Females are very much attached to their makeup and why not, if this makes them good and attractive, Men would tend to appreciate them more. One of the vital things in a make up for women is her Lipstick.

Each woman has their personal favorite. It depends on various factors as going by the texture and tone of their lips. Lipsticks are as important as any other thing in women’s routine life. A tinge of Lipstick shade gives those perfect lips and make the look complete.

There are several Lipsticks brands available in Indian market but going by the reviews of the women, Here are the top 10 best lipstick brands in India for 2022.

10. Chanel (Rs 2000 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India 2019

A high end Lipstick brand which are used by several celebrities in the country and those who are willing to spend more for quality. The fragrance of the lipstick is simply amazing and lasts longer. It is very good in terms of Pigmentation and moisturizing of the lips but it is very pricey and comes around for Rs 2000 which is not affordable for many women.

9. Elle 18 (Rs 110 Onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

A product of Hindustan Unilever brand, Elle 18 has been the choice of many women in India because of the style statement it provides. Elle 18is known by its bottle shaped lipsticks and are available in trendy, funky and pop colors. There are around 60 different shades along with Lip glosses to keep your lips moist and pigmented. Elle 18 is very affordable with lipstick price starting from Rs 110. Though Cheap it has not compromised on the quality it provides. The latest addition to Elle 18 lipstick in 2016 was the Berry Blast and Burgundy Wine Color Pops &Primrose; Brush in Color Boost.

8. NYX (Rs 350 Onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

A new brand in Indian Market, NYX is gradually earning its customer base and is among the best Lipstick brands in the country. There are not more shades available but those available are high in quality and are pretty easy to apply too. The price of NYX lipsticks are Rs 350 Onward. The only issue is the availability due to new brand in market.

7. Revlon (Rs 485 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

Revlon is a lipstick brand since 1932 co-founded by brothers, Charles Revson and Joseph and a chemist named Charles Lacman. There are around 8 shades of Revlon Lipsticks and are considered to be premium lipstick brands due to its price range of Rs 485 to Rs 935. In 2016, Revlon introduced 3 New Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors, Kisses, Lustre and Poinsettia.

6. Colorbar (Rs 250 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

The brand is not much old as was founded in 2004 only but still managed to be among best lipstick brands in India. The most beneficial of having colorbar lipsticks are the range of lipsticks it provides thus suiting every skin tone and lip texture. The Colorbar Lipsticks are comparatively less costly but it does have lipsticks from lower range to higher range (Rs 250- Rs 700). You can get the lipsticks from retail as well as online stores. The latest additions are Diamond Shine Matte lip crème and Craze FFLL015 full finish Long Wear.

5. Maybelline (Rs 300 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

Maybelline is quite popular as eye liners and mascaras but over course of time, its lipsticks have also become very popular. It is a very old brand since 1915 started by 19 years old Tom Williams. It is also sister company of L’Oreal and are known to be very moisture. Maybelline is very easily available in Indian Market and can be purchased via various E-commerce websites. The Price starts from Rs 300 and is very affordable pertaining to the quality it provides. The new shades are Super stay 14Hour Lipstick.

4. Chambor (Rs 695 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India 2019

Available in matte as well as Moisturizing, Chambor as a lipstick brand is known for its pigmentation, Hydration and durability. It is in India since 1993 and is among the classic and cult cosmetic brand in the country. Chambor is best known for its Vegan approach with no chemicals or animals stuff used to make lipsticks. This is one of the main reasons for the lipsticks to be on higher side costing from around Rs 695. The add ins recently are the Silk Touch Lipsticks.

3. L’Oreal (Rs 800 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

L’Oreal is again one of the well-known brand sin India but it only offers two ranges as of now. They are loved by women but they should introduce more shades going by the demand as the lipsticks suit all India skin types. The price of L’Oreal lipsticks starts from Rs 800.The available Lip shades are worth the quality with new add ins of Blake ink and Elen Pink color Riche collection.

2. Lakme (Rs 225 Onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

Known to be the oldest cosmetic brand of the country, Lipsticks were started to use by Women after Lakme was introduced. Most women feel the ranges Lakme have in Lipsticks are still not available in many. It is very affordable yet stands out among all. The range stats from Rs 225 to Rs 575 offering Quality in budget. The new additions are 9 to 5 Red Rebel multi-color and Absolute crème deep blush which are enriched with Satin.

1. Mac (Rs 990 onward)

Best Lipstick brands in India

The most trusted brands in the country in terms of Quality, durability and pigmentation is MAC. MAC is known to be Women’s favorite as it provides with lot many options in moisturizing, Matte and various others. There are several different shades offered by MAC which are as per skin tones, texture coming in Warm and Cool base. The lipsticks are easily available in country with price starting at Rs 990. The new range of Lip palette with lip Brush Bright red and Deep Pink are also introduced recently by MAC.

Lipsticks are a necessity which makes the look perfect for any women. If Lipstick is not there, it feels the women is incomplete. Also applying lipstick is an art as it involves choosing right lip color and when right Lipstick it chosen, It creates magic on women. All these brands available in India have all what women wants, Color, Range, Quality and price. According to the price factor and quality required, women chose from these. There are around 100 Lipsticks brands only in India but these brands are considered above all. Also a whole new line of herbal Lipsticks are on verge of Launching best from allergic people.


  1. From my point of view MAYBELLINE is one of the best brand in India because it has wide variety of shades and it is also pocket friendly.


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