It has been two short years since Vine has been started, which is the six-second social network and it has transformed casual users into minor personalities. Vine is such a social networking world that has made non-celebrities of the real world as real celebrities in which dedicated users can gross anywhere in range between 500,000 to 10 million followers.

Several of these Viners have constructed their followings by accomplishing comedic acts, such as TerRio, or artistic stuff, like Khoa. This is such a social networking field in which users without a great following can turn into household names.

Nowadays, brands fund topmost Viners for shout outs, revines (such as retweeting), and customised videos launched for business accounts. The deals that Viners involve vary, but they can make in range from $20,000 to $50,000 for every ad campaign, as per Rob Fishman, who stayed as cofounder of Niche, which is a company that associates with topmost social media based users to brands. Get to know how this new social networking field has emerged with help of some dedicated and richest Viners in 2022 after reading below sections:

10. Amanda Cerny – Net Worth $650,000:

Richest Viners in The World 2019

This is a female Viner who remained very popular on the 6-second video app named Vine, in which she attained more than 4.6 million followers. Cerny stayed as a cover model for Health & Wellness magazine and was frequently featured Rudy Mancuso in different Vine videos. Apart from being a viner, she was a television personality, fitness professional, as well as a founder of Play Foundation who has grossed more than 1.4 million subscribers on platform of youtube as well as over 13 million followers on Instagram. Cerny has associated on youtube videos with help of fellow social stars namely Logan Paul, King Bach, and Juanpa Zurita.

9. Lele Pons – Net Worth $765,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Lele Pons is an American internet personality who rose to prominence for her Vine videos being uploaded. Pons is handled by Shots Studios, which is the company that even yields her youtube content. Pons also post youtube internet videos for her which has gained more than three million subscribers. Before the shutdown of Vine, Lele Pons made hit of 8.4 billion loops which positioned her most looped individual on Vine. She is even the highest followed female celebrity on Vine and latest reports published suggest that Pons has 15.9 million followers made on Instagram.

8. Jake Paul- Net Worth $1,000,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Jake Paul is an American actor as well as known as internet personality who gained prominence to internet fame on the famous now-defunct video application named Vine. As of year 2016, Paul has been featured in many independent films as well and today he is known to have high net worth of $1 billion. It was suggested that Paul had launched TeamDom through $1 million in backing to make Influencer marketing management as well as creative agency about teen entertainment in which Paul acted the whole stunt for his famous youtube vlog channel.

7. Cameron Dalla- Net Worth $1,200,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Cameron Dalla is an American Internet personality, model, actor, and singer who rose to major prominence for his prominence on the video application named Vine as well as platform- youtube. Apart from being a viner, Dallas also went on to feature in movies like The Outfield and Expelled that added to her income. In year 2016, Dallas made announcement that he will be featuring in a forthcoming Netflix reality series entitled Chasing Cameron. Also in year 2014, Dallas owned 8.1 million followers on this platform-Vine; positioning him the 11th most followed account as well as 8.53 million followers on twitter.

6. Taylor Caniff- Net Worth $1,500,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Taylor Caniff is an American actor, Internet personality, and rapper finest recognized for his fame on vine and youtube. Apart from his business in vine, he has been a chart topping recording artist as well as a star in the Netflix reality series entitled Chasing Cameron. Caniff is also known to have started his career in year 2012 by promoting his youtube channel. This viner collected millions of followers on social media like instagram, twitter, and vine after he attained notoriety for uploading 6 second clips of comedy sketches, pranks, and videos regarding his life on Vine in year 2013.

5. Logan Paul- Net Worth $1,600,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Logan Paul is an American social media entertainer as well as famous actor who initially attained fame through videos uploaded on the famous internet video service named Vine. In year 2014, he had more than 3.1 million followers on different social media platforms and he was positioned as the 10th most powerful figure on Vine in year 2015. Paul’s videos even appeared on many social media platforms, comprising instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, and youtube.

4. Page Kennedy- Net Worth $2,000,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Page Kennedy is an American actor, comedian as well as rapper, renowned for his vine and youtube channels where he uploads short comedy videos apart from mainstream videos. Kennedy is finest acknowledged for portraying Radon Randell in the Spike sports comedy series entitled Blue Mountain State, as well as U-Turn in the Showtime series entitled Weeds. Apart from his career as a viner, Kennedy has too featured starred in film, containing roles in See Dick Run and S.W.A.T.

3. Hayes Grier- Net Worth $2,100,000:

Richest Viners in The World

Hayes Grier is an American Internet personality who turned out to be popular on Vine, which is a video sharing platform that is presently defunct. Apart from being a viner, Grier was a celebrity participant on the 21st season of Dancing With The Stars, collaborating with Emma Slater. Hayes Grier has also contracted a deal with Creative Artists Agency for publishing exposure and media who declared that he’d be participating in the Dancing With The Stars Tour in year 2015. It is known that Grier will too be seen in an upcoming famous Hulu TV show entitled Freakish as well as in a reality show on the app go90 named Top Grier.

2. King Bach- Net Worth $2,800,000:

Richest Viners in The World

King Bach is a Canadian-based American actor, comedian, and Internet personality active pm vine and youtube. Bach is identified for being the highest followed person on Vine networking and he has earned 16.1 million followers as well as gained more than six billion loops on Vine, which positioned him first on vine for having many followers. Bach is too renowned for his youtube channel named BachelorsPadTv and this channel and its corresponding videos have been gathered by many online publications.

1. Nash Grier- Net Worth $3,100,000:

Richest Viners in The World 2019

Nash Grier is an American Internet personality, became famous for his online Vine videos in year 2013. As of year 2016, Nash holds more than 12.7 million Vine followers, 4.8 million twitter followers, 4.78 million subscribers base on his youtube channel, as well as owns more than 9.1 million followers on Instagram. Grier is also active through his second Vine account, named “Nash Grier 2”, in which he posts less scripted videos, and possesses more than 2.4 million followers. Grier’s management has made it final that leading brands will fund Grier payments $25,000–$100,000 to promote their product in his Vines.

Holding a time limit of 6 seconds, a collection of people have grasped the skill of attracting in a huge following that can pay them to even millions. Viners do this by posting original, creative and entertaining videos right on their Vine profiles. Doing so has ended up making a prospect to earn thousands of dollars just from promotions.


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