below:

Here are the top 10 Most Famous & Richest US Athletes in 2017-2018

10. Shaquille O’Neal – $250 Million

Shaquille O’Neal Top Most Popular Richest US Athletes Right Now 2017

It is known that Shaquille earned millions while playing in the team NBA and also grossed high amount through product endorsements. When he finished his playing days in the team, Shaquille grossed more money by capitalizing much of it into partnership ownership of the Sacramento Kings, as well as by maintaining up with presence in the media. Working as a full time job as well as the endorsements still in continuation, it’s likely that Shaquille will also earn money for a quite long time. It is noted that Shaquille last played for Boston Celtics in the NBA, and is present analyst on the TV program running in the NBA.

9. Jack Nicklaus- $280 Million

Jack Nicklaus is a prominent name in the world of golf sports in which he gained major victories as compared to any other golfers. One of the most popular books in history of sports entitled “Golf My Way” was issued more than 40 years before by the Golden Bear himself; its famous copies are yet in demand presently. It is known that Nicklaus not only earned from book and the endorsements but he continued to earn millions each year, but also from successful companies. Recent reports suggest that he presently possesses a media company that accomplishes the endorsements of sportsperson, as well as he is the originator of Nicklaus Design, which has erected golf courses all over the world.

8. Don King – $290 Million

Don King established his name in the world of boxing and gained high net worth of $290 million. King raised to prominence after he was capable to endorse and set up a championship fight known as the “Rumble in the Jungle” arranged between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. When glancing at his early career, you can know that he has gained fame and wealth from representing Mike Tyson throughout his prime time in the early 1990’s. King is known as one of the richest promoter of boxing in this sport and he has amassed a living off of selling tickets as well as from pay per view events.

7. Alex Rodriguez- $300 Million

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most debated athletes of present 21st century with high net worth of $300 million. In the field of baseball, Rodriguez is a Dominican-American based third baseman and former professional baseball shortstop. This athlete gained major income as he played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball (briefly as MLB) for Texas Rangers, the Seattle Mariners, and New York Yankees. Prior Rodriguez rose to prominence with allegations; he has signed the richest contract deal known in the history of baseball at worth of $275 million with the New York Yankees.

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr.- $300 Million

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Top Famous Richest US Athletes Right Now 2018

Known as the most famous driver on the NASCAR circuit, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has amassed high net worth of $300 million presently. It is common to understand that majority of the popularity that Earnhardt has gained aroused from being the son of the NASCAR celebrity holding the same name. It is known that he has earned great wealth as for more than a decade; Earnhardt has received the NASCAR award for Most Popular Driver of the Year. Apart from his appearance in sports, Earnhardt has been stared in endorsements for numerous companies like Nationwide Insurance and Diet Mountain Dew. Other than this, Earnhardt even has a stake in the business of entertainment, plus two bars and an auto dealership.

5. Magic Johnson- $500 Million

Magic Johnson was playing consistently the basketball games but his career was tragically cut short after a diagnosis with HIV disease. In those times, the athlete had amassed a net worth of under $20 million just from playing basketball matches. Apart from his appearance in basketball, Johnson has acquired many restaurants and coffee shops on the west coast region that made him a profit.

Johnson has also used part of his net worth to acquire a stake in the Los Angeles Dodgers. This athlete has been positioned in at second place on the list for richest former NBA players and presently at third position in the list of all US athletes. He felt deep feelings for HIV as he was himself diagnosed with it so he awarded over $1.1 million to community-based administrations that works on HIV/AIDS education and its prevention.

4. Tiger Woods- $500 Million

Tiger Woods is a prominent US athlete in field of golf and he has amassed high net worth of $500 million presently from playing golf as well as his rest of the endorsements. Tiger also owns his own golf course design company which is known to attain global success. This US athlete was 14-time major winner making him the wealthiest professional golfer ever in the history. In year 2016, Woods grossed just $274,000 in salary as well as tournament earnings an incomes dwarfed by his huge $45 million drag from endorsement earnings.

3. Michael Jordan- $650 Million

Michael Jordan was once out of the league for over a decade but he has continued to add to his $650 million fortune. This US athlete was a member of the Chicago Bulls, and he has won six NBA titles that reached him into super-stardom all over the world. In his career in NBA, Jordan has worked to endorse every single product he can do, with the greatest beneficial being the Jordan brand of shoes that Nike Company has released which is presently a partnership owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

2. Arnold Palmer- $675 Million

Arnold Palmer is a US athlete who has collected immense wealth through endorsements deal apart from his major play. Through the endorsements still in continuation and auctions of his drink by the roof, it’s now not new that Palmer is included among the highest earners in history of sports. Other than his endorsements deals, Palmer owns his company named Arnold Palmer Enterprises that works for the endorsements, licensing, spokesman associations and profitable partnerships built for McCormack and Palmer.

1. Vince McMahon- $850 Million

Vince McMahon Top Most Famous Richest US Athletes Right Now 2018

Vince McMahon is renowned globally as an American professional wrestling promoter, former commentator, film producer, actor, announcer, and retired professional wrestler. Vince has taken over the company from his father in era of 1980s, but he has since then worked in the corporate area of the WWE and also in behind the scenes till date. Recently, he serves as the chairman, majority owner, and CEO of the wrestling promotion. Being an aged personality, Vince still works in WWE and has no plan of retirement yet which suggest his consistent net worth.

US Athletes come and go over a course of time with typically short careers and some has high career graph. This is one of the reasons why a pronounced percentage of them go bankrupt within just few years of their careers ending or can continue for long time for some athletes. US athletes that have stayed wealthy after retirement period either invested their earnings wisely or endured to create bank depending on their popularity alone (which is similar to rewarding the lottery in the world of athletic.)


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